16 Things That Didn't Go How They Were Supposed To

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how prepared you think you are, because when it comes down to it, life has another plan for you and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Sure, it sucks, but we've all been there, and it usually results in a good story, at the very least. Here are some people whose days definitely didn't go as planned, but at least they caught it all on cam.

1. Dinner.

Imgur | Imgur

Don't you hate when you try to make a nice, wholesome dinner for your family, but you accidentally open a portal to hell that could consume them all? Same.

2. Beautification.

Twitter | @RagooRebzz

Being a girl is complete garbage sometimes. It's so easy to screw up even the simplest tasks and set your morning back by, like, an hour. Whether or not you wing your eyeliner depends solely on how lucky you're feeling that morning, and trying new products before an event is a bigger gamble than back-alley botox.

3. Sandwiches.

Imgur | SlagathorDeb

If you can't complete a basic task, then maybe you haven't completely earned your right to enjoy that task. You know, like when you're trying to find a snack and you accidentally leave your remote control in the cupboard.

4. Photos.

Twitter | @jamescharles

Kids these days are so soft. When my school photos came back looking like they belonged to Quasimodo, I just cried for four hours, asked my mom if I was smart a couple of times, and went on with my day.

5. Snapchat.

Imgur | Imgur

He should probably just bury his head in that sand, because going through all this trouble to stunt for your snap fam only to have your cover blown by some bystander has gotta be the most embarrassing thing ever.

6. Life.

Imgur | captain1k

Okay, I guess maybe this is a bit dark, but let's get real — nobody looks forward to getting older so that they can trade in all their dope dinosaur toys for medicine.

7. Laundry.

Twitter | @bbeilish

Washing your clothes is a pretty hard thing to screw up, but if Murphy's law has taught me anything, it's that laundry is impossible and I'm not the problem. Sucks for these guys, though.

8. Pizza.

Reddit | golfprokal

The beauty of pizza lies in its simplicity. Some nice fresh dough, stringy mozzarella, sharp pepperoni, tangy tomato sauce, and some slick, flavorless plastic. Bone app the teeth.

9. Breakfast.

Instagram | @some_bull_ish

People do some weird stuff when they're half asleep, but it's pretty hard to screw up cereal. At least, I thought so until I saw this atrocity.

10. Posing.

Twitter | @Heba_1123

Come on, she HAD to see that coming. Either way, now she's gonna be a hot mess and she didn't even get a good picture out of it. Sucks to suck, I guess.

11. Applying.

Instagram | @fuckjerry

This could've gone one of two ways, and let's be honest, that doesn't sound like a "no" to me. If I were the one going over this application, this person would have a definite advantage.

12. Grooming.

Imgur | BlackNmild

This is what giving up looks like. I really hope that bus is on the express route to the hair salon, or her day is only going to get worse.

13. Yeah, these grand welcoming statements can get a little awkward during those times that venues have to close down.

Reddit | Fr3shBread

I guess it shows just as much caring to say "Please stay away for your own safety" as it does to say "All are welcome."

14. It's hard to tell what exactly this cat was trying to do, but it obviously didn't work out.

Reddit | bshigem

Considering how many tight spaces cats are known to wriggle their way through, I suppose we can't blame it for being surprised that it actually managed to get stuck somewhere besides up a tree.

15. Apparently, it's not unusual for things to turn out this way when you order stuff on Wish.

Reddit | nicosfofo

Who knew that it was this easy to turn the fearsome Broly from menacing to completely hilarious?

Oh well, at least the buyer actually got something amusing for their buck, even if it means Broly no longer has a nose for some reason.

16. Yikes, it looks like someone's gaming session has already a really unpleasant turn.

Reddit | usernot_found

For those wondering what the hell has this poor soul's analog stick in its grasp, the answer is apparently a centipede.

Yay, everybody's favorite.

17. A lot can happen when we're driving down the road, but this has to be pretty low on the list of things we'd expect.

Reddit | AcidicChemical

I know that eagles just naturally have that expression, but it definitely looks like it's just as surprised that this happened as the driver is.

And for those worrying, the eagle was apparently OK.

18. As fascinating as it is to see this through a screen, it's probably nightmarish to discover it in your house.

Reddit | coco237

It turns out that when enough water gets between the wall and the coats of paint on it, this is what can happen.

19. Apparently, this is what can happen to a wheel after 40 miles spent driving with a wheel lock and the hand brake on.

Reddit | Josefildo

It turns out that this happened after somebody stole a caravan and I think it's pretty safe to say that this wasn't the perfect crime.

20. You may not have noticed how rough you can be with a fridge door, but it helps to know that it's actually possible for them to fall off with enough pressure.

Reddit | CaptnRaz

Apparently, this one was designed to put a lot more force on the center hinge than you really want and this pic definitely illustrates why that's not such a great design.

21. On the day the uploader had to postpone their wedding, 125 kazoos with the original date on them arrived at their house.

Reddit | rnilbog

OK, so it helps a little bit to learn that these were special ordered by the couple and not just some family member's weird ideas.

It helps even more to learn that the couple visited a kazoo factory two weeks before their engagement so the little noisemakers have had a special place in their hearts ever since.

22. Apparently, the bad luck started before this photo was taken when the uploader's kid clogged their toilet.

Reddit | krawler2

But as we can see here, misfortune just kept on putt putting along like the Little Engine That Could, no matter how much nobody wanted it to.

23. Caffeinating.

The Chive | The Chive

Uh, well. I think maybe that cup is speaking on behalf of this person. Considering the fact that they're probably crying right now, it's probably for the best.

24. Clothing.

Imgur | Imgur

If you live your life like I do, then dressing yourself is, in itself, an accomplishment. If I manage to look cute at the same time, that's just an awesome bonus. Why do clothing manufacturers have to go and make it even more difficult by doing stuff like this?

25. Napping.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

I don't know how you screw up napping, but here we are. Or maybe she's doing a great job, since she's managed to pull it off despite all obstacles? Nah, pretty sure that's not right.

26. Flying.

Instagram | @sademotionalwreck

I don't know about you, but if my plane was going down, I'd probably be using my cell phone to call my parents or something. Gotta love this guy's commitment to his streaks, though.

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