Gummy Pickles Exist And They Look, Smell, And Taste Exactly Like Pickles

Does anyone know what's happening? Pickle flavor is having a major moment this year, and I'm confused. Dill pickle chips are just fine on their own. We don't need pickle peanut butter Twinkies and chocolate-covered pickles, okay?

I like pickles, don't get me wrong. But I don't love them enough to eat them in gummy candy form.

Yes, this is a giant gummy pickle.


This 'Good-sized Gherkin' is brought to you by Vat19.

It's flavored exactly like a sour dill pickle, but is completely chewy.

Instagram | @kaylagoble84

Honestly, I'm thrown RIGHT off.

Look at this guy. Even HE can't take a confident bite out of it


A quick search of the hashtag #gummypickle on Instagram reveals unofficial reviews of the product, and people are generally not down with the product.

But, it's definitely worth a try if you're curious and like to live on the edge!

Instagram | @hoosiercupboardcandyicecream

For $6, would you give this pickle treat a try?

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