24 Funny Pics That Put The Whole Human Comedy On Display

No matter how much people frustrate us, it never takes them long to do something funny. Once we start laughing despite ourselves, that tells us we're not quite ready to book that one-way ticket to the desert island yet.

It can be as simple as listening to your neighbors argue, or it can be watching people freak out over Szechuan sauce — humans can be hilarious whether they intend it or not.

1. Well, I suppose this mask is about as reassuring as the all-caps "CALM DOWN, SKIN" written above it.

Me.me | Me.me

I think we've accidentally discovered both the costume and the catchphrase for a cat-themed villain in a psychological thriller. And usually, they don't even have catchphrases.

2. I'm with whoever did this: These paper towel dispensers could use a little more honesty.

Reddit | nomdeweb

While we're at it, they should have a picture of someone wiping their hands on their pants next to the air dryer. Maybe with a disappointed look on their face.

3. Oh yeah, I can definitely imagine this dude needing that sign if his mom's anything like mine. 

Instagram | @momimfine

After all, not only is he doing something that looks very dangerous, but he also doesn't seem to be dressed anywhere near warmly enough!

4. Haha, I get the impression that the teacher doesn't actually realize what's going on here.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

After all, when you're asking somebody out and you get turned down, saying, "No, fundamental" isn't gonna do a whole lot to smooth things over.

5. Haha, this actually works on a lot of levels thanks to that super confident look on his face.

Me.me | Me.me

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed that the people who didn't study always look way more like they've got this than those who did.

6. I'm not sure why it's necessary to point this out, but thanks for the warning, I guess.

Reddit | WestWays818

Maybe they mean "gay" in the classical sense, and it's just a really big, happy walrus that doesn't know its own strength and keeps jumping on people.

7. Oh boy, good luck eating those fries without feeling guilty now, buddy.

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

And even if this person gives the doggo one, they run the risk of ending up like the victims of that jumping walrus we were just talking about.

8. Well, I'm only gonna agree with this in the sense that Sunday is technically the start of the week.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

Because otherwise, I feel like most of us find that the weeks usually go in the opposite direction. But what do I know?

9. Well, I guess this is one way to make the talent competition a more important part of the pageant.

Reddit | Reddit

Other than that, I guess we're supposed to pick the one who doesn't say something embarrassing like that they want to end women's suffrage.

10. I'm sure this breakfast is healthy and a great way to start your day or whatever, but I have to agree here.

Twitter | @CerromeRussell

It's hard to eat that many green things at the best of times, but doing it as soon as I wake up? Nah...

11. Yikes, even if she's planning to submerge literally every fry and McNugget she's got in there, this is still kinda overkill.

Me.me | Me.me

If this is something she makes a habit of, then she's gonna have tomato running through her veins before long.

12. Well, I'm not gonna be the one to tell this guy that he's not asking an important question.

Instagram | @kalesalad

If making sure they get it right isn't worth a couple minutes on the side of the road to you, then I'm afraid we'll never understand each other.

13. Well, I'm guessing that 3017 isn't going to have a lot of people going outside, if this is any indication.

Me.me | Me.me

I can't imagine walking would be too easy after you put this on. Hell, there might even be a clause in the warranty against it.

14. The hardest part about looking at this picture is figuring out who to root for here.

Reddit | mikeroach94

I mean, can the adorable idea to give this snowman a little sword and shield possibly measure up to the raw radness of that dinosaur? I'm so conflicted.

15. Here I thought ripped jeans were just trendy, boy was I wrong. 

Instagram | Instagram

For whatever reason I thought that there was an age where people were "too old" for the whole torn jeans trend, but apparently I was way wrong.

16. This girl is definitely onto something.

Instagram | Instagram

This is probably the greatest dating hack I've ever heard. I'm sure we all have those photos where we look super good but that darn ex is in the way. Problem solved.

Also works for tall guys who date short girls.

17. This mom is winning at parenting — thanks, everyone else for coming out, but you can give up now. 

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

Not only is the costume super epic, she also gets major points for accuracy.

18. Dating is definitely not like it used to be, and technology is definitely what's to blame. 

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

Not only do we have to worry about random strangers sliding into our DMs, but now they're AirDropping numbers out of nowhere?! Also, who knows how to AirDrop? That alone is impressive.

19. I don't think he was talking about the speed, but this is also important information to have. 

Instagram | Instagram

I guess you need to be totally clear that you are trying to barter these days.

20. Never start your kids on Game of Thrones unless it's with Season 1, Episode 1.  

| Instagram

Oh, what about the blood, sex, and profanity? They're going to learn about that at some point, so why not get them ahead of the game so they can teach all the other kids in their class?

21. Dear other passengers: This is your mission, should you choose to accept it. 

Instagram | Instagram

This is one smart lady. She definitely has her priorities straight. She should make another sign for when she's awake that says, "No, I don't want to talk to you, fellow passenger." All plane problems solved!

22. Imagine how confused you'd be if you found a stray hair from any of these girls on the floor. 

Instagram | @justlifesent

Oh, just think of the amount of time they have to stand in front of the mirror blow-drying. That's half a day, minimum.

23. Well, the joke is on this hypothetical tall, bearded man because I don't have a girlfriend! Ha!

Me.me | Me.me

Wait, maybe I'm the tall guy with the beard in this scenario? I really can't say I ever explored that as a possibility before.

24. I'd think this was an accidental photobomb if not for the fact that she's staring right at the camera.

Reddit | baldf

Obviously, she wanted to send our glowing newlyweds a serious message. And that message is about salad.

Unfortunately, the rest will remain a mystery.

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