16 Photos That Hit Ya In The Heart

When times are tough, it's easy to see the world as an uncaring place.

Life isn't always perfect, but our world is full of decency on so many levels. When you stop and look around (or, alternatively, browse Diply), it becomes apparent that there's a lot of good out there. Don't forget.

1. Bringing some sunshine to a bleak place.

Reddit | Zetice

Nursing homes can be difficult places for all parties involved, but caring workers like Nikki can make all the difference in the world.

2. Mother's Day is just around the corner...

Reddit | Michellehas2ls

This is a lovely present. I don't want to detract from it or be cynical here, but sentimental stuff is not only better than store-bought...it's also cheaper and easier to set up on short notice.

3. Maybe it's the dust in the air, but I'm feeling a little bit misty-eyed.

Reddit | Reddit

Something about the care with which this model was obviously built (just look at the carefully-applied decals), combined with the dustiness, just hits me right in the feels.

4. Glad the library didn't discriminate against a hard-working cat.

Reddit | emitree

Good job, bringers of this international backlash. Now this awesome tabby can join Tama and Stubbs in the hall of fame for hard-working cats with jobs. Just look at his studious, no-nonsense expression!

5. Good guy Terry Crews.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Hollywood seems to be a pretty terrible place on many levels. But if there's one movie star we can pin our hopes on, it would probably be Terry Crews.

Hmm, maybe The Rock.

Nah, I changed my mind. Terry Crews.

6. Delivering the good vibes.

Reddit | Reddit

This guy had stuff to do and things to deliver, but he clearly understood that being a fundamentally good human being is the most important thing of all.

7. New tradition.

Reddit | con_

Instead of the classic tree toppers, why not start something new? I like the idea of topping trees not with angels or stars, but with absolute doggo superstars.

8. Years later and he hasn't lost any of his compassion, or his sweet flow.

Reddit | GallowBoob

It's only when I look back that I can even begin to appreciate everything my parents have done for me through the years.

9. Different from my Uber experiences, but good job.

Reddit | GallowBoob

I've been on a few terrifying rides, but I've never made a BFF through Uber. It's nice to know stuff like this happens, though.

10. "Don't you dare touch my bunny baby."

Reddit | sense4242

This cat and its baby rabbit look so in tune with each other and even share similar patterns and colors. It's hard to believe that they're from different species.

11. Relationship goals.

Reddit | Zetice

Fair warning, though: doing stuff like this can set up some crazy unrealistic expectations. But it's nice to do for your sweetie now and then.

...BRB, gotta do something nice for my partner.

12. Always with him.

Reddit | drewsoulman

This is a pretty unique and beautiful idea to honor somebody. Rather than getting a tat of their name, this simple wavelength represents a unique person's unique laughter.

13. When your doggo really, really loves you.

Reddit | Babe-A-Fett

This would probably be the case with absolutely every dog owner in the world, if everyone was required to get formal dog-and-human portraits together.

14. I wish I'd had this.

Reddit | WeebelOfficial

Going away to college can be a lonely, scary experience. What I'm trying to say here is that I would've done better if I'd had life-sized cutouts of my furbabies.

15. Booking a flight to wherever quokkas live.

Reddit | Lowcrbnaman

I looked it up. Quokkas are indeed real and they live on an island off the west coast of Australia. I think it's worth the trip.

16. This is the best kind of meme.

Reddit | Dusty8374

They're not trying to keep up in the ever-competitive meme economy. They just want to share a nice pic of hugging penguins and a positive message. Well done!