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Mom DIYed The Most Magical Mermaid Bedroom Using Wallpaper Samples

I used to love decorating my room as a kid. Of course, I still love decorating my room as an adult, but I remember how excited I would be to give my room a theme and go all out with it. But, it can be super expensive to do.

One mom's gorgeous DIY project for her child's room ended up stemming from an accidental genius hack.

Decorating rooms in your home is so much fun.

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You get to feel like you're an interior designer for a bit, letting your creativity and vision come to fruition.

Many times, rooms in our homes are a reflection of our inner selves — our likes, hobbies, and tastes.

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If you find you have a little edge to your look, you might go for something super bold like animal print, or if you're more minimal you might go for a more monochromatic look.

However fun decorating is, the price can really add up.

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This is especially the case if you're decorating for your children's bedrooms.

As they grow older, their tastes change and they often outgrow themes they once loved.

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I know this because I did that often.

Sorry, Mom and Dad.

One mom from the UK showed how creatively decorating a room doesn't have to be pricey.

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Katie Blackbourn created this stunning accent wall for her daughter's room inspired by mystical mermaids.

She didn't have to hire any designers to complete the room for her.

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She did it all herself!

Can you believe it only cost her $24.50?

I'm sure some people hire designers and painters for a lot more!

The mom from England's creation came about all by accident.

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She told Pretty52 that she knew she wanted to go with a green and blue type of theme for the bedroom, but let her creativity take her wherever it wanted to go.

Clearly, a mermaid theme spoke to her.

What better way to make your kid's room feel super magical?

This is the paint color she used.

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She knew she wanted the room to be based around this Dulux paint in Proud Peacock, which is such a pretty turquoise.

While looking for paint, she also picked up multiple wallpaper samples to see which looked best with the paint color, but she couldn't decide!

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She said, "I genuinely couldn't decide on one I liked the most so I decided to cut a few bits and place them together."

This ended up working in Katie's favor, however.

"I love collage and mixed media so I was in my creative element."

"I tried a few different things and the scales just seemed to click!"

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She used a cardboard template to cut the squares into scale shapes, and pasted them on the wall with wallpaper paste.

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Even though the samples are all different designs, the colors and patterns mesh so well together!

Her DIY hack has gained so much attention that she's even created an Instagram tutorial for others to follow!

Check it out below.

Of course, Katie went all out with the decor. You have to!

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This bedding goes perfectly with the wall!

She also found a ton of other mermaid-inspired decor accents like lamps, pictures, and rugs to complete the look.

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Katie was definitely right on trend with her hack.

Katie's daughter is sure lucky!

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I won't be surprised if Katie just started a new room decor trend.

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