Beautiful Blackwork Architecture Tattoos Are Dreamy And Surreal

Since I'm a bit of a tattoo aficionado, I'm always on the lookout for the latest tattoo trends. And, boy, did I find an interesting one to share with you.

Seems like lately, people are getting amazing architecture tattoos from landmarks such as Big Ben to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and they're simply stunning to look at.

The Coliseum

This is one of my absolutely favorite landmarks. I was fortunate to see it with my very own eyes when I visited Rome years ago.

Empire State Building

Here's another favorite. This, of course, is a must to see when you're sightseeing around New York City. Looks awesome as an arm tattoo.

Wonders Of The World

I'm always fascinated by the architecture of monuments around the world, so this beautiful black and white tattoo is just gorgeous to look at. Stunning work.

Photo Realism

Wow, I can't get over how realistic this tattoo is in comparison to the actual photo. I think I almost like the tattoo better than the original.

St. Paul's Cathedral

And here's another impressive cathedral-inspired tattoo. I absolutely love the use of clever shading in this work of art. What a fantastic piece.

London Landmark

London is a beautiful city with many famous landmarks. I hope to visit it one day to see for myself. This tattoo gives it justice.

Budapest Tattoo

This amazing Budapest landmark comes alive in this unbelievable black and white tattoo. Wow, this artist is a pure genius at blending techniques and intricate details.

Temple Tattoo

Here's a gorgeous example of a Japanese temple tattoo. This one almost looks like a staircase in the way it was inked. What a cool design.

Big Ben

Whoa, I can't get over how realistic this Big Ben tattoo looks. I almost feel like I'm looking at a photograph. This is something to see.

Chrysler Building

What an awesome take on the Chrysler building. This tattoo looks 3D. Wow, this is definitely very impressive. It looks like it's jumping off of the skin.

Sikh Temple

Here's one way to celebrate your culture: by getting an elaborate temple tattoo such as this. Such a great design with pretty damn good execution.

NYC Tattoo

That's quite a recreation of all the NYC landmarks. Awesome to see some of my favorites such as the Brooklyn Bridge, which I absolutely adore.

13. Town Hall In Zamosc

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Poland and it's a stunning one for sure. So amazing to see it recreated here.

14. Arc de Triomphe

It's always awesome to celebrate your culture or your love of architecture by getting a famous landmark tattoo like this French favorite. Really great job here.

Golden Gate Bridge

I'm totally obsessed with bridges. There's something so grand about them. I love to see them whenever I can. This Golden Gate bridge tattoo just rocks.

Medieval Castle

Wow, this tattoo must've taken some time. Thankfully it's in a good location. I find calf tattoos a lot easier to take, at least in my experience.

The Basilica of St. Thérèse of Lisieux

This black and white arm piece is simply stunning. I love how they incorporated some roses at the bottom of this tattoo.

Tower Bridge

Oh wow, how awesome is this tattoo? This is definitely an interesting take on the architecture tattoo. It looks almost animated. This is such a cool design.

Victorian House

Are you as fascinated by Victorian houses as I am? I find this particular type of architecture so elaborate and beautiful. This tattoo does it justice.

20. Russian Piece

I have to say I kinda dig the placement of this tattoo. And the fact that it's not too big for this area. Lovely detail as well.

Cathedral Window

Arch Daily

This stunning piece looks amazing thanks to its unique placement. A small tattoo with a big impact!

Cathedral Architecture

There's something so grand about cathedrals. They evoke that old school charm and beautiful architecture. This back piece was definitely worth the hours of pain.

I have to say I'm super impressed by this architecture tattoo idea.

There are a few landmarks I can think of that I would love to get inked. Hmmm...

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