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17+ Disturbing Pics That Prove Context Is Everything

Summer's basically over and there's a chill in the air. It's the perfect time of year to get creeped out. With some of these pics, the context makes things more tolerable. With others, context just ups the creep factor.


Reddit | M7plusoneequalsm8

This image on an old Russian tombstone was originally intended to honor a beloved family member. This guy's family had no idea the ravages of time would make him look like some kind of Sith lord.

From the depths.

Reddit | Kioto_

This pic gives me the creeps because it's so difficult to know what's going on. Is it a massive spacecraft? Something unimaginable rising from the ocean depths? Nah, it's just a view from a highrise during a rainstorm.

Consider yourself blessed.

Reddit | MortonPiercewright

It looks like some kind of sinister ritual, but it's actually fairly benign. This is simply a Zimbabwean witch doctor offering blessings to a random kid back in the day.

The last thing you see.


I understand the principle of an executioner's mask. It's the kind of job where you don't want to be identifiable. Why they had to make them so effin creepy back in the Middle Ages, though, I have no idea.

Giant bats?

Reddit | SherlockHomeles

This shows a coal miner's changing room. That explains the coal-stained clothes. The reason they're so creepily hanging from the ceiling is apparently because it's the most efficient way to dry them off.

What are you doing back there?

Reddit | svgethings

It's a good thing OP saw these in daylight (or at least sinister twilight), because seeing them at night would be downright freaky. These are just bushes that have been wrapped up to protect them from bad weather.

Are you a good angel or a bad angel?

Reddit | malgoya

This 26-foot-tall statue of an angel doesn't look as heavenly or as welcoming as most depictions of angels. It's been constructed using more than 100,000 confiscated weapons.

He's seen some things.

Reddit | Jordan117

This puppet was in a music video back in the day ("Evil" by Interpol). It always looked a little freaky in the video, but after a few years it's really perfected its horrifying visage.

Let me in.

Reddit | lobofett12

This demonic-looking creature would freak almost anyone out. But since it's obviously a kangaroo, which means it could only be in Australia, I'm guessing the homeowner has seen way scarier stuff.

Cut of the day.

Reddit | SpiffyDactyliogliphy

The only thing saving this image from being the most horrifying sight imaginable is the fact that it's clearly in a deli case at a supermarket. My question: does it actually make people want to buy meat?

The briny deep.

Reddit | berserkJoeReddit

This shark was preserved in formaldehyde at an aquarium after it died. The aquarium has since shut down, but ol' Sharky is still in that formaldehyde, destined to ever so slowly decompose over the coming years.

Join us.

Reddit | Ismeldaa

Lots of animals have highly reflective eyes. Everyone knows this. Still, I don't think this knowledge is going to stop anyone from being freaked out by sights like this horde of sheep.

Bagged and tagged.

Reddit | mefee123

This animatronic nightmare played its last animatronic ditty at a Chuck-E-Cheese some thirty years ago. Since then, he's been silently holding his guitar, patiently waiting in his plastic bag prison.

I like what you've done with the place.

Reddit | Pineapple_Committee

If you look around a bit, Europe is chock-full of churches and other assorted monuments where literal human bones are a major design component. This freaky image shows the Bone Chalice in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic.


Reddit | puregalm

This pit to an underground volcanic chamber is super unsettling. Even though it's naturally occurring, the dried lava floes on the side look an awful lot like writhing human bodies.

Don't stop believin'.

Reddit | ASTRO2598

Back in the 90's, there was a cool comet called Hale-Bopp that could be seen for awhile. This cult decided to commemorate the occasion by committing mass suicide. But the few members who didn't kill themselves still maintain their website.

You can buy anything here.

Reddit | smellslike__updog

If you thought this looked like a street vendor in Cairo in roughly the year 1865, selling a few ancient mummies, you'd be exactly right. Retail has change a lot.

It's hard to tell what exactly these notes even say, but the uploader described them as "very deliberately laid out" in their driveway.

Reddit | reallylatetotheparty

There's something sad about how they seem to indicate that the person who left them here is in a dark place, but it's also worrying to be the focus of such mysterious attention.

It's good to see so many clear warnings of what could happen on this British beach, but it's still an eye-opening sign to come across.

Reddit | thomasdouwes

Imagine passing by what seems like a nice, serene beach only to discover the very real possibility that it could blow you up.

In many cases, kids only manage to be adorable when they try to scare us.

Reddit | Ryantebow

However, a lot of parents will admit that they can also come at you with a weird enough energy that they actually manage to say and do some legitimately creepy things.

If you live in area where it's hot for most of the year, it's definitely important to be careful when your air conditioner starts making weird sounds.

Reddit | st4r_slay3r

That's because it's entirely possible that the source of the malfunction is a snake that decided to take refuge inside of the unit.

And yes, that's what we're looking at here.

Sometimes, a lack of context can be even scarier than knowing the whole, terrible story.

Reddit | AnaBusadoDemi

For instance, all we know is that this vaguely humanoid shape is sitting in a chair.

We don't know where this is, why it's here, or why it seems like somebody set it on fire, but those all seem like pretty important questions.

Unfortunately, the worst impression you get from what's happening in this car is probably the correct one.

Reddit | kelceymb

Somebody is indeed driving around with what are essentially mummified animals in their back window.

Between the likely mental state that would lead to such behavior and how it must smell in there, this picture is full of uncomfortable realities.

It's easier than some might realize to get this mixed in with a bunch of bananas.

Reddit | Bunkyie

Bananas often share their tropical climates with some seriously big spiders and the curious fellas can sometimes find their way aboard a shipment.

When the bananas are sold in bags, spiders can end up trapped in those bags.

While this is kind of gross to behold, it doesn't become truly disturbing until you realize that it can form in your tear duct.

Reddit | Toolset_overreacting

This is called a dacryolith and according to the American Academy of Opthalmology, it can form when dead internal tissue, lipids, calcium, and other debris build up in the ducts.

As the uploader learned, it can also hurt intensely when it gets this serious.

A strange, furry looking growth on the wall is hardly a comforting sight on its own, but this one is particularly bad.

Reddit | d4hm3r

That's because this isn't a solid object at all, but rather an amorphous collection of hundreds if not thousands of spiders.

I'll spare you the full video.

While the uploader was walking their dog in the woods, they came upon this cheery discovery.

Reddit | panerapartyinmypants

While it's not impossible that the ritual that took place here didn't mean anyone any harm, it's pretty hard to gather that from this intimidating scene.

Sometimes, a situation can be exactly as bad as it looks.

Reddit | Elanoral

One might expect to find a massive pile of child-sized gas masks in the aftermath of something nightmarish.

Indeed, it probably felt that way for the kids who had to evacuate this Ukrainian school during the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

This image is a favorite among those trying to creep each other out, but it takes on a different context when it's off the internet.

Reddit | HiddenSpices

Yes, someone apparently printed this picture out just so they could leave it in the uploader's driveway.

If it's a prank, it's a weird one.

This uploader happened to be all alone when they left this cereal alone for a moment and came back to it looking like this.

Reddit | raymonddurk

Since they had microwaved this bowl, it's likely that this was simply the result of a pocket of heat popping.

Still, it feels like we'd only feel comfortable coming to that conclusion after we thoroughly searched the house.

At first, the context for this almost seems reassuring. This person is only carrying this massive load of mannequin torsos so they can sell them.

Reddit | Willman3755

Unfortunately, this only leads us to wonder whether one person specifically needs 20 mannequin torsos or 20 people need one.

Either way, that raises a lot more worrying questions.

I can't say I'm terribly interested in what my so-called number neighbors are up to, but that goes double now that I've seen this.

Reddit | GrimoireGirls

For those who don't know, your number neighbor is the person you contact when you text a number with the last digit showing one number lower than yours.

If you ever seek yours out. hopefully they don't respond with some even more messed up Teletubbies.

Sometimes the scariest thoughts don't involve clusters of spiders or strange figures, but terrifying possibilities.

Reddit | Schartiee

For instance, this image's uploader used to date the person who lived in this house and they just learned that it somehow exploded.

One interesting side effect of the resurgence of Stephen King's IT is that a whole new generation can now be suspicious of unattended red balloons.

Reddit | ParaSpear

Sure, it's entirely possible that one floated down here once the helium started leaking out of it.

But maybe that's what Pennywise wants you to think.

Lake Elsinore, California is an area with a high risk of brushfires, which makes it easy to understand why this would be nerve-wracking to see.

Reddit | itsyoboiskinnyperson

When the fires are raging so close to home, the danger that they'll actually close the gap between the neighboring brush and the town itself seems all the more clear and present.

While this would hardly the only example of strange yard decor out there, the weirdness of this one goes beyond the painted, dead trees.

Reddit | Tiffanymp3

I mean, was their mission to find a mannequin that was making such a perfectly unnerving facial expression?

Those are some big leaves.

Reddit | yacjuman

I kid, I kid. This isn't a tree overburdened with big, heavy leaves. It's actually a tree overburdened with big, heavy bats. I would get my rabies shot before getting any closer.


Reddit | Browncheese769

It's easy to imagine the skeleton on the right as one of a deformed human. It's actually a gorilla skeleton, but the similarities help illustrate why humans and gorillas share so much of the same DNA.


Reddit | SorePorpoise03

Every last one of the brand new shoes in this bin has been intentionally damaged. This is done, rather than donating them to someone in need, to increase scarcity and keep prices up.

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