14 Sneaky People Who Are Bound To Be Found Out

We all do sneaky things; creating fake Insta accounts to stalk our exes, ordering an extra large pizza for yourself and have it delivered to the side door so you don't have to share, warming up food in the microwave at 3 am and waiting to stop the time at 0:01 so you don't wake up your roommates...again.

See, these are all normal, common sneaky behaviors. These people, however, take it up a notch.

1. Yo girl is no handyman, but this is a high key EMBARRASSMENT LIKE... Dealing with water damage can't be that hard can it?

Reddit | i_was_a_lemur_once

Like, this person did not do a good job. This clock is being cradled like a babe rn!!!

2. I love being unauthorized, honestly it's such a thrill.

Reddit | nismmathis

Whoever thought letting us unauthorized animals run wild behind a VIP closed door was a good idea clearly doesn't have a very active imagination.

I see things getting real freaky, real quick.

3. GUYS I have some tough news to break, this is in fact not a high end luxury sports car. I know, this is shocking so pls take your time to process. 

Reddit | alienbluedit

It's very shocking anyone would think this was a good idea lol.


Reddit | one_fifty_six

I cannot tell you how many times my packages look like they've been through hell and back, like this Tip N Tell is gonna spill the tea.

5. This beer tap that is actually water CAUSE HYDRATION IS IMPORTANT!!!

Reddit | [deleted]

I can't help but think some angry, old man will get hella pissed this isn't actually crap beer and throw his chili cheese nachos across the bar AH!

Okay but like let's put the old, angry men aside y'all KNOW there's nothing more satisfying than a nice, cold glass of water after dranking anyway, right?

Love being able to replenish my temple.

6. OMG lol scammers think they're so smart so it's always so funny when they're not. Like C'MON scammers, we can't all be perfect like me.

Reddit | DonKeedick

LIKE look who they made the cheque out to, that's clearly a SCREEN NAME, DUH.

7. Not knowing the latest slang is forgivable for anyone above the age of 25, but not knowing what someone means when they ask you to pick up "sour cream AND onion chips" is a WHOLE other issue.

Reddit | spcmnspff335

It's precious tho.

8. I don't wanna be the person to tell this queen this dog is a NOT a small child but also, why spoil the party?

Reddit | Botatitsbest

Love that this dog rocks a mini dress better than me.

I mean hey, I'm a hella broke betch too but I still have respect for my damn self.

I just rack up everything on my five credit cards like a normal person.

9. I am 99% sure stealing a traffic sign is illegal but clearly this mans doesn't give a SHIT cause it's all about the GAINS, BRO!!!

Reddit | ryegar0001

You can't flaunt things you stole and expect that to go well for you lol.

10. I feel like this is not safe, nor is it ideal, nor are these mans doing their job right. SRRY NOT SRRY.

Reddit | sistom

It does look like they've never seen electrical wire before??? WHICH IS SHOCKING.

Oh well... Not my job, not my prob.

11. Aw man I wonder who pulled this awesome prank. Hmm maybe, oh idk, A ROOMMATE?

Reddit | -sUBzERoo-

Like, why are people doing the most rn? Why would you waste time/money/plastic on something you're gonna get hella called out for?

12. This barista needs to stop threatening people with this aggressive coffee art.

Reddit | fragman1825

I find it very shocking this kind of customer harassment is allowed. Like no pls I don't need dead coffee eyes staring back at me THX.

13. Just gonna sneak this in here, eh?

Reddit | pizzandcats

Canadian reporter thinks they can extend a microphone with a hockey stick and no one will notice? Sorry, bud. No goal.

14. Is this a loophole or something?

Reddit | ardilZaa555

Can you just make your official signature the "Angry Dad" version of Homer Simpson in Chile? Because it sure looks like that's what this dude did.

15. Is this, like, performance art?

Reddit | JBskierbum

Because I'm pretty sure that's a door. I've seen doors before, even used them once or twice, and that looks an awful lot like a door.

16. Don't bring your drama into work, Brenda.

Reddit | OptimisticWitch

This is no time to re-visit your trauma. People are trying to repress their insecurities, not feed into them. Come on, Brenda.

17. This person that tried to use this washed up counterfeit five... BUT LIKE DID YOU REALLY THINK THO?

Reddit | KayteeBlue

Can you deadass imagine if a cashier accepted this? What a JOKE!

18. Yum, pecan pie!

Reddit | nseger

Except that it's not pecan pie, but someone's sad attempt at making pepperoni pizza. Imagine that first bite!

19. Spoiler alert, this milk ain't gonna last forever.

Reddit | wastatecougs

Just because the date doesn't exist doesn't mean it won't curdle on you. Good luck with that!

20. All the blue boxes in the same cupboard, perfect.

Reddit | HarleenQuinzel0330

Warning: some pasta may be more absorbent than others.

21. There's something familiar about this office potluck dessert.

Reddit | pasciiii

I guess it doesn't have to be original to be effective.

22. OMG wow had you ever seen a Grand Prix BMW before today? No? Me neither.

Reddit | prophecy623

I love scamming people, but this is a little too drama for me. Y'ALL GOTTA KEEP SOME SELF RESPECT.

23. Flawless plan.

Reddit | Roach2791

That is, until the groceries need to be paid for and that "$15 dollar guitar" has put a slight dent in the ol' food budget. But really it's an investment, right? You can always sing on street corners to make up the shortfall!

24. "Took a picture of my beautiful sister."

Reddit | bluepika5

Gonna have to frame that one for sure! The family bonds kinda bring a tear to your eye, don't they?

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