20 People Who Seem To Have Missed The Point

We can't always be at the top of our games, us humans. We miss things from time to time, we slip up. Sometimes those falters may be on purpose to get out of doing later things, but most of the time it's a pure, wholehearted mistake.

The moments in this list capture that essence of missing the point entirely, and shows what can happen if you do.

"My brother 'salted' the driveway."

He thought you meant salt it like one would season a meal, a light sprinkling across the surface in any such pattern.

Really, though, did he think the salt would multiply and expand, covering the whole driveway? At least he made a decent enough route down.

"My local dollar store is now a $1.25."

Is nothing sacred anymore? We can't even trust that our dollar stores will remain dollar stores? I understand that inflation is terrible and they have to stay in business somehow, but watching them change before my very eyes breaks my heart.

"Most of the outlets in this room are near the celling. Just why?"

The comments were filled with suggestions as to why this exists, including large entertainment centers and projectors, but my favorite had to be neon bar signage. We should really lean into neon signs as decor, they're unique and make for great ambient lighting!

"[My ice cream] cone that came without a cone."

Stick that on a plate and you basically have an ice cream cake. Though, I suppose there's no cake part to it either, so really you just have ice cream. On a plate now. Yeah, that doesn't make it better.

"Girlfriend will put trash on counter by the trash can cause she 'thinks the trash to to gross to touch.' Even though we have an automatic lid."

But she already touched all this, no? Can she suddenly not stand making contact with the milk carton as soon as it's empty? She can't bear to touch a napkin after she's used it to wipe her hands?

"The sudoku was printed unsolvable."

At least this way you can blame the puzzle. It was already unsolvable! It came printed that way! It's definitely not just too hard and you can't stand to spend another minute trying to solve it because it makes you feel small-brained!

"A tough nut to crack…"

Not just tough, but nigh impossible. If you wish to escalate this scenario, you can go for the hammer and chisel, the ice pick, or the angle grinder. If all else fails, then you have to bring it into the shop and get the real industrial-strength tools.

"Yes, park in four spots, FOUR?!"

We've all seen these guys, yet we all still cannot seem to understand them. How were they raised where they think of themselves as this important? Why do they feel entitled to that much space around their vehicle? Why is this parking lot seemingly only for white cars?

"My coworker's screen protector."

No...no, come on. Come on now. They can't really just live like this. They know there are other screen protectors out there, right? Ones that will actually, you know, cover the screen they're meant to protect? Please, show them the way.

"This disaster of a pinpad at a car wash I just visited."

There's no reason on earth that could convince me that this is a fine and normal way for any pinpad to exist. Absolutely zero. Is this some sort of sick brain exercise that can result in people being locked out of where they need to be?

The level of disrespect.

"This is at my school. Trash cans are empty and the cafeteria is a garbage field. It’s infuriating how little respect a lot of students have for the janitors."

First, the girlfriend who wouldn't touch trash, now this? Are we as a society forgetting how to throw out garbage?

Nighttime escape.

"Someone in my building decided to move out at [1 AM] and leave half of their stuff under my window. Now I don’t get to sleep as half the neighborhood comes by and loudly picks through this junk."

"A few hundred pounds of snow: locked, loaded, and ready to crop-dust."

The skies may look clear, but if you're driving behind this person, you might as well be driving through a snowstorm.

Someone also mentioned the potential danger of there being ice under that snow, which is just plain scary! Clean off your cars!

"[The] practically useless index of an air fryer cookbook."

Isn't every reciple an "air fried" or "air fryer" whatever? Does that mean they really stuck every single recipe under 'A' in the index and didn't see any potential problem with it? Sure, they're alphabetical after that, but at that point just ditch the index!

"Non stackable cans."

This should be a crime, I think. This isn't useful or helpful, if anything it's an annoyance, a blight upon cupboards and cabinets across the nation. Do you not think people will buy more than one can of your product at a time? Have some faith.

"3D printing technology has developed enough that rich people can throw them away when they 'break'."

In case you were wondering if this was actually still functional or not, it was! The OP returned with an update, saying, "The machine works perfectly, once the too-heavy-gauge material jammed through the melty part was worked loose and removed."

Hey, free 3D printer!

"She will sleep anywhere except for anything comfortable we bought her to sleep on."

Duh, cats shun all gifts. They think accepting an act of generosity or kindness towards them means they'll have to show you one in return, and most cats would rather cough up a hairball than have to do something nice for their owner.

"Literally just watered down juice."

At least they're being honest about it? But surely it will always be cheaper to water down your own juice. There's no one out there who could really do with losing the burden of having to water down their own juice.

"The amount of packaging from apple and Verizon for this one small thing."

That's all from one? It truly looks like it could have been four separate Apple watch packages. That's more than absurd, it's ridiculous! There's no way these things need more than a box and a sleeve, plus whatever manuals they're legally obligated to have in there.

"My sister in law put my electric moka on the stove."

Seeing as I didn't even know those existed until seeing this photo, I'm sorry to report that I likely would have done the same thing. It's a pretty honest mistake, and hey, at least nothing caught fire! That's always the bright side to these stories.

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