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Bowl Cuts Are Making A Major Comeback And We're STILL Traumatized

There are many things from the '90s that we have warmly welcomed into the present. Butterfly clips, black stretchy plastic chokers, chunky sneakers, denim on denim on denim, mom jeans, and eating sugary cereal for dinner are just a few '90s relics. Okay, maybe that last one is just me.

But there are some things from the '90s that were utterly traumatizing and need to stay far away in the nostalgia vault. Like bowl cuts, which are trying their hardest to sneak their way back into our lives, and we've got the scaries.

Goddess Charlize Theron recently rocked a bowl cut in an Instagram post, and the world was shook to its molten core.

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Because Charlize can literally rock a garbage bag and still look gorgeous, everyone loved it!

One Instagram user wrote, "I have been trying to grow my hair out for the first time in a looong time but cute hairs like this make me want to do the chop again."

This is EXACTLY a very familiar situation straight out of 'Mean Girls.'

Yes, it's happening, because cuts are popping up all over Instagram.

Remember when your mom brought you to the salon, and without your consent or permission, told the hair stylist at Bo Rics to just chop it all off? All those years of growing your hair out to look like a Disney princess gone to waste!


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Yep, that's a bowl cut, risen from the '90s grave to come back and haunt all your 2019 hopes and dreams.

I'll admit, I'm being very dramatic, which is very on brand for me.

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I have to honestly say, these ladies are totally rocking the style, as much as it pains me to admit despite my own childhood hair salon trauma.

What do you think? Are you here for bowl cuts, or do you want them banished for life?

Let us know!