Amazon Is Selling A Spider Catcher So You Can Safely Remove Insects Without Hurting Them

After a long hard day at work, you plop yourself down on the couch, turn on the TV, and begin your relaxation ritual. While glancing at the TV, you see a tiny black dot on the wall and think, "I don't think I saw that five minutes ago." So, you go up to that tiny black dot that begins to get bigger and bigger as you approach it, only to realize that it's a meaty spider just hanging out. You scream, and run to the kitchen to get a paper towel, because even though it's not bothering you physically, its bothering you emotionally.

What we would normally do it grab a paper towel and cautiously approach the beast, hoping to squish it between the folds of the paper towel, never looking at it or looking back.

But spiders deserve to live, too! So, grab a spider catcher contraption instead, and safely remove these creepy crawlies without harming them.

This contraption is a spider and insect catcher, and it's going to change your life, especially if you're scared of spiders.


It features a 26" handle so you can stay back from the bug, as well as super soft bristles so that no bug is harmed in the process.

It's super easy to do and requires zero paper towels, napkins, and flushing of toilets, so it's pretty environmentally friendly.


It works like this: squeeze the handle to open the bristles, hover the bristles above the insect, and release the handle to capture the insect.

Now, the insect is safely trapped in a safe cage of soft bristles and can be carefully transported to its home.


To release the insect back into their natural habitat, simply squeeze the handle again to open the bristles and let the bug run/fly/crawl free!

It's time to swap out your fly swatter with this humane spider and insect catcher.


You can find My Critter Catcher on Amazon for only $20.

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