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19 Pictures From 'Retail Hell' I Can't Unsee

Whoever said hell on earth doesn't exist clearly hasn't worked retail.

It's a job where dreams go to die, where Karens run rampant, and where people ask an endless stream of stupid questions.

Enough is enough! That's why retail workers banded together to form u/RetailHell on Reddit.

Here are some pictures that prove that someone else always has it worse!

A catastrophe

"This was an hour before closing," this Redditor wrote. At this point, we don't blame the retail workers for quitting their job right then and there. The minimum wage is not worth it at this point!

Not my job

Not my job, not my prob!

Ending a shift is a lot like being Cinderella: as soon as the clock strikes midnight, you're out of there! You have more important things to worry about, like what to binge on Netflix.

The satisfying resignation

"My boss volunteered me for a golf event that I hated every second of, so I gave her a golf themed resignation letter," this Redditor wrote. Bravo! This is what everyone who's "voluntold" should do.

This sign

It is very depressing that this has to be said. But if the past year has taught us anything, it's that Karens are running rampant.

There have been one too many stories and viral videos about people badgering salespeople.

The loyalty test

"Newsflash, Karen & Darren: I get paid whether you shop here or not. Have a nice life," this Redditor wrote. Yep, their life will go on if they never see your face in here again!

Sounds about right

Finally, something good came from working retail! These fine folks have paid their dues by dealing with difficult humans demons.

When their time comes, they deserve to relax and never say the words, "Have a nice day!" again.

The fire hazard

"I was told that I'm not allowed to use the heater because it's a fire hazard. Meanwhile, behind the cash..." this Redditor wrote.

It just goes to show that customers aren't the only problem in retail. Idiotic managers exist, too.

The cart wipes

COVID-19 has brought about some annoying things for retail workers.

It started with people hoarding toilet paper and has ended with cart wipes. People use them to wipe down their carts and then just leave them in there like it's a garbage can!

Anyone, ANYONE?

"Manager put these Up 3 days ago not going so well," this Redditor wrote.

Gee, we don't understand why no one is jumping at the chance... Maybe things would turn around if the manager advertised some incentives or used a more festive flyer?

The cart theft

People not putting carts back where they're supposed to be has become so prevalent that people are now starting to set up social experiments around them! These people clearly took the cart as far as it would go.

That's a lot of hands

And yet, this always backfires on the employees with managers getting mad at things not getting done.

This Redditor answered this well: "Well we're just 2 people by ourselves for 6 hours. You figure out."

Some have it worse than you

Yikes! This is a reminder for all retail workers that some employees have it worse than you. Maybe the reason they're so short on employees is that many got fed up and quit.

Who are you again?

Sorry to break it to you, customers, but retail workers don't have the mental capacity to memorize every one of you.

"I love the ones that think you should remember what they buy each time they come in. Uh, you are not that important," this Redditor wrote.

That pre-annoyance feeling

This must be what it's like to have Spidey senses.

You just know something is about to happen, like when a customer walks up to you with a dumb look on their face and you already anticipate a question with an obvious answer.

They really are blind, though

Let's be real: these customers would like you to be their personal chauffeur to take them directly to the aisle they want.

But if they just stopped for a moment and looked around, they'd save everyone a lot of time.

The circle of annoyance

Sorry, managers, most people don't want someone in their face as soon as they walk into a store. We're sick of saying, "we're just browsing."

If we want to talk to a retail worker, we'll find one!

How much clearer can be we?

It doesn't matter how many signs a store puts up, there will always be a customer who asks, "is this cash only?"

They must love the sound of their own voice. Why else would they ask such stupid questions?

Sad, but true

Hospital workers aren't the only workers who should be celebrated during these difficult times.

"Schools in my area, my campus, and many restaurants and stores have been closed this week and will be next week because of the virus," one Redditor wrote. "My job however refuses to close at this point.

Hahahah *sighs*

No matter how many times a customer says this, it will never be funny! It will also never be true. If anything, retail workers should skip the fake laugh and just stare judgingly at the customer.