14 Things We'll Never Be Able To Unsee Now

Many of you will remember the first time you ever saw an internet video that ended with some scary face popping up and screaming at you.

It was somehow both terrifying and irritating at the same time, but at least we shared that experience together. Even if it made sure we never trusted seemingly boring videos of cars driving down winding roads again.

Fortunately, nothing on this list is making any attempt to bring that fad back. But you'll still feel like you experienced something when it's all over.

Hmm, either these ants are trying really hard to ask us something, or this is the Riddler's most ambitious trap yet.

Reddit | dallas_no_texas

So unless they form more shapes like some weird game of Pictionary, I'm assuming that Batman won't be throwing any picnics for a while.

There's a lot I don't understand about this thing, but at least they've made one thing clear. We're not supposed to step on it.

Reddit | MeEks05

And it's a good thing it has a prominently displayed license plate because nobody has a chance of accurately describing this beast.

Aww, there's nothing quite like a romantic night in. That moody, candle-lit atmosphere. The...interesting choice of cuisine. 

Reddit | Kevinkage

I see their date night ideas haven't changed much since elementary school. I wonder, did one ask the other out with a note that said, "Do you like me?"

I'm not sure if I should find it worrying or kind of adorable that the staff sound so excited about this teddy's lack of a face or ears.

Reddit | zekechill

I suppose that's just as well because I'd have the exact same conundrum if my kid wanted this.

I gotta say, that rabbit is doing some major legwork to keep this kid happy, because there ain't no way he's smiling about anything else in this picture.

Reddit | Glaevia

Maybe bootleg Homer would just seem kind of dopey on a good day, but Pennywise the Hatter over there?


I wonder how it even feels to go shopping for coffins. 

Reddit | Anything_butDat

Like, I doubt anyone is gonna slap the lid and tell you this bad boy can fit so much of you in it.

But even that disappointment clearly still beats trying to take it home. Oof.

Through what I'm sure are some wacky circumstances, this coin somehow ended up fusing with a charger.

Reddit | Laine221444

I don't know what brought them together in the first place, but we'll probably trace it back to a "lifehack" that says this contraption helps phones charge faster.

If I wanted to be really mean, I'd become a driving instructor and make all of my students use this. 

Reddit | aiden66

Because they definitely weren't nervous about any of this before they kept having to touch a cold, clammy imitation of flesh.

These two may feel awkward about standing with this picture, but they can't tell me they've seen a more lovingly painted cat.

Reddit | Reddit

Honestly, if whoever commissioned this didn't instruct the artist to "draw her like one of your French girls," I'm gonna be extremely disappointed.

Other than "uncomfortably," I'm not really sure I can get a fix on how this guy is even positioned here.

Reddit | timtam690

Like, did he lie down on it before everybody piled on top of him? Did he volunteer for this? Why do none of them have helmets?

So, yeah, the only guess I've got is that somebody left this...sickle in the middle of the road and messed up this lady's tire.

Reddit | alyssamaehem

So place your bets, folks. Are we dealing with the world's least effective slash movie villain or the world's least effective revolution?

Gah, I wonder how long it took whoever delivers the mail to get used to seeing this sight every morning?

Reddit | mannpig

I wonder if that's the reason why they put a big flower on its head?

"See? It's a friendly monster! Now give me my mail already."

Yeah, once you've seen someone carefully photoshop themselves pouring hot sauce on a lady's hair, you've seen the height of what that platform has to offer.

Twitter | @SharpTyrek

Besides, there's no way someone wouldn't get hungry after staring into this ramen abyss for too long.

Well, since the handle on this thing is stuck on the stove now, I don't think anyone's using this to press clothes anymore.

Reddit | Dick-Machinko

All I can say is that I hope things get better for them because I doubt this thing really cooks that well.

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