20 People Whose Desperation Is Showing

We all experience desperation from time to time. Even though it's a common experience, we still feel the need to cover it up when it happens, because no one wants their desperation to show.

Despite this, it's usually crystal clear when a person's gotten desperate. Sometimes, it will even lead to some interesting innovations. You never know!

"Does this count? I fixed my coat rack."

Reddit | Doqtori

There are lots of ways to ensure that something stays attached to an intended surface. Adding a constellation of random screws might not be the best way, but it's a way nonetheless.

"Just like new!"

Reddit | Odaecom

A bumper is a bumper, right? While this solution might not look particularly attractive, it comes with the benefit of being very easy to replace in case it ever hits something and falls off (which seems inevitable, honestly).

"By counting the rings you can determine this tire is too old."

Reddit | ooqt

You know how some tires have a built-in indicator to show how worn they are? I think this tire may have had one, but it probably disappeared a few decades ago.

"This table at my school is glued on."

Reddit | Duck_Boy_P90

Look, I know that Gorilla Glue can do some impressive things, but I'm not sure if it's up to handling the job of negating the metal fatigue you can see on this old table.

"I used to work at an auto shop, this was one of the lifts for vehicles."

Reddit | Candyjiblets

With safety standards like this in place, I can totally see why OP used to work at an auto shop, and doesn't anymore.

"Just because you can doesn’t mean you should."

Reddit | cubsfan4life718

That car doesn't look like it needs an exhaust system that would be better suited to a space shuttle, but what do I know? I've just got a regular old exhaust on my car.

"In case of Emergency: just die lmao."

Lots of workplaces seem to function this way: emergency measures are in place, but you're really not supposed to use them. In fact, even if you do need to use them, you might just be locked out.

"Expertly reupholstered my armrest."

Reddit | srcorvettez06

I suppose this looks better than it would if it had no upholstery at all, but it's still a questionable design choice. I can't imagine it would feel good to actually rest your arm on this.

"That’s one way to keep the river camper dry."

Reddit | Turmoil-Fox

Are trailers designed to be supported in this way? I guess it's a moot point, because whether they are or they aren't, it's happening now. Let's just hope this one's made of strong stuff.

"Socks for human beings."

Reddit | Nintendophile79

If you don't have time to polish your nails, maybe it's better to just go out without nail polish than it is to wear these monstrosities. I mean, you might not have nail polish, but at least you'll look like a human being.

"Heat enabled."

Reddit | Evolxtra

This is the kind of clever engineering that an imaginative person must have dreamed up. It's also the kind of clever engineering that seems like it'll inevitably lead to a raging house fire at some point in the future.

"I just spent $2 worth of duct tape to fix a $1 backscratcher. Totally worth it."

Reddit | dave999dave

I can't recommend backscratchers enough. It's incredibly satisfying to be able to reach anywhere on your back. I understand the urge to repair a broken one, but if they only cost a buck, maybe just buy a new one?

"This gem from the local pizza joint."

I know that pizzas sometimes get dropped and the toppings get sloshed around unevenly, but that isn't the case here. I truly can't understand how any pizzeria would look at this and think it was okay.

"I tried to make bread using only flour and water."

Reddit | rusted4

Trying to make bread using only flour and water is kind of like trying to make steak using only salt and heat. In other words, what you're trying to make is nowhere near what you'll get.

"A licorice cake I made for my husband three years ago and I’ll never hear the end of it."

Reddit | nyastic

Some might think her husband should let bygones be bygones. Others would say that it's a licorice cake and she deserves all that scorn and more.

"My younger brother (11) has inexplicably hot-glued colourful buttons to random keys on his keyboard."

Reddit | schartzmuggle

I kind of like the aesthetic of this keyboard. The colors really pop against the black keys. That said, I'm not sure it would actually be practical to use.

"Grilled cheese using rice cakes."

Let's be honest here: this would taste just fine, especially if you were in a pinch. At the same time, couldn't they have at least warmed up the rice cakes? This is all cheese and no grill.

"Headed to do laundry when a blowout occurred?"

Reddit | Rube-goldberg

Note the question mark in the caption. Basically, this is a guess as to what happened, not necessarily an accurate description. Does the car actually drive this way? Should we start using old clothes rather than spare tires?

"Dark times."

This might not resonate with younger readers, but if you're old enough to know, then you definitely know. At one point in time, Windows could only be installed via floppy disk, and you needed about fifty of them.

"Office Supplies Aisle"

Here's one of those classic store displays that's probably an error but still works out. If your office is in your home, who's to tell you that these aren't work supplies?