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19 'Culinary Hills' People Are Willing To Die On

People have a looot of opinions when it comes to food.

There are controversial food pairings, like people who love to put milk before cereal and people who will always back up pineapple on pizza.

Then, there are opinions about food that people believe adamantly about. From saying that steak with ketchup on it isn't steak to declaring that vanilla is better than chocolate, these are the 19 culinary hills people are willing to die on.

Nachos should be built wide instead of tall

There are many structural flaws with nacho towers.

For one, they're difficult to eat. And two, it's much impossible for chips at the bottom to have cheese or toppings on them. "Balance is key to a great plate of nachos!" one Redditor wrote.

Frozen vegetables are often more nutritious than fresh

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"Fresh produce is picked before it’s done ripening because they don’t want it to spoil in transit. Frozen food however, is picked at its most ripe and with the most nutrients and flash frozen on the spot." - u/el-bow5

Burgers should be wider, not taller

Similar to the nacho towers, we don't need burgers that are 10 feet tall!

"If I have to disassemble a burger to eat it, it’s missing the point, isn’t it?" this Redditor wrote.

Don't leave a 5-star review for a recipe you had to change


"At that point, you're not rating that person's recipe, you are rating YOUR OWN recipe. That person's recipe must not have been so good if you had to make so many changes." - u/randomentity1.

Homemade chili tastes better the next day

As Kevin from The Office wisely said, "everybody gets to know each other in the pot." The flavors from the vegetables will be better infused and the spices will have time to mature. Yum!

Cooking and baking are different

"Cooking - 'let's go on an adventure and see where it takes us.' Baking - "Alright team we have a 2 minute window to rob this bank and if everybody doesn't nail their roles perfectly we're all [expletive]!" - u/AllBadAnswers

Cooks shouldn't wear their apron into the bathroom

Number one, it's disgusting! Bathroom germs can easily get transferred onto the material. And two, the crumbs will be tracked all over the place. In general, aprons shouldn't be worn anywhere besides a food preparation area.

Not everything needs the "craft beer" treatment

"Gourmet donuts are a good example. There is a place up the street that sells donuts for $9 a dozen that are absolutely amazing. I once paid $4 for a 'fancy' donut that was mediocre at best." - u/arb1984

If it tastes good, it tastes good

A dish could look like utter garbage, but if it tastes delicious, who cares! Presentation isn't everything, neither is the steps taken to make something. What matters is the final product in the end.

Being poor isn’t a culinary crime

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"It takes talent to make cheap food taste as good as my mom did," this Redditor wrote. Another pointed out how gourmet foods were invented by hungry poor people, such as fondue.

If you're writing a recipe, write a recipe. Not an autobiography

Thank goodness for the "jump to recipe" button! We don't need to hear a home cook's life story about their summers spent in Utah before they finally share how to make grilled chicken.

Pressure cookers are a valuable kitchen tool

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"As an Indian it shocks me how most other cultures do not use pressure cookers as much. I have never seen an Indian kitchen without one. It makes rice, daal, meat and boils potatoes faster than any other method." - u/imdungrowinup

You don't need to wash your meat

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It's sad how many people do this. As this Redditor pointed out, all you're doing is spreading the germs around your kitchen sink. As long as you cook the meat right, it kills the bacteria you're washing.

Mixing a bunch of stuff in a bowl does't make it a salad

"I love the Midwest but just because you call something a salad does not mean it is healthy and an acceptable side dish to your main course. Snicker-marshmallow-mayo-whatever is not salad." - u/ArachnesChallenge

Sometimes the processed version of food is better than the gourmet version

Looking at you, Kraft Dinner! Gourmet mac and cheese with bread crumbs and pancetta is nice and all, but there's something about KD and hot dogs that just hits the spot.

MSG is amazing

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"MSG deepens and elevates scrambled eggs so much, if you add it secretly when cooking breakfast for others, they'll never understand why their eggs never taste as good as yours." - u/bananabastard

If you like a steak well done with ketchup, you don’t like steak

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You want a hamburger, this Redditor wrote. While there's nothing wrong with this, don't dare ask someone to cook you an expensive steak if you're just going to ruin it. Make burgers instead.

Only edible items should be plated

"Garnishes should be edible, Hate it when I see rocks and sticks on a plate. Fight Me," this Redditor wrote. A lot of fancy chefs like Gordon Ramsay love to use this crap.

Vanilla is superior to chocolate

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"Its far more aromatic which is a huge part of taste and is more versatile. Side note: calling basic things 'vanilla' is just wrong. And harvesting vanilla is more complicated too." - u/benmwaballs

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