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95-Year-Old Twins Reveal Secret To Long Life Is ‘No Sex And Plenty Of Guinness’

Everyone hopes for a long and happy life, and according to one pair of identical twins, the answer is more simple than you may think.

One pair of 95-year-old twins have been capturing hearts across the globe with their wonderfully youthful outlook on life, Jason Statham, and Guinness.

Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday are Britain's oldest identical twins at a staggering 95-years-old!

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However, despite their age, the pair show no signs of slowing down! They share their adventures experiencing new things on their Facebook page, "Lil & Doris" which has exploded across the internet.

The pair were born in Kings Norton, Birmingham back in 1924.

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I can barely keep hold of my passport for five seconds in an airport without loosing it, so the idea of keeping hold of a little tiny slip of paper for 95 years is mind-boggling.

In an interview which has now gone viral, the twins explained their secret for a long and happy life.

On ITV's Good Morning, Lil explained that the secret is, "No sex and plenty of Guinness."

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When asked why the "no sex" rule, Lil jokingly replied, "Well, I don’t have a husband!"

Viewers of the morning show quickly took to the pair inspiring such responses on Twitter as:

"They need their own show or segment!"

"Can we have those identical twins present one day on this morning, they were brilliant!"

The twins' Facebook page quickly amassed over 20,000 followers following the hilarious interview.

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The pair share photos of their adventures doing yoga, shopping, meeting fans, and travelling, all to keep fit and active in their old age.

However, they also shared some of their more strange habits on the interview which didn't go down as smoothly.

The pair shocked many people by expressing their love for "raw sausage sandwiches".

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Apparently the "proper" way to do it, is to simply cut open the uncooked sausage, spread it across the bread and jobs a goodun'.

The culinary suggestion elicited a strong reaction from viewers at home, as well as from the hosts.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were shocked, asked whether there was a risk of food poisoning.

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The 95-year-old twins brushed off the suggestion with an elderly nobility, and proclaimed the raw sausage sandwich as "lovely", while encouraging the hosts to try it. Doris even went so far as to say that sometimes she will just cut raw sausages in half, peel the skin off and eat them whole.

A lot of viewers claimed that their attitude showed how older generations were more tough than the younger generations today; others, however, simply pointed out the fact that it is quite needless to eat them raw when you can just cook them and make them nice—and it was me, I pointed that out.

Once they had been moved off the topic of raw sausages, the pair shared their love for one particular actor.

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When not talking about sex, Guinness, and raw sausage sandwiches, the pair's attention was turned to their fondness for Jason Statham. The twins had even been to see the new Fast & Furious film starring him and Dwayne Johnson, and even managed to secure VIP seating for the film.

The pair even went so far as to post a short review of the film on their Facebook page, in which Doris quite simply put, "He's a cracker." I hope to see that quote featured either on Jason Statham's Facebook page or the back of the DVD release of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

It appears that that the twins are very much enjoying their newfound internet fame!

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When asked by the hosts what it has been like for the twins now that people occasionally recognise them in the street the pair said that it "brightened" their day, and that, "We're enjoying the attention."

It would appear that it's never too late to rocket into stardom!

The pair have been sharing more photo's thanking their new fans for the lovely words and encouragement.

Facebook | Lil & Doris

The pair really are an inspiration for so many, showing us that even in later life there is no reason why you shouldn't try new things and live your life to the full.

Also, as a person who lived in Ireland for several years, I severely hope that someone can link drinking Guinness to a long life, as if that's the case I should live to be 100.

I only pray that the wonderful twins get the chance to meet their beloved Jason Statham soon!

Facebook | Lil & Doris

I mean, what can Jason Statham really have to be doing that is so important that he can't pop round to their house for a quick Guinness and a raw sausage sandwich? Come on Jason, it'd make their year!

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