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11+ Bold People Who Knew Exactly What They Wanted

With hundreds of years of humanity's stylistic experiments under our belts, we've got a lot of aesthetics to choose from if we want to stand out.

As long as we're not naked, there's absolutely nothing stopping us from walking the streets dressed as a 16th century pirate or like what we think aliens look like. And that just makes me wonder if they have similarly outlandish ideas of what we look like.

Anyway, the point is that with all the ideas we've gathered over the years, you'd think we'd be pretty hard to shock by now. But while this could be true, some people will still find wild ways to turn heads whether they meant to or not.

And once they found it, they went all-in.

Considering how smooth this looks, we can only imagine that somebody designed this Pikachu intentionally.

Reddit | Craezyy

Apparently, they went in a different direction from the usual red-cheeked adorable look the flagship Pokémon normally sports for something that's much harder to trust.

Maybe they see Pikachu as some kind of trickster imp waiting for the opportunity to electrocute us? It's OK, I was a Squirtle man too.

This person has definitely found a way to make sure nobody ever tailgates them.

Reddit | phat1369

It's a bold transportation strategy, but it's kind of win-win. If the jetski stays on, they get a fun day at the lake.

If it doesn't, they made someone else's day brighter with a free jetski.

As far as I can tell, somebody made a tent out of meat.

Reddit | thetinggoskrraa

Since I don't want to imagine who would feel comfortable sleeping in this, I'm guessing it was for some kind of art exhibit.

I'm stumped on what point the artist was trying to make, though.

This is the kind of haircut a barber would need to draw up blueprints for before they even touched their clippers.

Reddit | Four-Triangles

It's like this guy couldn't decide between three different hairstyles, so he found a way to get all of them at once.

This would probably be a perfectly pleasant mug if it weren't for those teeth.

Reddit | unoiamaQT

I can't imagine feeling particularly at ease if someone used it to serve me a drink, though. It's like even the cup wants me to be poisoned.

This was taken at a dog convention and regardless of which one won, this pupper was easily the most memorable.

Reddit | syncopatedsouls

I don't get what this rainbow dye job has to do with the four horses of the apocalypse (if that's even what they're supposed to be), but whoever did this definitely piqued my curiosity.

If you must get your head tattooed, it's hard to find a more ambitious way to do it than this.

Reddit | SirBluw

Every logical part of my brain is telling me this man's head can't be concave, but I can't stop seeing it that way.

It feels like I'll get eyestrain if I look at this too long, but I admire it all the same.

This makeup job will either make a lot of sense to you or none whatsoever.

Reddit | Starbeth8

I must say that it's an utterly immaculate representation of the album cover for In The Court Of The Crimson King, even if it is terrifying to see in real life.

Their eyes are underneath the big nostrils, by the way.

This restaurant requires diners to shine a UV light on the menu to have any hope of reading it.

Reddit | mexifro218

Sure, it's hard to tell why they did that and it would probably get annoying after a while, but they can confidently claim they're the first to think of it.

All I'm saying is that the food better be amazing.

If this ended up replacing lawn gnomes and flamingos, I would be absolutely OK with that.

Reddit | jenniferandjustlyso

There's something about small, grouchy dinosaur that would put a smile on my face every time I passed by this house.

This would normally look like a bizarre joke, but this guy seems very serious about it.

Reddit | asimimran03

Not much is clear about this picture, but one thing is for certain: he's got big plans for that meat suit.

Good luck figuring out what they are, though.

Even if this car can't actually reach light speed, it still looks ridiculously awesome.

Reddit | _hand

It only leaves me with one question that I feel is very important: Does the R2D2 actually beep?

I don't know if this is intentionally an anti-theft theme, but it would work on me.

Reddit | DragonVigor

Who would want to go anywhere near someone's trailer if they outfitted it with creepy doll? Those could be some kind of trophies.

If you want absolutely everyone to know you're a fan of Louis Vuitton, you outfit your vacuum cleaner with their branding.

Reddit | keenan37

Nobody will ever second guess who your favorite luxury designer is after a round of cleaning your floors with that.

Just think, somebody went out of their way to design and build this Garfield couch.

Reddit | BrycePearson132

Or maybe they just had an orange leather couch and a vision. Either way, the results are both disturbing and stunning.

I sincerely hope this isn't taxidermy.

Reddit | Dynomite_Boogie

Sure, it would be nice to take your beloved companion everywhere with you to remember them, but this just seems distasteful.

This seems like the worst of both worlds.

Reddit | ZaddyCris

Not wanting to wear glasses I get, and contacts can be troublesome and uncomfortable in their own way, too. But attaching glasses lenses via a piercing is, well, a bold move, if nothing else.

I guess everyone has their own ideal air freshener.

Reddit | Flynja

Some go for pine, some go for new car, and this person goes for a year's worth of discarded orange peels. To each their own.

Nothing says "freedom" like a motorcycle.

Reddit | moderately_nerdifyin

And nothing takes that freedom up a notch like riding the open road free of any clothing on your lower half, apparently, apart from sensible boots.

Even learning what these jacket tassels are made of doesn't do much to kill the mystery here.

Reddit | Zazypants

They're apparently fuzzy worms, a toy that was popular back in the 1970s. While that gives this jacket a cuter context, it's still hard to nail down the inspiration here.

Say what you want about this kitchen, but it didn't happen by accident.

Reddit | MyMomSaysIAmCool

Whoever designed and decorated it new very well what they wanted: to startle the senses of anyone who enters it. Mission accomplished.

I wonder if somebody modeled for this wicker creation.

Reddit | daddydumbo

This chair could be pillow-y soft and situated next to a soothing stream, and it would still be the most uncomfortable thing to sit in.

If nothing else, these flip-flops are practical.

Reddit | Supes_man

Storage can be hard to come by at the beach, so sandals that incorporate fanny packs as well do make some sense.

Is this what birthdays are like in Italian families?

Reddit | shifachemist

Really, Italian or not, you'd have to be a pretty big fan of spaghetti to ask for — and receive — a noodle cake, wouldn't you?

There's a certain genius to these KISS nails.

Reddit | momosug

Even if they're not in your top 10 favorite bands, you have to appreciate how much work went into these.

This isn't quite the strangest baby name I've heard of, but it's up there.

Reddit | DoodieMcDoodoohead

Nothing is ever going to top Number 16 Bus Shelter, but I'm not sure there's a way to more awkwardly shoehorn your favorite band into your kid's name.

As one commenter pointed out, Megabeth has a better ring to it.

Your party guests are sure to get a surprise thanks to this ice cube tray.

Reddit | mabels001

Anybody can serve regular ice cubes, but only a special person would enjoy finding ice cold dental work in their drink.

Even after people regain their footing after staring directly at this, they'd probably have a tough time telling what it is.

Reddit | Craezyy

The answer is that it's a motorcycle cover and it's hard to imagine someone with the mental fortitude to try and steal it.

They'd need to come prepared with a Gravol.

Customizing your car can make it both a form of personal expression and easy to spot in a parking lot.

Reddit | spinningfloyd

But it might also make your car stand out a bit too much — I feel like in some parking garages, this tailpipe would act like the opposite of a star in MarioKart.

I guess somebody always wanted to feel precious.

Reddit | medicalattention

Or at least look better than Gollum by comparison, which is a pretty low bar to set for yourself.