10+ Classroom Hacks Every Teacher Should Know

Can you believe it's back to school already? Where does the time go? Soon classrooms will be full of children eager to learn. And teachers need to think of clever ways to keep those young minds occupied and engaged.

So here are a few cool classroom hacks every teacher should start using today. Now you can focus on what's really important.

1. This Dry Erase Handwriting Tape

What a cool way to get kids to practice their writing and their math skills. I wish we had this back then.

2. Use Dice To Teach Math

Dice is such a good tool to teach math. Keep them from rolling all over the place with a plastic tray and voilĂ .

3. These Colorful Car Wash Mitts


They're definitely a lot more fun to use than just regular whiteboard erasers. Don't you think? Pick all the colorful ones for your classroom.

4. Balancing Cushions As Seating

These balancing cushions are such a great idea to keep kids fit and flexible. Who's the great teacher who thought of this? I wanna know.

5. Fraction Pencils

Who knew something like this actually existed? It would have been such a great help for me to learn fractions. Math was definitely not my forte.

6. Encourage Kids To Clean Up After Themselves

What better way to help teach kids how to clean up after themselves than by making these cute "human vacuum" duster duos.

7. Oil Based Sharpies

These Sharpies can be used to write kids' names on wood tables but won't damage the actual wood itself and come off easily with scrubbing.

8. Dollar Store Letters

Save money by buying these dollar store letters and glue them onto popsicle sticks for easy literacy lessons. So fun but also really reasonably priced.

9. Cookie Sheets For Magnetic Letters

Make cute and fun activity trays with these cookie sheets that are perfect to use with magnetic letters. This is cool and educational.

10. Write Positive Messages On Pencils

Each one comes with its own unique positive message so when kids grab a new pencil they'll get some encouragement and positivity.

11. Address Labels To The Rescue


When you're a teacher who wants to have the most organized classroom, you must label everything. These address labels are worth the investment.

12. Contraction Blocks

Oh wow, these contraction blocks are so new to me. I can't believe how many cool teacher tools are available out there. These are so awesome.

13. Pillow Case Storage Solution

A simple solution for keeping your classroom neat and tidy is using pillowcases on the back of kids' chairs. It's cheap and easy to make.

I hope your new school year starts off wonderful and you'll get to implement many of these neat teacher hacks.

You deserve all the help you can get. Teachers rock.