16 Things That Can Actually Happen

Even with the knowledge of the entire internet at our disposal, sometimes things in life are hard to predict. Most times, we can get a pretty good idea of cause and effect, but there are times that life can leave you pretty confused. With that in mind, I've compiled a list of some of the best "WTF, life" moments I could find.

1. Tumbleweeds taking over a house.

Reddit | Wessy22

How does this even happen? I can't even get a buildup of wet leaves on my gutters before my neighbor complains, and this person looks like they're the set designer for the Tombstone reboot. Jeeze.

2. I know that pumping your own gas is popular...

Reddit | FeedMeYoButthurt

...But bringing your own pump seems a bit excessive. Especially when you inadvertently steal it from the last place you pumped your gas. That gas station attendant isn't going to be pleased.

3. I didn't know cars liked skinny dipping!

Reddit | Emergency_Knowledge

I also didn't know cars liked to Kool-Aid Man through a freaking brick wall into a pool, but hey, you do you, Lexus.

Oh god, it's a Lexus having fun times with that pool noodle underwater. I bet someone has regrets.

4. Apparently there's a statute of limitations on not being legally dead.

Reddit | kham132

How does this even work? Is he designated a zombie now? Or do they prefer "undead humans"? What do you do when you're legally dead but biologically alive? There's so much wrong here.

5. This is egg-zactly what I'd be worried about in a factory like this.

Reddit | Chromosome_wizard2

I'd be so shattered if I came in to find this at my work in the morning. Talk about walking on eggshells! I hope whoever did this wasn't too chicken to own up to it.

6. This goes to show you, cutting corners is never a good idea.

Reddit | Derboman

You know what? Tape it back together, it'll be fine. I once did that with an iPhone cable that broke and it worked for a while. Then the fire happened.

7. This is what is known as "making the best out of a bad situation."

Reddit | Marvellous_Loki

On the downside, your driveway can't be used for anything larger than a Smart car, but on the upside, nobody will get in the way of you shooting hoops!

Except maybe the Smart car.

8. Well, balls. Literally.

Reddit | jackchang4ever

A broom handle will solve this problem, but this is definitely one of the more masterful examples of physics I've seen in a long time. It's actually kind of cute that these two basketballs found each other.

I'm so lonely.

9. I feel like this is a trap.

Reddit | Lontology

I've seen Happy Gilmore and I know how this ends. Spoiler alert: it's still less physically painful than sitting through Happy Gilmore. I'd rather lose my hand to an angry gator than sit through that much Adam Sandler again.

10. I want to know what in the world is in that trailer.

Reddit | corbillardier

Like, what are you carrying and why is it angry? Are you kidnapping a herd of stampeding rhinos? Do you have a trampoline specifically for elephants?

11. I hope that package didn't contain anything important.

Reddit | Joey12725

Because it lives in that mailbox now. Forever. I mean, the postal worker who delivered it could probably get it out, but you know they're not going to. You're gonna have to do package surgery and hope for the best.

12. Aww, Nutella.

Reddit | Anne1Frank

Two things I'm almost positive that happened to this person following this picture:

1) They licked the Nutella off their computer, and

2) They felt really, really dirty doing it. No judgment, I would do the exact same thing. I am a sad, sad human.

13. I mean, it's still art.

Reddit | Jacobone

In the before picture, it looks like weirdly hot Benedict Cumberbatch with long, flowing hair, and in the second picture, it looks like a '90s cartoon character who's sick of your nonsense.

14. Why have we not yet learned to NEVER leave animals in our car with the windows rolled up in the hot weather?

Reddit | Twofifty4

That grotesque melted duck is a permanent fixture on the car now, and a reminder of your shameful neglect.

15. I had no idea this could even happen.

Instagram | @whoaciety

But this is how horror movies start. At first, it's all "look at those cute mutant drain sprouts, aww!", and then before you know it, BOOM! You're in an M. Night Shyamalan film and there's no escape.

16. Today I learned not to put feather pillows in the washing machine.

Reddit | Damien

And I thought my lint trap saw some horrifying stuff from living with three cats. Everything this person owns is going to smell like wet goose from now on. Have you smelled wet goose? They smell fowl.

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