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13+ Savage People Who Need To Take It Down A Notch

Are people born savage, or is it a product of their environment? I have no idea, and frankly I don't need to know. What I do know, is that the internet loves seeing people being roasted, called out, or put down in the most savage ways possible. So, grab your over-priced carnival popcorn as I parade in front of your very eyes, 13+ savage people who could probably do with taking it down a notch!

The Most Savage Mother In All The West

Twitter | brynn @hard_candyjpeg

Everyone tweets like their a celebrity, that's what Twitter is for. To point it out to someone is just too far!

When Mrs Johnson Delivered This Almighty Burn On A Former Student

Reddit | Fubar904

I like that students spend a lot of time thinking, "If you weren't my teacher, I'd call you x and y!" However, they forget that if they weren't students, their teachers would probably say much worse stuff to them! Gotta love the education system for breeding passive aggressive hatred.

"Just Get Me Whatever..."

Reddit | RidingKeys

I hate it when my partner does this. It's almost as bad as when she says she doesn't want a chip but then proceeds to get herself some bread when I get a portion of chips, so that she can make herself a chip sandwich with, "just the little one's you don't want."

No, I want all of the chips, that's why I bought the chips.

Hi, I'm Professor Savage, Welcome To Savagery 101

Reddit | MrMegaGamerz

The face on that girl on the right of the picture screams, "What assignment?"

*Canned Laughter Sounds

Reddit | Coaz

Funny enough, I had the same problem with Ricky Gervais' most recent stand up special. *Chuckles to self triumphantly while still living at home and not having had any hit TV shows, financial success, and having lost all sense of self-worth

"I've never been more proud of my country"

Reddit | dapper_enboy

Yeah Debra, get back to posting memes with minions in them and moaning about the current state of affairs while knowing nothing tangible about the current political climate.

"Damn these girl scouts are savages"

Reddit | 55togo

I'd give these girl scouts a badge for ingenuity and savagery for this stroke of ruthless genius.

Meanwhile In New Zealand...

Reddit | lomnafsk

Ms Buist doesn't mess around! But did they try thoughts and prayers?!

Toot Toot, It's The Savagery Hearse

Reddit | Evenball5

I mean, the message is right I guess, I just find the font a little too goofy for such a seriously morbid message. And yes, focusing too much on fonts is a real problem I have developed, and even cost me a relationship once. I'll let you decide whether that was a joke for the purpose of this list, or a real thing that actually happened to me.

The Hawking-Oliver Theorem

Imgur | imjd90

Stephen Hawking there, not content with constantly demonstrating his mastery of the world of physics, showing his ability to be damn funny.

Evolution Put-Down

Twitter | kelly oxford

*Drops copy of Darwin's "On The Origin Of Species"

"I Hope My Bike Takes You Straight To Hell..."

Reddit | Tiger-meat

Okay so I get that he's annoyed by his bike being stolen, however, what on Earth is this bike that he's describing? Does this guy ride it straight out of the Goonies?

C'mon Eric!

Reddit | No_wil

Yep, this really happened, that app update was actually put up on the AppStore!



Oooh, education system burn, yeah, you don't see those very often! Seriously though, the education system as a whole in both UK and America is in dire need of help... *raises leg onto a chair, looks directly into camera and announces plans to run for political office.

The Most Inappropriate School Bus Ever

Reddit | ImSmarterThanOP

I mean, I guess the driver is dropping those kids off at their parents house, so it's kind of accurate?

They Have A Point...

Reddit | ransomedagger

Ah yes, if only all of us could live our lives funded by the taxpayer and with no fear of financial worries or, well, anything really.

"This young savage came dressed as an influencer apology video at #Vidcon2019; Pretty Realistic Depiction."

Reddit | Droyk

This is one of the most ingenious and savage costumes I've ever seen! This kid will go far... even if it is only on Reddit!

"You are too young to date for personality"

Twitter | Chaos and Disorder

What's wrong with dating for personality?!

"When your pastor is savage af"

Reddit | chuckerphucker

Quite frankly I'd just like to meet a pastor who even knows what "side chick" means.

Damn Katie...


I doubt the kid that wrote this note ever got over this.

Well, It Is From The Bible...

Reddit | MajorDyck

Truly, nothing screams scripture like the phrase, "Seminal emission."

Mom Please Stop...

Imgur | epics52

I get that this whole exchange is hilariously savage, however, I can't take my eyes off the fact that you're on 55% battery and yet have power save turned on! What are you, the battery police, up your brightness and live a little for God's sake.

Nickleback 2019 World Tour

Reddit | epics52

Oh good, it looks like they've got the 1975 supporting them as well! And before you go banging on in the comments about how good the 1975 are, let me just explain one thing to you... they're not.

"D.C fans trying to show how good their universe is but forgetting this is the internet"

Reddit | Jordan3650

But actually, if Thanos is in possession of all of the infinity stones then... on second thoughts, I don't care enough about this argument to go any further.

This Savage Yearbook Quote

Reddit | Available_Subject

It's called parseltongue, just saying.

When Your Tutor Is More Savage Than The Assignment

I think everyone has handed in an essay at some point that has warranted feedback like this. Thank God most tutors aren't this savage.

April Fool's

Reddit | Izayosup

Time to find a new mom.

That's the Taco Bell I know and love.

Twitter | @oldspice

We need people asking the tough questions round these parts. Yee Haw.


Weird, I have that porcelain doll at home.

Bald Man

Reddit | TheToolMan

Kids have the ability to me the most savage, no lie.

Living Large

Reddit | smolbutfeerce

Who knew these guys had a sense of humor? Better get out the burn gel.

Splice Splice Baby

Reddit | deadbed

We've known forever how savage teachers can be. They're the ultimate burn dealers.


Reddit | rockeytools

Props to this company who saw a consumer market for this product and went for it.

The Miracle Of Life

Reddit | harrynyles

This is like, double savage. Two ice packs please!

Darwin had a point.

Reddit | snoozerlikesmen

Gotta dole out those burns while they're still young to ensure that they don't grow up believing in, well, anything!

"Who would've thought church would be savage?"

Reddit | craazy_hEad

If this list has taught me anything, then it's that the Church can indeed be savage, from calling people "side-chick" to undermining Olympic swimming pool life-guards. I've got a lot of respect for these life guards, that's gotta be the easiest job ever?

"Thought my mom was sending me a care package... but instead she sent a box of trash I was supposed to take out."

Reddit | Connor Cox

I think I might start doing this now instead of taking the rubbish out, just start posting it to people I don't like.

This Landlord.

Reddit | Mass_Hole

Well, that's one way to get your point across.

"A wedding invitation, a chair, and a sandwich."

Reddit | koreenalynn

They're leaving the RSVP date far too close to the wedding date. I mean, if I RSVP'd on the 9th, does that mean I don't have to bring a chair and a sandwich? This wedding looks to be a logistical nightmare, I'm glad my invite must have gotten lost in the post along with my Aldi savers cantaloupe catalog.