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15 Stories About Brother And Sister-In-Laws That Are Truly Awful

The relationship between brother and sister is a complicated one at the best of times. But when it comes to in-laws — what started off as complicated can become downright tumultuous.

Below is a list of 15 stories of brothers and sisters-in-law that are truly awful. As bad as you might think you've got it, trust me when I say it can get a whole lot worse.

Can I "borrow" the car?

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"My brother-in-law had a nice habit of stealing his mother's cars. He would get high, run off with her car, go downtown to buy drugs, and get arrested. On one occasion, he gets the car impounded." - Reddit u/gamacrit

Why would anyone be so cruel?

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BuzzFeed Community member kassidypayne7 explained how she and her future husband had a stillbirth at 15-years-old; she planned on naming the child Jessie. Three years later, her sister-in-law had a child and named it Jessie.

How am I the bad guy?

After Buzzfeed Community member violinfemmes's sister-in-law decided to go on a racist social media rant — she made the hard decision to cut her out of her life. Months later, on her birthday, she received a call from the sister-in-law explaining what a "piece of [expletive]" she was for abandoning her.

This is why I stay home during the holidays.

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Redditor cookiepockets82's sister-in-law stormed out of the house one Thanksgiving, angry that her own child wasn't getting as much attention as the others. She then called the house and threatened her own father about how she was never going to allow him to see his grandchild again.

You know I want ya; I know you want me

"My sister-in-law started romantically, and creepily, stalking my uncle. Gross, right? She was following him home and sitting outside of his house, sending him text messages asking for him to let her in for just one night of passion, saying that she "knows he wants her" and all sorts of other delusional nonsense." - Reddit u/NotNowImOnReddit

Don't call me that.

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BuzzFeed Community member allisonq4df71232a recalled how she once referred to her brother-in-law as her own brother while they were out drinking. Later on, she got a text from him explaining how she couldn't call him that because she hadn't earned the right.

My sister, the kleptomaniac.

In a since-deleted Reddit post, this anonymous user explained how she noticed certain gifts were missing after her baby shower. Upon checking the security camera footage, she discovered that her sister-in-law had walked out the front door with several packages.

"My sibling's wife slept with my husband." - Buzzfeed Community/pompom2912

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Don't get me wrong, this is a horrible betrayal by the sister-in-law. But it never would've happened if you didn't have an absolute bottom-feeder for a husband. What a disgusting thing to do.

Can you keep a secret?

When Buzzfeed Community member angel023 became ill, she confided in her sister-in-law and pleaded with her not to tell anyone. Months later, she discovered that not only did she tell her mother, but several other family members as well.

Let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

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"My brother-in-law, who I thought I was cool with, apparently had been harboring feelings of resentment and the attitude that I wasn't good enough for his little sister." - Reddit u/tattedspyder

We'll just have the party without you!

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Buzzfeed Community member insertwithere was on her way to a baby shower being thrown in her honor. The drive was four hours long and when the weather turned nasty, she and her husband had to turn around. The next day, they learned that her sister-in-law had gone ahead with it anyway and opened all the gifts!

Dealing with constant negativity is too much to bear.

Reddit user valeristark's sister-in-law once canceled Christmas dinner for the entire family (at the last minute) because of her "health problems." According to valeristark, the only problem she has is being a total hypochondriac — bordering on Munchausen's.

Social media is no way to learn of the death of a family member.

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Buzzfeed Community member mariaramseyr said that her sister-in-law announced the death of her grandfather via social media. To make matters worse, she did this before the majority of the family had heard the news.

Isn't that a good thing?

During Thanksgiving dinner, Redditor Canonconstructor's sister-in-law began having an all-out temper tantrum at the dinner table. Apparently, she was upset over the fact that Canonconstructor might one day begin referring to her mom as "mom."

So being a trained psychologist gives you a pass on being labeled aracist?

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"SIL told me she is allowed to share offensive stories about asians[sic] because shes[sic] a “trained psychologist”. Im[sic] asian[sic]. My husband has talked to her once but really avoids any type of conflict with her." - Reddit u/unknown