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Company Develops Indoor 'Sensory Swings' To Soothe Overwhelmed Kids

Many companies are offering innovative products to help kids who have special sensory needs. One company's indoor swings are earning high praise from parents online for helping their children calm down when they feel overwhelmed.

For children with Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder, they can easily become overwhelmed by bright lights or loud noises.

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When they become overwhelmed, these children often have a hard time calming down which is stressful for them and their parents.

One company has developed a unique product for parents with children who have special sensory needs.

Sensory Scout

The mesh sensory swing from Sensory Scout aims to help and soothe children whether they are sensory seekers (need extra sensory stimulation) or sensory avoiders (can become overwhelmed by sensory stimulation).

The company also has a "pod" model which offers more of an enclosed experience.

Sensory Scout

You can even curl up inside and take a nap!

For sensory seekers, the company recommends using the swings for five minutes to fulfill their sensory craving.

They say five minutes of spinning in the swing will help seekers calm down for up to four hours.

For avoiders, swinging can help them calm down when they are triggered by their sensory environment.

Sensory Scout

The company also recommends using the swing before bed to help children sleep better at night.

Online, many parents have shared how these products have helped their children.

Sensory Scout

"My son (ASD, SPD, ADHD) absolutely loves his swing. He spends most of his free time in it whether he's on his tablet or reading or just relaxing. This is such a great product," said one review.

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