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13+ Weird Pics That Give Us More Questions Than Answers

Everyone loves mysteries in fiction. They start with some intrigue and eventually the mystery is solved and tied with a bow. But in reality, mysteries are bound to just leave us with a bunch of unanswered questions.

Big project?

Reddit | daddywang

This is weird, right? The guy is loading up a beam big enough to build a suspension bridge out of, but his car suggests he's never hauled anything bigger than a chihuahua in his life.

Let's take things one step at a time.

Reddit | smilon1

There's a lot to break down here. In the background, an unfortunate event involving a weird-looking bus has occurred. In the foreground is an unperturbed and spiffy-looking dude holding a prized...sewing machine.

It begins.

Reddit | necromimi

America's many fast food chains have long existed in an uneasy harmony. Apart from some Twitter beef, they mostly stay out of each other's grill. But someday, there's bound to be an uprising.

Great job, video editor.

Reddit | melotjk

The ability to blur faces (and modify voices) allows people who'd rather remain anonymous to tell their stories. It seems pretty straightforward, but I guess sometimes the editors forget which face is supposed to be blurred.

Tech finds a way.

Reddit | sudden_potato

The U in USB stands for universal, and if this isn't universal, I don't know what is. Maybe 3.5" floppy disks, with their unparalleled capacity to store about five documents on them, are making a comeback.

Act like you belong.

Reddit | digeratisensei

Everyone's pretended their fingers are a gun at some point in time. This cop doesn't have a gun of his own, but he has the next best thing: imagination.

Heavy haul.

Reddit | MrKuroko

This is the epitome of "more questions than answers." Is there not enough room in the car? Does that toy actually weigh thousands of pounds? Are we all being trolled here?

Crisis averted.

To be fair, it can be a little bit tricky to climb your way out of a situation like this. But usually this problem is solved with a running start, not a full fire department rescue.

That's some rollercoaster.

Reddit | UnderlordJungler

This rollercoaster subverts expectations. Rather than a slow climb to the top, riders travel at the speed of sound. Rather than a thrilling drop, riders are treated to a trip into the heavens.

How the tables turn.

Reddit | Saturnix

It's said that you need to walk a mile in someone else's shoes to really understand them. This cat has taken the lesson to heart, and brought its food and water dishes into the cage as well.

Reddit | cdd_

It's clear that someone opted to take a shortcut over the grass rather than staying on the road. It's also clear that they warped through that pole through sheer witchcraft.

Throwing down some Likes.

Reddit | eratropicoil

This dude doesn't have a care in the world. He's got his phone, he's got his ciggy, and he's unaware of the cobras behind him. Either they're about to murder him, or they're transfixed by the phone.


Reddit | farmtree

Cats like to sit on narrow ledges. Everyone knows this. But when it's two cats, and they're sinister-looking, and they're guarding a stairway into a pitch-black netherworld, it's bound to give you pause.

One modest tree.

Reddit | SippyNips

This is a funny visual. But the more you look at it, the more confusing it becomes. Those branches are far apart. How did someone casually slip a pair of panties on?

Economy model.

Reddit | DigitallyMatt

Most horses can carry one person, or two if they're able to squeeze on. But this horse is an absolute unit. It's a minivan, whereas normal horses are sports car.

Day 40: the cones still don't suspect me.

Reddit | andlaughlast

I can't be sure of what this guy's endgame is. Maybe he believes the orange cones are going somewhere cool where only orange cones are allowed, and he just has to see this place for himself.

It's a beast.

Reddit | breaking_jackpots

Sure, it has no keyboard, no monitor, no operating system and very few microchips. But this laptop folds up like any other, has a convenient carrying handle and is probably pretty durable, too.

If you really need a shower...

Reddit | oliver9129

This shower seems to have everything you'd need to hose off. You just need to put aside the fact that it's fully public and requires a six-foot vertical leap to get out of.

Only Sherlock Holmes could solve this mystery.

Reddit | ItchyWombat

I almost think the prints make for a cute design, but then I remember that the paws spend quality time in the litter box...

The cutest way to feed a squirrel.

Reddit | keylimesoda

Why do it this way? Why not?

You shouldn't feed wildlife anyway, so if you're already breaking the rules, at least do it whimsically.

This took me a moment.

Reddit | MrMariomans

At first, it seemed like a normal pic of friends hanging out and then I realized that there's a pane of


Reddit | scents22

This isn't so much weird as it is kind of cool. And cute.

I mean, it's a kitty with another kitty on its back. What's not to like?

Guaranteed privacy.

Reddit | fine_shrine

If you want to nap on your commute and ensure that no one will try to disturb you, it's hard to do better than a knitted face-hugger.

Totally believable.

Reddit | 3pGuy

No cop will ever notice, right?

Weirdly, the thing that bothers me most is that they should have angled the ball so that the lines mimicked the ones on the real light better.

Dance party!

Reddit | Godisdeadbutimnot

I've seen a lot of weird things on trail cams, but this may be the weirdest.


Reddit | Day3110

This cat is me on pay day when I know my mortgage and other bills are about to be due and I just want a few bucks for coffee.

Demon girlfriend.

Reddit | ChadDoes

You may not notice it at first, but there is something seriously funky happening with the reflection in the mirror.

Points for creativity.

Reddit | ChadDoes

I wonder if you could make the argument that this would be distracting for other drivers...

When the intern is in charge of photoshopping.

Reddit | Zaqudon

Besides seriously over-smoothing her face, they appear to have forgotten how eyebrows work.

Carpool's here!

Reddit | Day3110

This is from Russia, right? Driving around with a bear in your taxi feels like a Russia stereotype.

That's one way to do it...

Reddit | notevenlad

I mean, it seems to make the process much harder than it should be, but then again, this guy is clearly more flexible than I am.

Dream house.

Reddit | Sucks_ 2

Seriously, in this housing market this may be the best you can hope for.

What could possibly go wrong?

Reddit | griffinjennings

I'm going to guess that this was some sort of art exhibit. Or someone just has a crazy sense of humor.

Why the long face?

Reddit | inu_yasha

I've seen a few versions of this idea, but this one always prompts a double-take. I think it's because the color of the dog matches so well.

Cool 'do, dude.

Reddit | Soawsm1

Considering that the man is drinking something out of a coconut, I'm going to assume this was a pretty fun party.

Look at this long boi!

Reddit | FatCaf

Do animals know that they blend in this well? Or do they find it comforting in a big, cuddly mom way?


Reddit | mRNA28

After looking at this for the past few weeks, I think I've got it figured out: this girl made a dummy third leg as a joke. At least that's what I think is going on.

I really want to see the vehicle.

Reddit | cdd_

The fact that the snow is fairly fresh makes this even weirder. The post isn't even bent.

Kiss the throne.

Reddit | taydripper

Most of us have spent some time clutching the porcelain throne at one point or another, but how many of us have literally kissed the toilet? I don't know who this lipstick-wearer is, but they're part of a rare breed.