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These Black Succulents Are A Perfect Match For Our Cold, Gothic Hearts

I don't usually follow trends, but since succulents and air plants became The Thing for black thumbs everywhere, I have become slightly obsessed.

More than slightly. Frankly, before I got my first succulent every single potted plant I've attempted to take care of has died quickly. Even the supposedly hardy lucky bamboo.

So I'm scrolling through Insta and stop at a pic of beautiful succulents.

Instagram | @rare_succulent

I probably would have paused to appreciate them anyway, but it was their color that stood out.

They were black.

Well, technically Sinocrassula Yunnanensis is extremely dark green.

Instagram | @rare_succulent

But while some may reveal hints of that green in the fleshy middle, the most photogenic of them look truly black.

I really like how rich and dark they look when paired with black gravel.

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But they'd also look amazing in a minimalist white planter with white stones.

You may need to do some searching to find these for your own home.

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Some nurseries may have them if you're lucky, but if not, there are plenty of online sellers willing to ship you some of these gothic beauties.

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