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14+ People Who Will Never Recover From The Burn Of Embarrassment

Being perpetually embarrassed is just an integral aspect of being human.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, natural selection still hasn't wiped our embarrassing butts out yet, so we may as well laugh with the masses rather than being resistant.

These are partially funny, partially like "oh damn, I've totally done that before," and suddenly you're sitting on your carpet at 3:25 AM with an empty tub of Cherry Garcia dripping in your lap, leaving a fourth sobbing voicemail to Brad from Bumble, wondering how in the heck you got yourself here.


Forgot Something?

This one's maybe less "embarrassed" as they are "fired".


Reddit | Arpikarhu

This is a royal mess-up that will legitimately take at least four consecutive Valentine's Days to make up.


Reddit | Palifaith

Someone isn't going to be too pleased when he wakes up. Someone should tuck him in and steal a slice.


Twitter | @marleybennett

"With the benefit of hindsight, accepting this modeling job was definitely a mistake," this guy writes. Ah well, at least the embarrassment won't go on to live forever? Although...

Think It Through

Reddit | kirvesperse

Embarrassment level? At least an 8.5. Silver medal. Second place. Fixable, but still funny.

Carry On My Wayward Son

Reddit | KieranMark

I wasn't personally aware that those were for that? Hmmm...

Screw It

Reddit | the_one_less_banned

Less embarrassing than some things, but still something that this guy will never live down. Sometimes, you only need you to shame yourself.

Tray There

Reddit | KieranRiley123

We've all gotten the text that Josh accidentally cooked the plastic cutting boards.

He's always named Josh. He always cooks the cutting boards. He never gets help. It's a vicious cycle.

Stuck In The Moment

Reddit | brdraper

This maybe wasn't the brightest idea this woman has ever had, but hey, at least she didn't cook cutting boards?

Draw My Life

Reddit | pieCharmed

I love those pictures in which someone is very obviously unaware of something, but no one is telling them. It's sad, but also, did you expect more from us?

Let Them Eat Cake

Reddit | penizpizza

You know when you swore as a kid and your mom would threaten to wash your mouth out with soap? This is her karma.

Eeggcelent Work

Reddit | Cuccacaali had one job...Just to clarify, I'm laughing at them, not with them.

Love Birds

Reddit | funksiren

Hold up, hold up, I've got an extra packet of burn gel for you. That embarrassment's gotta hurt.

Well, probably less than other things.


Reddit | ferqa-licious

This snap thread of embarrassment deserves an Oscar.

Preacher Teacher

Reddit | dustofoblivion123

On the bright side, you could always switch jobs? Move houses? Immigrate?

Five More Minutes

Reddit | spootay

Is it more embarrassing that he thought the bottle of lotion was his alarm clock, or that he shared a picture showing the world that he keeps lotion on his night stand?

Slots For Spoons

Reddit | Gelo

Another one of those "should we tell her? Would it help this situation in any way? Is ignorance really bliss?"

Heads Up

Reddit | Ransal

Honestly, I'd be so embarrassed that I wouldn't even call 911. I don't need a head anymore. Chop that ish off.

Driver's Ed

Reddit | domechromer

Sorry sis, this one's on you.

Shirt Shopping

Reddit | winsletch

Hope he isn't on his way to anywhere important.

Tanked It

Reddit | beernerd

Does it count as embarrassment if you just ignore the situation?

Pants On Fire

Reddit | shago

Imagine being such a too-cool-for-school dude that you fake pictures taken by your girlfriend.

White Out

Reddit | FrankTheTank369

Guess we're not carpooling with Mike anymore.

You Need To Cool Down

Reddit | anc0022

Maybe Driver's Ed should include a mandatory IQ test.

The Popo

Reddit | lysolwipes

Are you saying that policemen don't have friends? I'm offended.


Reddit | way_things_work

Sorry gal, I think that was the last sub you're ever gonna buy.

No Ragrets

Reddit | miss_sarcastic


Who's Ben?

Reddit | reortoire

Let's give her a little credit here. Maybe her boyfriend Ben is riding the Ferris wheel.

Get Wiggy With It

Reddit | luisio

Holding onto the wrong thing there hun.

Wrong Guy

Reddit | WolfDangler

So that's why everyone was giving Kevin funny looks yesterday...

He Was A Gamer Boy

Reddit | AhhTommy

Time to legitimately quit school and quit life.


Reddit | emitremmus27

Why Kyle. Why.


Twitter | @adamkmoussa

Would he like fries with that embaressmeal?

At least no one saw? Oh wait...

Reddit | girolski07

You had one job to do, and you couldn't even do that right. Yikes.

"Meant to text your brother, sorry."

Reddit | caitie_joy98

This person got massively burned by their own mom, and if that's not the most embarrassing thing ever, I don't know what is.

That's crushing.

Reddit | vertigo1084

This person just wanted to impress their neighbors with their fancy underground garage. And I'm sure those neighbors were super impressed.

Go big or go home. Maybe just go home.

Reddit | 0lidag

What's worse than showing up to work on Halloween only to find out you're the only person who decided to dress up? Nothing, that's what.

She just keeps going and going and going.

Reddit | lrngully

This girl modeled for a clip art company and then found her face printed on the side of a battery that comes with a sex toy. Her face will be the last thing a lot of people see before gettin' down to business.

Selfie game: strong.

Reddit | UNew

Angles, people. It's all about angles. You gotta make sure you're working every single one.

Was he the best guy for this ad though?

Reddit | xCortez

I'm sure the embarrassment was real when he realized just what product his face ended up on. But I mean, he definitely has a head and he definitely has shoulders. I'd say he's perfect for these shampoo bottles.

"I can't believe how long this line is taking."

At least she's not trying to cut in front of these guys. She's polite enough to stand behind the mannequins and wait for them to come to life so the line can start moving because she has manners.

Mistakes were made.

Reddit | mysonmarkruffalo

The driver of this cruiser must have been having a bit of an off day. It's all good, don't be too embarrassed, officer.

Ah, I love Frace in the summer.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

There's a lot to be embarrassed about here. Frace is a big one, for sure. But also the Empire State building gaff. And that person's attempt to right Diego's wrong and point out that's the Pentagon.

If you're not 1st you're 3st.

Reddit | funsterz

No no, you wear that medal with pride.

The new face-swap movie looks amazing.

Someone was probably a little embarrassed over their mistake with this one. Hopefully not fired, though. The embarrassment should be punishment enough.


Reddit | Cdif

All I'm saying is this person could have added a caption. Posting this random mish-mash of whatever on Facebook is bound to confuse people.

Say it loud say it proud, I guess.

Reddit | jrover96

Personally, I'm embarrassed for this person because I bet this picture got posted on Facebook for everyone and their mom to see.

Always double check before you tattoo.

Reddit | joaorafacherry6

This guy was so mad to discover someone had tattooed his dog that he got a matching tat in solidarity.

Except that the tattoo was put there by a vet to indicate the dog was neutered.

Another reason to remember that tattoos are permanent.

Reddit | kay_b3

"Someone in New Zealand had so much faith in the All Blacks winning the rugby World Cup 3 times in a row, they got this sweet tattoo to pre-celebrate. And New Zealand just got knocked out by England."

Never "pre-celebrate" with a tattoo.

"The fog machine at my sister’s school party set off the fire alarm."

Reddit | pigeonburger1

Been there. We once had to delay an office haunted house until November 1st, then set off the smoke detectors and the whole office building had to be evacuated.

Of course everyone knew the idiots in costume were to blame.

Not what you want to see after your cat sits on your homework...

Reddit | Theta291

If you absolutely can't just redo the work on a clean page, commenter maisie88 had a good solution: "I'd disinfect it with something not too wet, and then disguise with a coffee cup ring."

Then the teacher will never know.

Spray tan failure.


Apparently, this girl got a spray tan the day before a music festival where she wore fishnets. It rained, and the damp fishnets rubbed off the tan.

You expect a professional bus driver to know how to avoid these things.

Reddit | beer4horse

But I guess not. This is probably something bus drivers get made fun of for by other bus drivers.

To be fair, the sign isn't as obvious as it probably should be.

See also: professional truckers.

Reddit | eat-squid

There is a low bridge in my city that takes out trucks often enough to have its own Twitter account. But it's usually people renting a truck for moving and not professionals who should have the height of their vehicle memorized.

"I dislocated my knee, collapsed, and ripped my most comfortable pair of jeans today," explained Assassin-JJ.

Reddit | Assassin-JJ

When asked what they were doing to cause such an event they simply replied: "walking."

Dancing On The Ceiling

Reddit | Yakzi

That's...that's not...that's not what that...who raised this person? Who's their mom? We need to have a chat.

Well, that sucks.

Reddit | pllaidllama

Not sure if this was faulty equipment or the person just didn't secure the boat properly. Either way, it's lucky that no one was hurt when the boat suddenly fell off the trailer.

Arrested Development

Twitter | @ella_vdm

Maybe sending your mom a picture of your new bed after removing the handcuffs would've been a better choice.

Still, she didn't cook a plastic cutting board.

A typo in the worst place.

Reddit | b_ootay_ful

This person's name is Kyle, but thanks to someone not checking the form before submitting, they ended up with a very unfortunate legal name.

First Time

Twitter | @ahmierda

Poor Ahmed thought he had finally avoided being randomly selected at the airport, only to be immediately questioned upon boarding the plane.

I'll bet he regrets sending that first tweet out a little too soon.