20 People Who Failed To Get The Message Across

Not everyone is a communications expert, okay? Every day, people struggle to express the simplest of things, and it's not always their fault! Things are misinterpreted, get mixed up, or otherwise end up all jumbled.

That must have been what happened to the things in this list, showing off times someone tried to send a message, but failed to get it across.

"Went to the store to pickup a candle for my daughter’s Birthday, guess how old she’s turning?"

Time to get those deft hands to work and try out your soap carving skills, because your options are either turning that eight into a three, or using the boring candles and seeing the light leave your daughter's eyes when her cake comes out numberless. Your choice.

"My bread was wrapped in paper, the same color and texture as bread crust. I had to spit it out."

I can't tell which part of this photo is worse, the paper that looks nothing at all like bread crust, or your buttering skills. Did you just kind of...give up? I can respect a single piece of bread and butter as a snack, but not like this.

"This 'taco' someone posted from their work cafeteria."

Um. Wow, that sure is, uhh—something. Yeah. That's something alright.

I feel like there's not a lot I can say about this one. I can only shake my head in disappointment and wonder how it ever got to this point.

"This sign at my school."

I'm sorry, they want you to what now? The text at the bottom reads, "Don't get mixed up, buy the yearbook before they sell out!" But I don't think that's something people tend to get mixed up about. Well, they didn't, they might now with this sign.

"Cherry on top of the road."

If you're allergic to cherries and they can cause you potentially-fatal bodily harm, then yeah, sure, this is just like a cherry.

Looking into the background, there seems to be another one maybe 20 feet away — I think they're trying to keep as many people off these roads as they can.

"This ridiculous speed limit sign..."

This feels a little unfair, no? Telling you to obey a sign you can't even see. They can just pull you over for driving any speed and say you were going over the limit! You can only creep by and hope you're going slow enough.

"Just got to my condo, I’m in unit E…"

Well, this is easy, just keep going forward! Yep, forward still, past the treeline, into the forest to never be seen again. You'll be hiking for years, but all the time spent alone will help you really meditate on your purpose, and once you find it, unit E will reveal itself to you.

"This butter packaging is sending mixed signals."

In their defense, they probably don't expect most consumers to have such riches that they're able to have a variety of butters to choose from based on their day-to-day preference. If you only bought one butter, this wouldn't be a problem!

"[Thanks] government."

Even just looking at this hurts my brain too much, let alone trying to read it and understand it enough to choose an answer. All they had to do was reorganize the answer key. Unless their goal is to confuse us, in which case, mission accomplished.

"Maybe if I walk backward…"

The secret to this door is intention. If you walk through it with the mindset that you're entering a new space, it won't let you, but if you do the same with the mindset that you're exiting the current space, you'll pass!

"[This] crappy design on my son's t-shirt."

Alright, this shirt is definitely not reading how it should at first glance, but it's still a sentiment I agree with. Snow is hell actually, and I'm forcibly reminded of this every winter.

The other option is the bear being named Hell, which isn't very cool on his parents' part.

"I don't have time for this."

I understand that captchas are probably getting more difficult because robots are getting smarter and are able to navigate the old ones, but why put that burden on us? I'm not prepared to do math at a moments' notice and I never will be!

"Extremely small toilet stall at work."

There's no way this wasn't done on purpose. They don't want you to get too comfortable in there, lest you decide to spend some extended time away from your workstation lounging around in the bathroom, so they designed it to crush your legs.

"The sign telling us where our room is."

They purposely skipped right over your room number, huh? That feels very pointed. Like an off-hand way of telling you that there are no vacancies, sending you to a room that doesn't exist. They should learn to use their words.

"Fresh n Poisoned."

Yeah, wasn't the moral of Snow White that fruits are actually dangerous because any one of them could be poisoned? It wasn't? Oh. Well, that's what I retained from it as a child. Anyone around me could have been a witch who wanted to put me in a slumber!

"When subtitles do this."

Someone made the point that, if the viewer isn't supposed to know what's being said, this is fine, but this has certainly happened over moments where the viewer is supposed to be in on the conversation! Or when these subtitles cover up the pre-existing translation subtitles, the worst.

"Our neighborhood has every mailbox blocking the sidewalks."

Oh, this is just horrendous. There's barely a room for a single person, let alone anyone with any sort of extra space like you with your stroller. Did whoever designed this neighborhood forget that people like to go on walks?

"Mailboxes not in order."

They're not just 'not in order', they're in a chaotic mess! They're an anarchist society in which there are no rules or laws, they cannot be governed! They will force all those who use them to bend to their perception of space whether you like it or not.

"That's how the bike way ends in Poland."

Abruptly, a solid GFY from whatever urban planner allowed this to happen. Maybe they thought no one would dare ride their bikes past this point, despite it looking no different from any other street in any other city in the world.

"Image to advertise a photo booth."

Ads are supposed to entice you to use whatever service or product they're advertising, right? Cool, so why did this photo booth decide to do the opposite and instill fear in the hearts of all who see their thumb ads?