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Watch Karma In Action As Glaring Jaywalker Walks Right Into A Pole

I'm not 100% anti-jaywalking. I mean, it's hard to be when I do it almost every day crossing from my parking lot to the office, but I also do my best to not do it when there are actual vehicles on the stretch of road.

I also understand that in this case, I am in the wrong and the car has the right of way.

So if an accident happens, it's going to be my fault.

Yet, so many pedestrians don't seem to understand this. They seem to assume that they're either invincible or exempt from traffic laws.

If you're a driver (or a cyclist), you know these people.

YouTube | RR&BD Driving School

They wander out into the road, paying little attention to their own safety, and if you have the nerve to almost hit them, they act like you're at fault.

Which is why when a driving school released a compilation of dashcam videos on YouTube, one particular guy stood out.

YouTube | RR&BD Driving School

Because it's a dashcam, you can see the entitled annoyance on the jaywalker's face as he continues to saunter along in front of the vehicle.

He doesn't speed up or take his eyes off the driver. It's like he's daring the other person to hit the gas.

Of course, he's not looking ahead and you can see his route begin to curve.

It is absolutely satisfying to watch him smack into that pole and I don't feel guilty laughing at it or watching it on repeat.

Check it out for yourself at the 3:44 point in the video!