19 Beloved Movies That Some People Still Hate

Movie critic websites, like Rotten Tomatoes, exist for a reason.

They're there to help people weed out the good movies from the bad. But not everything they approve of is a real winner.

Take these 19 movies, for instance. While they are considered beloved, a viral Reddit thread made it clear that some people can't stand them.

Read on to see which made the list!


It's not so much Frozen that people hate. It's the fact that the movie is everywhere, even long after the film premiered. In ads. The merch. People singing the songs. This overexposure killed the film.


"I HATED it. I can appreciate the choreography, but the storyline is awful, cheesy (not to mention misogynistic-which at my first viewing I didn’t know what that was). Couldn’t stand Stockard Channing’s character. Really bad acting too." - u/GuardMost8477

'Mamma Mia'

Unless you're a fan of musicals, you will likely hate the film. One Redditor who was forced to watch it on a school bus trip wrote that they were unable to hold a conversation because of all the distracting singing.

Les Misérables

"I have a love-hate relationship with the movie. I hate all the inaccuracies and all of the important information they left out (as well as all of the original music they cut/changed)." - u/introusers1979

'The Incredibles 2'

Some believe it should've been called The Incredibles 2: The Disappointment. That's because some Redditors believe that it was a cash grab. While it's a good movie with a good soundtrack and animation, the overall story was meh.

'The Fast and the Furious' franchise

"As a car person who works in the industry everyone assumes I should be a fan of them, but they are just bad. That type of movie is never going to be very realistic, but they ignore real things that would be far more interesting while reinforcing absolute crackpipe myths that grown ass adults buy into." - u/TimTom72

'Polar Express'

For a children's movie, it sure had a creepy and dark vibe to it.

One Redditor wrote that the storyline about a magic train with a weirdo conductor who essentially abducts kids in the middle of the night was stupid.

'Sixteen Candles'

"Just horrible. I’m not puritanical but there’s literally no plot to that movie and the punchlines are all rapey or racist and the two people who are romantically interested in each other talk like two times in the whole movie." - u/Eeeek2001

'Lala Land'

For a movie based on singing, you'd think that the filmmakers would choose actors who are great singers. Instead, they chose actors who are so-so at it. This made the film sub-par for many Redditors.

'Hocus Pocus'

Some people just can't understand the hype. When you rewatch it as an adult, you don't get why there was such a weird focus on the teenager being a virgin. He was young, leave him alone!

'Love Actually'

"I feel like it could have been absolutely AMAZING based on the premise, but they seriously dropped the ball on the characters and the plots. It was so ridiculously cheesy and overacted at times, and it felt like it was just lacking depth." - u/introusers1979

'Black Panther'

While it's considered one of the best Marvel films of all time, some believe that Marvel dropped the ball by not fleshing out the villain.

This left too many questions, such as how did the villain know about the top-secret world?

'It's A Wonderful Life'

"I can't watch it without feeling an overwhelming sense of dread and pessimism. Like I get that the message is supposed to be something like 'remember that you already have good things in your life' but what I get out of it is 'you never had a chance to follow your dreams and you'll only ruin everyone else's lives if you don't accept that and move on.'" - u/hypo-osmotic

'Midnight in Paris'

"This writer gets a free time travel ticket back to Gertrude Stein, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Picasso and on and on. The resources for work, creativity and poetry ripe with incredibly elaborate cathedrals of possible storytelling paths but since it’s Woody Allen the main character has to spend his time chasing young tail." - u/astoneworthskipping


"I cannot sit through this movie. I think Will Ferrell is extremely overrated as a comedian. There should be more of a prerequisite to being funny than making funny faces and overemphasizing words." - u/initcursor

'Sweet Home Alabama'

While you’re supposed to love Reese Witherspoon’s character because she’s cute and quirky, some viewers just couldn't support her. They found her to be a liar, manipulator and spoiled. She didn't care about her ex-husband until he became successful.

'The Princess Bride'

"I have seen lots of people express it is one of the best movies ever. I decided to watch it. By the time I got to the end, my first thought was 'That's it? This was the big movie everyone keeps saying is the greatest film of all time? Meh.'" - U/I_Write_The_TLDR

'Gone With the Wind'


Failing to have a likable main character was this film's fatal flaw. As one Redditor pointed out, Scarlett is introduced as an unlikable, self-centered brat who is fixated on a man who has no interest in her. At the end of the film, she is the same exact person.

'The Notebook'

"Both leads are so unlikable and horrible to each other it's not even enjoyable in a 'so bad it's goo' way. Especially when she actually breaks up with him, gets in a stable relationship with another guy who's not awful...and then ditches that guy to get back with the main love interest because respectful relationships are sooo boring, everyone real love requires being unable to be in the same room without coming to literal screaming matches." - u/dumbest_thotticus

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