Mom's Baby-Wearing Hack Is Perfect For Exhausted Parents Everywhere

Moms know that raising a baby is hard work. Many times, traveling requires bringing your kids with you. But, pushing a stroller all day can be super inconvenient.

Luckily, there are things such as baby carriers to help us.

Unsplash | Jens Johnsson

Wearing your baby is much easier than wheeling around a stroller all day long. Having both hands free is a gift.

Many parents swear that using a carrier made those first few months manageable with their baby.

Some moms even breastfeed in their carrier or sling and let their babies sleep in there.

Plus, these carriers also make trips to places like the beach more manageable.

They are way more practical than a stroller in outdoor locations.

Some babies also crave that comfort of being carried.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

Being carried can be soothing as it reminds them of being in the womb.

But, parents know it can be a lot to have to wear your kid all day long, too.

Unsplash | Sean Roy

These babies might not weigh much, but after a while, they start to feel pretty heavy.

One mom named Sheena Turner, however, came up with a genius plan.

Facebook | Sheena Turner

She had been carrying her daughter around for hours and wanted to take a break. But, her baby was so peaceful and sleeping.

She just wanted a few moments of freedom.

Facebook | Sheena Turner

Sheena said she, "scanned the house" looking for somewhere to put her baby carrier so she wouldn't disturb her eight-month-old daughter.

Eventually, she realized the couch had a middle section that would be perfect.

Facebook | Sheena Turner

She adjusted the straps of the baby carrier and strapped her daughter to the couch.

The couch was soft and not too high, either.

Unsplash | Stephanie Harvey

All Sheena had to do was carefully remove her daughter and then tip-toe away to make her lunch in peace.

Sheena said her daughter is "used to her" carrying her.

Facebook | Sheena Turner

"So spoiled. [She] wants me to sit and hold her, but I'm smarter than that."

But the couch helped.

Facebook | Sheena Turner

"She's teething right now, so I think the leather on the chair was soothing. Because when I'm holding her walking around trying to do things, it disturbs her, so she was still uncomfortable."

In fact, Sheena's daughter slept there for two hours.

Unsplash | Bastien Jaillot

Every parent knows how much of a blessing it is when your baby sleeps for a few hours during the day.

All in all, it's a great idea.

For those moms who need some freedom, it's fool-proof.

Not only does it free up your hands...

But, you also get some much-needed relaxation, knowing your kids are safe and strapped in.

Who doesn't love a good nap on the couch?!?

Without the worries of "rolling off."

Definitely a hack I need to try!

Baby-wearing moms, this one is for you!