These Crafty Design Choices Deserve A High Five

Yes, we can always go online and clamor and harangue companies until they give us the products we want, how we want them, but isn't it always refreshing when we get what we want before we even know we want it?

That's what good design is all about. It's not just a matter of looking pretty, but of making the best use of what's on hand, anticipating needs, and usually looking good doing it. And these things sure qualify. Whoever is behind them deserves a good high five.

1. A novel idea for a steep staircase: cutting notches out of the steps so you're less likely to bang your shin on them.

Reddit | okbutt

I have known many staircases where this would be more than welcome, and I've got the bruises to prove it.

2. This store provides a fun option to get downstairs, with a slide right along side the stairs.

Reddit | Mikexp3

It might be for kids, but we won't tell anyone if you want to give it a go, too.

3. This doctor's office has a more fun, yet relatable pain scale than the smiley face one. 

Reddit | Mastuh_KBM

I'll never think of how much pain I'm in without relation to bees again.

4. You'd never even guess that this long, narrow café was once a bus.

Reddit | franklesteinex1

Kind of like those old diner train cars, and it looks like the space has been used quite efficiently.

5. This café's origins as a swimming pool are a bit more obvious.

Reddit | isleftisright

But it gives a built-in beach-y theme, which is nice, and it's definitely more spacious than that former bus.

6. Anyone who has ever tried to mount a TV on a wall will welcome the addition of a level to the wall mount.

Reddit | Reddit

The only question is, how well does it work compared to a separate level?

7. It's 2018, and this is the first time I've ever seen a resealable can.

Reddit | MitchMayhew

It's not quite as great as just carrying a refillable water bottle, environmentally speaking, but then, there's no reason this couldn't be used for other beverages, too.

8. This fence along a waterfront has seating sections for tired pedestrians built right into it.

Reddit | Upulent

I'm not saying it's necessarily the most comfortable seating, but any port in a storm, amirite?

9. If you want high-visibility clothing, look no further than this reflective jacket.

Reddit | Jeffwosocal

It's not just a couple of stripes here and there — it's 100% reflective, which must ease the minds of early morning joggers and dog walkers.

10. This bar in Britain sure knows how to attract a certain crowd — they've installed Nintendo 64s in every booth.

Reddit | AKH4

Goldeneye, Mario Kart, and pints with a few buddies sounds like an awesome night out.

11. Unlike U.S. currency, Chilean bills both change color and get larger as the denominations increase.

Reddit | haddyzz

Many other countries do something similar with their bills as well, like Australia and Mexico.

12. Where was this burrito pouch for school supplies when I was a kid?

Reddit | DrFlames2192

Not only is this a great idea, but it's well executed. That is one realistic looking tortilla!

13. Dudes will appreciate this little bee, strategically placed in a urinal to reduce splash-back.

Reddit | pandaXbless

And hey, there's nothing wrong with getting a little target practice every now and then, amirite?

14. You can't tell me you wouldn't love to have this whale tissue dispenser on your desk.

Reddit | ismarcostabile

Using the tissues to make the blowhole spray is just a stroke of genius.

15. A manual release inside a trunk is not a bad idea, and the grip for this latch shows in graphic detail why.

Reddit | Radiocureee

And the plastic glows in the dark, too.

16. This paper takeout cone for fries has your back, with a little fold-out portion for your ketchup.

Reddit | will_zaragoza

Or mayo or aioli or gravy or chipotle, whatever you put on your fries.

17. This hotel has raised the bar, installing a "shower beer" fridge next to the shower.

Reddit | CerebralSlurry

Now, how can any hotel possibly call itself a five-star establishment if it doesn't have a shower beer fridge?

18. You can't ask for a much more detailed indicator of just how much your fragile package was jostled in transit than this gauge. 

Reddit | 5exyJe5u5

Nothing worse than opening a package and finding expensive garbage inside!

19. As space saving designs go, this restaurant can't be beat.

Reddit | VobraX

Not sure if the servers are a big fan of those stairs, but you have to admit, that's an amazing use of space.

20. At the other end of the space-saving spectrum is this restaurant's awesome, nostalgic Space Invaders tile job — see what I did there?

Reddit | RettingPhoenixity

Because why shouldn't tiles also be a pixel art playground?

21. When you want to have something different that stands out from the crowd for back-to-school, you can rest assured nobody else thought of a dress shirt backpack.

Reddit | Autumnpoe

And bright yellow, no less!

22. This bank keeps a few umbrellas on hand for customers to borrow when the weather turns rotten.

Reddit | GrinitiD

It's not the biggest deal, but little things matter, too, and people will remember it on a rainy day.

23. Okay, you have to give some points to this British café's almost heroic jab at a corporate giant with its name.

Reddit | Aquagenie

Love the idea, and I just hope they have a good lawyer.

24. Another one of those little things that is a nice touch, this hotel provides a rubber ducky with its toiletries.

Reddit | Shark-Farts

Okay, so it's not exactly a shower beer fridge, but there's no reason bath time still can't be fun.