13+ Questionable Things People Actually Brought To The Mechanic

Everyone seems to be a DIY expert these days. And people have been undertaking certain things they feel they can do themselves when actually, they should really leave it to a professional. Especially when it comes to servicing your own car. That stuff should not be messed around with.

But that hasn't stopped some and the results are, shall we say, questionable.

1. DIY Snow Removal

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

I understand it's a pain in the butt to have to park your car outside especially during a snow storm but this isn't a permanent solution.

2. The Knob Solution

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

So yeah, this is pretty obvious. When one of your car knobs breaks off why take it to a mechanic to have it replaced. Right?

3. DIY Car Mod

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

This is the type of car modification that I think is best to leave up to someone who can do a way better job than this.

4. Makeshift AC

Reddit | cipher0_

I guess this is one unorthodox way to get some AC into your car that doesn't come with one. Apparently, it does work. Don't knock it until you try it, I guess.

5. Rough Ride

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

I dunno about you, but I really wouldn't want to be sitting in this car when driving on a gravel road. That would be one bumpy ride.

6. Pringles To The Rescue

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

I'm always amazed when I see these DIY car modifications. It makes me wonder how long will that last? What do you think?

7. Make It With Doritos

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

I'm not a car person so someone must explain this to me. How is putting a Doritos bag over your broken tail light gonna work?

8. These Seats

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

Okay, first question: Why plastic chairs? And the second question: Why pink? This is just getting weirder and weirder the longer I look at it.

9. DIY Car Lock

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

I mean the car needed to be locked. Right? So somebody had to think on their feet and came up with a perfect solution.

10. Expanding Foam Vs. Sea Foam


So as I said before I'm not really a car person but this person should know the difference between these two. No?

11. Red Bull Gives You Wings


And then some. Not only did this Red Bull give this car's owners some wings it also assisted in this fabulous DIY job.

12. DIY Mirror


Well, to be honest, a broken side mirror on your car isn't really such a big deal when you can just get this rigged up. Amirite?

13. No Handle, No Problem

Reddit | Lt-Snackbeard

I guess this is one way to DIY a door handle on your car. I've never had to do that, but if it works...

14. Gotta Make It Fit


I guess if you can't get a tire that fits the wheels of your car you just gotta make it fit somehow. Right? Facepalm.

15. Jumper Cables To The Rescue

Reddit | sad_Yee_Haw

I get it, fixing the hood of your car after a fender bender can be pretty expensive. This should tide you over.

16. Broken Handle Fix

Reddit | trash_-_can

A handle was broken on this guy's seat, so he used a screwdriver and his welder to jig this up. It might work.

17. When You Need A Truck

Reddit | MissV86

So this guy just couldn't wait until he could afford to buy a truck so he modified this regular Honda. Good luck selling that.

18. Gas Cap Fix

Reddit | Liar_of_partinel

That's one way to keep that gas cap from falling. If it was me I would just let my mechanic fix it, but I can't judge.

19. Steering Wheel Problem


Correct me if I'm wrong but the steering wheel is a pretty important part of the car. Isn't it? So why mess around with that?

20. Porcupine Way


Aside from the fact that this car fix looks like some sort of a weird porcupine is this even safe? LOL. Inquiring minds want to know.

21. Seat Swap


Just how uncomfortable could the old seats have been in this car for them to resort to this? Or maybe they got them from the junkyard.

22. Vehicle Hybrid


And here's another car abomination if I've ever seen one. Why do people do this to their cars? Why not just settle on one idea? WTF.

23. When You Can't Afford To Fix Your Window


I guess some people will settle for just any old fix no matter how awful it looks, huh? Too funny.

24. Handy Windshield Wiper


I guess windshield wipers aren't that important to some people. When ours broke I definitely wanted to avoid resorting to this. At least it's not hailing.

25. No Wheel, No Problem


OMG, are you serious? That's a tiny tire for a big truck. I mean, how is this even going to work?

26. Car Door Fix


I mean who really needs a proper car door anyway? It's not that important. As long as you can get in and out that's all.

27. DIY Car AC


Not having AC in the summer heat is a serious problem but apparently, that's not so for this clever person. Wow, that is some nifty solution.

28. You're Not Taking The Car

Ebaum's World

This is one way of stopping someone from driving your car. It might seem like a bit of a hassle to me though.

29. These Tires

Ebaum's Wolrd

I have no idea what's wrong with these tires. Does anyone know? I'd love to get an explanation for this because I'm totally baffled here.

30. Don't Leave Your Stash In The Car

Ebaum's World

I'm pretty sure whatever is in there is not basil.

It's pretty funny to see what lengths people would go to just to avoid a trip to the car mechanic.

But sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet.