18 Baristas Who Are Ready To Hand In Their Resignations

I always thought being a barista was a tough job. I mean, can you imagine remembering how to make all those fancy drinks at Starbucks? Um, no thanks.

So the next time you get annoyed that your coffee is taking a long time, put yourself in the barista's shoes. After all, they are doing all they can and then some.

1. This Angry Latte

I don't know about you, but I love those fancy latte art types of things. However, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I guess the barista must've had one heck of a day, eh?

2. This Surprise

This is what happens when you tell the barista to "surprise me." Heck, you got exactly what you asked for, so don't complain. Next time, just be more specific, and then you might get your way.

3. This Decaf Request

Perhaps the next time you ask for decaf at Starbucks because you have a caffeine allergy, you may rethink that choice altogether, okay?

4. This Sign

If you're a barista, you'll totally get this one, ha, ha! I'm not one, but I can still laugh at this one. I bet it gets pretty old to keep making interesting signs, especially when you're having gone of those days, huh?

5. This Art

What do you do when your latte art doesn't go according to plan? You improvise, of course! This Pac-Man art is actually pretty neat if you ask me.

6. This Absolute Nightmare

"If you've ever been a barista, you know the horror of watching a group of teenage girls approach your store."

OMG, how many girls you know are named Caitlyn or some other variation of it, haha?

7. This Creative Type

This barista was asked to just make up a name, and this is what they came up with, hehe. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Hazzarizzle, the Dragon Slayer, and Goat Herder of Watoozi! OMG!

8. And This Artist

If you're sipping your coffee at Starbucks, minding your own business when you get some weird looks, just look under your cup. Chances are some cheeky barista left something special there for you. Made you look, ha, ha!

9. This Cry For Help

I think it's pretty safe to say that this barista is having a rough day. If only there were anything this person could do to make it just a tad better for them, eh? I feel so bad now.

10. This Mixed-Up Order

You know you're having a long day if this is how you interpret somebody ordering a drink of water and a banana, hee-hee. In their defence, they might've thought this was some kind of secret menu item.

11. This Name Gaffe

"Starbucks barista asked for my name, but I didn’t hear her, so I just told her, 'no thanks.'"

And that's how you ended up with a new name, hee-hee. Why didn't they just leave it blank?

12. And This Name Change

"Starbucks barista just called me 'Stanley' when announcing my drink was ready."

You're lucky there wasn't a real Stanley waiting for their drink, or else you would be in trouble, and that nice mug would be in someone else's hands by now.

13. This Batman Sighting

And this is what happens when the barista doesn't even bother asking for your name and just calls you "Batman," hee-hee. I have to admit, I like that. Next time I'm at Starbucks, I'll wear a superhero T-shirt and see what happens.

14. This Honesty

I, for one, would appreciate this kind of honestly instead of the baristas always butchering my name. What do you think? Do you agree with me? I can't believe they actually took the time to write this out.

15. This Custom Drink

It's really nice that places like Starbucks will let you customize your drink, but this is definitely taking that perk too far. Should we tell this person their drink is like 99% sugar with a touch of coffee at this point?

16. This Trolling Attempt

This person thought the barista was trolling them when they told them to spell their name with a "Y" instead. Heck, I would laugh if I got this in return. At least they have a sense of humor, no?

17. This Cheeky Response

This is what happens when you tell your Starbucks barista that your name is Mark with a "C," ha, ha. I guess you should have been more specific, huh? At least your name is easy enough. Try telling them your name is Katarzyna, and then see what happens.

18. This Sweet Review

OMG, ha, ha! That is a good one. It's so funny that somebody actually appreciated a sort of anti-social behavior and made a point of writing a positive review based on their interaction. This note gave me a good chuckle.

See, what I told you?

Being a barista is a hard job. I honestly don't how they even do it. I think I would quit just after a week. Ah, heck, who are we kidding here? I would be out of there after my first shift. Do you feel me? So let's show these hard-working baristas some common decency and human courtesy, okay?