18 Simple But Brilliant Ideas We Want To See Everywhere

Every day people discover many useful products that can make all of our daily lives much better. And when that happens, we should all rejoice, that's for sure.

So today, my friends, I wanted to share a few of these helpful inventions we should all be using. Let's hope that once you read about them, you'll look at the world a little bit differently.

1. This Pickle Jar Contraption

I don't know about you, but I sometimes struggle to get the pickles out of the jar. I wish that every one of them came with something like this to aid in taking the goodies out, huh? I love this.

2. This Work Station

Those with young babies might have a hard time separating from them when they have to go back to work. So this place provided a desk that comes with a nifty playpen. I don't know how much work you can manage, but still, it's a great option if you need it. Am I right?

3. These Chairs

As a lady who always brings her purse, I find chairs very irritating. My bag always slips and falls onto the floor. However, this chair here has a useful slit so you can hang your purse, and I think it's genius.

4. These Suitcase Scooters

How do you get your kids to carry their own suitcases? You don't. Instead, why not have them ride it? What? Oh, yeah. A suitcase scooter does exist, and you have to get your hands on it ASAP.

5. This Cord Management System

If organization is your jam, you may want to look into getting something like this. This automatic cord winder for headphones and earbuds is what you need to keep your cords all neat and organized.

6. This Passcode USB

If you've ever been worried about remembering all your passwords, I have good news for you. This little drive can not only store all your important documents, but it's only accessible via passcode. So with this little gadget, you can sleep soundly.

7. This Laptop Cooling Pad

I don't know about you, but I spend most of my day on my laptop. So, needless to say, it can get pretty hot. However, I've invested in one of these cooling pads, and I highly recommend them.

8. This Sun Shade

If your backyard has a lot of sunny spots — I feel your pain. Ours is the same way. So I've been looking for the right solution to remedy this problem, and I think I have found it with this high-quality sun shade sail.

9. This DIY Haircut Tool

Gents, if you ever tried to cut your own hair, at the back of your neck, you know it's not as easy as it sounds. I think that's why somebody came up with a gadget for that, haha. And apparently, it works.

10. This Fingertip Padlock

I don't know about you, but I can't stand combination padlocks. For some reason, they always fail on me. So when I discovered this fingertip idea here, I was all over it. I need to try it ASAP.

11. This Knife And Cutlery Cleaning Brush

I don't know how many times I've tried to clean my knife really fast. It can definitely be dangerous if you're not careful. So I need to get my hands on this nifty brush here. That's right.

12. This Dashboard Cellphone Holder

I don't have to tell you that being on your phone while you're driving is not a good idea. However, this nifty dashboard cellphone holder will be the perfect driving companion you need to get today so you can use it almost hands-free.

13. This Avocado Tool

I don't know about you, but I eat avocados at least a few times per week. So instead of getting my hands dirty trying to get the seed out, I should invest in this nifty tool here.

14. This Spice Packet

This person's package of noodles came with an interesting spice packet. It tells you right on it how spicy you may want your food to taste. Oh, wow! I really love it because not everybody can tolerate the same spice level.

15. This Ketchup Caddy

Wouldn't it be cool if every restaurant used this tool? This ketchup caddy ensures that your favorite condiment is ready exactly when you need it, ha, ha! I need this for our home. What a neat idea, huh?

16. This Crutches Modification

Walking around on crutches poses many challenges. So this lady here made a modification to hers that definitely made her life easier. I can honestly say I've never seen this, but I think it's pretty genius.

17. These Winter Boots

It can be quite dangerous to walk around on snow and ice after a winter storm. So it's cool to see that these winter boots have a built-in flip-down ice cleat in the heel. Wow, how awesome is that?

18. This Vending Machine

Here's an unusual vending machine somebody spotted at a bus stop. It dispenses food for stray animals whenever items are recycled into it. I think that's a very compassionate idea. Not only does it encourage recycling but feeds animals, too.

I love it when I stumble upon genius ideas we can all use. How about you?

Are you digging any of these neat concepts here? Which one is your favorite? I'm having a hard time picking the one I like the most because I think all of them are pretty fantastic.

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