20 Times Creativity Really Came Through For People

A little bit of creativity can go a long way. Whether we're talking about creative life hacks that can make a job easier or something simple to make life more comfortable, creativity is generally a good thing. And heck, if you're not creative, feel free to rip off these creative ideas.

"How to do laundry while living in a vehicle. Available programs; off-road, highway and city."

Reddit | Curledsquirl

This seems like a bad idea for various reasons, but I'm still intrigued by the possibilities of this kind of washing machine.

"Fixed the downspout."

Reddit | tsmeagain

The perfectionist in me wants to say that this is a bad fix and that there's no way it'll work...but the slacker in me insists that it works just fine and seems like it'll stay that way.

"Got tired of losing Nerf wars…"

Reddit | LastLife07

I'm sure using a big can of compressed air is in violation of some kind of Nerf rules. Then again, as I remember things, Nerf battles don't have rules, so this person might be in the clear.

"Anti-theft protection."

Reddit | saltypotato-612

Remember those big, awkward 'Club' things people used to put over their steering wheels to prevent vehicle theft? No? Just me? Well, in any case, a solution like this is more streamlined and economical by far.

"Found in a group called 'Stairs Designed by People who aren’t afraid to Die' but I still quite like how simple and cheap a solution it is."

Reddit | samcornwell

I'm not totally sure I'd trust these stairs, but I love how the project looks.

"Bought a tote just for groceries. No bags and carried a weeks worth of groceries into the house in one trip."

Reddit | McPostyFace

This has inspired me to try this on my next trip to the grocery store. I have, conservatively, about 700 of those totes lying around, so it just makes sense.

"Cut a pool noodle in half to make a comfortable armrest for the truck. From Australia."

Reddit | goobly_goo

Have you ever tried to rest your arm on an open window? It isn't comfortable, but you can make it comfortable if you have a piece of pool noodle and dare to dream.

"If your sofa or loveseat has one of these little flaps made out of the same material as the sofa, you should know it is provided to test cleaning agents on."

Reddit | Cheesecakejedi

This is good to know. I wish I'd had this information before I cut this part of my couch and threw it out.

"Saw this on Instagram. Definitely belongs here."

Reddit | beetlejules57

It might not look pretty, but it sure looks like it would make for a nice shower. Maybe PVC pipe is the answer to all of our problems, even if it doesn't look nice.

"How to sew in a straight line."

Reddit | lucidillusions

I wonder if this is truly an original idea, or just common knowledge for people who sew. If it isn't, it really should be because it's a dead-simple, elegant solution to what I can only assume is a common problem.

"Who's laughing now?"

Reddit | jhovudu1

Cars like this might look ridiculous in a vacuum, but it's only during floods that their genius is truly revealed. This kind of flooding would absolutely swamp my poor little Honda Civic, because it has normal wheels.

"I’ve been married to my wife for 11 years and she just taught me that if I use a cheese grater on a cold stick of butter, it’s easier to spread on toast and muffins."

Reddit | 45and290

I'm not a butter on toast kind of person, but if I was, I'd use this. It's much easier than scraping a frozen lump of butter around.

"Rip up junk mail and send it back with the included business reply envelope. The business gets charged per returned mail piece."

Reddit | that_irks_me

Here's a borderline evil hack that I'm totally here for. I wonder if businesses stop sending junk mail after getting billed for these.

"My wife was impressed with the idea. 3M hanger upside down to keep trash bag in place."

Reddit | Knoppixx

Most of us are stubbornly struggling with garbage bags that won't stay in place. Meanwhile, this person's living in the future.

"Open your cable tie packets in the middle and you will never spill them all over the floor again. Pull out however many you need from the centre as seen below."

Reddit | J-R-Hudson

I'm a big fan of any hack that requires no tools and prevents gigantic messes, so this one gets a thumbs up from me.

"Keep your toddler safely in the grocery cart seat (and prevent abductions) with a carabiner."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

There's a finite period of time that kids will be okay with this kind of restraint, but during that brief time, it seems like a great idea.

"Got mugged last night (I’m fine). Guy wanted my wallet but I couldn’t find it quick enough so he took my whole bag I walked past the bodega it happened in front of just now and found my wallet out front, cash still inside."

Twitter | @hanfrish

I never knew that having a wallet that looks like garbage could work out as well as this.

"File under excellent bookstore names."

Twitter | @galbeckerman

This really is an excellent bookstore name. I'm guessing it beat out, "Book You I Won't Do What You Tell Me," "Books on Parade" and "Reading in the Name."

I wonder what kind of literature they sell.

"A new public library in my area has these work stations for caregivers with babies!"

Twitter | @FamiliesFwdVA

I would hate to be trapped in a small space with my work in front of me and a screaming baby to the left of me, but this is still a practical use of space.

"Don't put a bottle next time."

Reddit | Kill_Switch21

I get that this wrap fits perfectly in the bottle holder, but I value my wraps more than this. They need to be held close, much like you'd protect your firstborn, until you get to a place where you can eat them.

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