20 Pics That Show Off Some Rarely Seen Perspectives

We're always told that it's important to gain new perspectives.

This generally refers to big picture, real life stuff rather than literal perspectives. But oftentimes, the literal perspectives are fascinating. They might not change your life, but they can offer you some rare views.

"A grater."

Reddit | Mic_Kue

Aspiring filmmakers should take note of this. If they ever want to shoot something that shows off the inside of a futuristic prison, this is the budget-friendly way to do so: just find a cheese grater and a good camera.

"Eiffel Tower, Paris: early morning walk with my wife."

Reddit | P0werClean

The Eiffel Tower is usually photographed in a way that shows the whole tower. This has the effect of diminishing the sheer size of the structure. This pic, with the tower disappearing into the fog, shows how big it truly is.

"A Florida alligator at dusk with a stick on his head."

Reddit | Legal-Scheme5976

Why does this gator have a stick on its head? Is it some weird attempt to attract prey, or just a gator fashion statement. In any event, it's a striking — and kind of terrifying — photo.

"The ice cave that is my frozen water bottle."

It's incredible how a detailed photo of something so small can mimic something much larger. In a million years, I never would have guessed that this was a standard water bottle.

"An INSANE lightning strike above my neighborhood."

Reddit | Jcre08901

If you've ever tried to get a good pic of lightning, you know how difficult it can be, even if you're a skilled photographer with the right equipment. This is a rare shot indeed.

"A blueberry."

Reddit | mgausp

Have you ever wanted to see what the little cross-hatch thing on top of a blueberry looks like close-up? No? Well, that's no fun. I think it's a pretty interesting perspective on something that usually escapes our notice.

"A roof and windows on a white, cloudy day in winter."

Reddit | qmcg0723

I love the way that an overcast, snowy day can completely strip the color from what would be a vibrant landscape. If you reproduced this photo in black and white, it really wouldn't look any different.

"Asia from Europe."

Reddit | HealthyandHappy

Istanbul is a truly unique city, and views like this just demonstrate that fact. Where can you view Asia and Europe as two distinct entities without even leaving the area's metropolitan area?

"A drone over a church."

I'm thinking this must be a time-lapse photo, because if not, it shows a pretty large drone. The effect, combined with the eerie blue light shining from inside the church, makes this look like an alien encounter.

"My wine."

Reddit | n3rding

I'm not going to try to understand the science behind things looking upside-down when they're not. I'll just enjoy the experience of weird illusions like this, captured by skilled photographers whose work I could never hope to duplicate.

"A grape being lit up by a narrow sunbeam."

Reddit | SapperInTexas

I love it when a beam of light hits something that diffuses the light. This grape isn't special and it doesn't contain lasers, but it sure looks like it might.

"My son in snow light."

Reddit | Awiworld

This photo wouldn't be half as striking if it was taken under a normal street light. The fact that all of these lights casts a narrow, distinct beam of light really helps the whole thing pop.

"Both sides of a neon sign in NYC."

Reddit | viciousdv

I never would have guessed that the lighting on each side of the neon sign would be so dramatically different. I guess I assumed that some of the light would bleed over onto the darkened side.

"Diving ducks."

Reddit | jacco_kliesch

We usually see ducks as slow-moving, gentle creatures that toodle around ponds and beg for bread. But they have those beaks for a reason, and things can apparently get pretty fierce once they go underwater. I wouldn't mess with these guys.

"Tallest flagpole in Finland (I'm hugging it bottom right)."

Reddit | Lifewatching

That is most definitely a tall flagpole. I wonder if the size of the pole means that this is also the largest flag in Finland. In any event, good job, Finland.

"A puddle in Chicago."

Reddit | Madeulook_

This photo blows my mind. At first glance, it looks like someone standing on the edge of an impossibly tall building. Even when you realize it's a puddle, it's tough to shake the illusion.

"Infrared tree."

Reddit | undavorojo

You could easily look at this photo and think it wasn't retouched at all. The tree looks like it's full of cherry blossoms, while the white ground looks like it's covered with snow. It's a gorgeous picture.

"A sweet pepper."

Reddit | Mic_Kue

Peppers are interesting vegetables, when you think about it. They change color as they mature, they have interesting shapes, and their interior is like a big, hollow cave that's full of seeds. There's always more than meets the eye when it comes to peppers.

"This viaduct."

Reddit | HarrySteve1

Viaducts are incredible pieces of infrastructure: massive, necessary and often ancient, dating all the way back to the Roman Empire. I don't think this viaduct is that old, but the reflection on the water makes this it all the more striking.

"Sparks bouncing down and around as I grind a hydraulic cylinder."

Everyone knows what a spark looks like: it's a small, brilliant flash of light that quickly disappears. A still photo of sparks really captures their chaotic and unpredictable nature.