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13+ Awesome Pics That Went Viral For Very Good Reasons

The internet is a huge place and no one can be expected to keep up on all the news, controversies, memes, and viral images.

That's what they hire people like me for. I've collected some of the most viral pics from the last little while for you to catch up on.

These skeletons of a man and his best friend can be found at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Reddit | GallowBoob

This is anthropologist Grover Krantz and his beloved dog. Krantz donated his body to science with the condition that his doggo's would always stay with him.

Albatross chicks are really silly looking.

Reddit | Le_Rat_Mort

I mean, look at it. It looks like a fuzzy cactus growing from a mud mound that someone drew a face on.

This is not a screenshot from the next 'Blade Runner' sequel.

Reddit | shehzad

It's actually just a smoggy day in modern Beijing.

I can feel my lungs burning just looking at it.

When a friend finishes a project and is proud of the results, don't brush it off.

Reddit | Gyngerbredman

That's what Gyngerbredman's friends all did when he sent them photos of his beautifully refinished vintage beetle.

So he shared it on Reddit, where more than 89,000 appreciated his skill.

I love discoveries like this.

Reddit | nocturnalinstinct23

Of course, the lack of sightings previously is a sign of serious population decline, but now that we know there is hope, we can fight to keep the beautiful animals safe.

Backyard astronomy has come a long way.

Reddit | I_Say_I_Say

Those images were taken with that backyard rig and they're incredible. For farther away planets, multiple pictures need to be taken with different areas in focus. Then they're combined on the computer to create the crisp final product.

"After a 10 yr custody battle, today I gained full rights. For the guys going through the same process; don’t lose hope and never quit fighting." — R3D1G18

Reddit | R3D1G18

It's insane how many good fathers have to fight for their kids after a divorce, even if the mother isn't the best choice for the children.

Preach, sister!

Reddit | Twister26000

Really, you can apply this to any time someone complains that something someone else is doing is against something they personally believe in.

"Even in a hurricane nobody pays for this expensive water," noted Redditor luisgustavo-.

Reddit | luisgustavo-

You would think that people would buy whatever bottled water they can get in an emergency, but nope.

When their child said that all they wanted for their birthday was balloons, this parent went for epic.

Reddit | imagepoem

You see, beyond that wall of balloons is the kid's closed bedroom door. So as soon as they come out, those balloons are going to pour down.

I think we've all had this look on our faces when a parent beats us at a game.

Reddit | pedestrianpigeon

But if they let you win, then how would you ever learn to be a gracious loser? Or a good winner, for that matter.

This is a referee after a championship bout.

Reddit | honkytonkmang

At this point, the gloves seem kind of superfluous, don't they?

Get this man a wetsuit.

Heroes in more ways than one.

Reddit | rootingwell

After responding to a medical emergency at an apartment building, these firefighters stayed behind to help an elderly man and their kid load the heaviest items into the moving truck.

"About to have my second brain surgery this summer.... Wish me luck, Redditors!" — Sorcipy

Reddit | Sorcipy

127,000 Redditors wished her luck.

In a comment, she explained that a benign tumor had been growing in her brain for 15 years. It's not cancerous, but was beginning to become too large to leave alone.

While this may seem like a cute selfie with some gorillas, this man has a good reason for looking so serious about it.

Reddit | BenK567

He and the man in the background are here to protect the gorillas from poachers, which means they're known as "anti-poachers."

This picture of a nap is about as adorable as it looks, but the choice of bedding is a little unusual.

Reddit | Monty7384

Here we see a child in Mongolia sleeping among a heard of reindeer. We might only see the creatures in an ambitious Santa's village over here, but they're a little more common out there.

Kids sharing a room will inevitably get in each other's hair, but this should help make that issue a little less frequent.

Reddit | Christianhbk

I never would've imagined that you could actually design a bunk bed that offers privacy, but some brilliant designer found a way.

If you often see something like this in your town, you're one of the lucky ones.

Reddit | amindforgotten

For the rest who aren't sure what you're looking at, this is a free bike repair station built into the sidewalk. It comes with an assortment of tools including the manual air pump you see on the right.

This trippy sculpture was featured at the Swell Sculpture Festival in Gold Coast, Australia.

Reddit | chicken_mcjesus

And considering that there's a mirror in this doorway, it appears that the scenery it's facing is just as breathtaking as the sunset behind it.

This interesting discovery was sitting in the Gobi Desert until the uploader's sister happened upon it.

Reddit | fudgeiscool551

She's optimistic that these bones could have belonged to a dinosaur, but it'll probably take some time before anyone knows for sure.

Whether they meant to or not, this person found the exact spot featured on the back of China's 20 yuan bill.

Reddit | wlu1

This claim immediately led a bunch of commenters to point out inconsistencies, but they went on to say that the drawing wasn't an exact depiction of the scenery.

This chandelier goes all the way to the bottom of the staircase.

Reddit | FeevinTrees

That already indicates some pretty ambitious home design, but it gets even crazier when you see how many floors this house seems to have.

I've never seen a four-story chandelier before.

These bushes became a lot more noticeable once somebody turned them into a cartoonish bug.

Reddit | sodiumbicarbonate85

This makes it look pretty adorable in the daytime, but the question is what it looks like at night.

Not only does this bus stop have a solar panel for gathering power, but it also has a way to give it right back.

Reddit | Snudge

That's because it also features two wireless charging stations that people can take advantage of while the wait.

No word on how much it heats up your butt, though.

"This looks like a Dollar General dressed up as a Walmart for Halloween."

Reddit | [deleted]

I mean, I can't argue with that caption. That's exactly what this looks like.

I love seeing older people discover the good side of the internet.

Reddit | wagnerkuroiwa

"Hello, Reddit! My daughter posted a few of my paintings in here and I was so happy with all the comments I decided to create a profile! Hope my paintings brings you as much joy as it does to me," said wagnerkuroiwa alongside this pic.

I bet you thought brick paving was still done by hand.

Reddit | itsamiee

Nope. They use these cool machines now. It's not human-free, though, as human workers still line up the bricks in the pattern for the machine to roll out.

There aren't many massive coastal redwoods around anymore.

Reddit | CryptoMonkey3343

They're related to the famous sequoias, but most were cut down before we truly understood how special they were.

"Yemeni children attend class on the first day of the new academic year" — _Shahnawaz

Reddit | _Shahnawaz

These sorts of images are so important, because it gives us a real view of the cost of war on everyday people.