18 Clever Tattoos That Transformed Birthmarks And Scars

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. But some of them get inked to cover up areas of their bodies they don't like to bring attention to as much. I'm talking about scars and birthmarks.

So it takes a talented tattoo artist to transform such an area into a work of art. The following pictures are the perfect examples of that.

1. This Ingenious Design

Whoa! How interesting is this tattoo design here? Am I right? I love that the artist covered such a large area and made this tattoo look so grand. And it's pretty ingenious how they incorporated the white part into the design, huh?

2. This Amazing Tree

I've always been fascinated by trees. They are so majestic. So I'm really digging that this arm scar got transformed into the grandest tree I have seen in a while. I love everything about this tattoo here.

3. This Arm Tat

It must be hard to have a huge scar on such a visible area of your body, such as the arm. So I'm sure this person is really thrilled to have it replaced with such a cool tattoo piece. I would be, too.

4. This Heart Drawing

This is such a simple yet effective idea to incorporate a scar into a tattoo design. Don't you think so? Now this person can stare at the tattoo instead of worrying about the mark on their skin.

5. This Neat Design

Sometimes a birthmark can really stand out and not the way you want it, huh? Well, this person here has another reason for people to stare at their back — by admiring this super original tattoo design.

6. This Simple Idea

Sometimes a tattoo doesn't have to be elaborate to be effective. Am I right? In this case, this simple idea is so fun. I have thought of doing something like that with a scar I have on my leg, too.

7. This Birthmark Tattoo

Here's another clever idea to incorporate a birthmark into the style of the tattoo. Instead of trying to cover the whole thing up, it looks a lot more interesting now. I really dig this idea here.

8. This Colorful Arm Piece

It can be a challenge to cover up a scar that's very pronounced like that, but a talented artist can take something like this on like a champ. I love how this tattoo turned out here. It's truly a work of art.

9. This Leg Piece

What an awesome way to camouflage a scar on someone's leg, eh? Whether I had a scar like this or not, I wouldn't mind getting a stunning piece like this one. I adore everything about this design.

10. This Cool Design

Even though you might not like your scar, this is such a cool idea to incorporate it into a tattoo. This person can always look at the image of their dog, running alongside the scar on their arm. I dig that a lot.

11. This Cheeky Piece

If you had a long scar on your arm, what would you do with it? This person here decided on a design that we all can appreciate. I love how cheeky this piece is here. Don't you love it?

12. This Kitty Tat

Oh wow! I absolutely love this idea. What a cool way to transform a birthmark into a cute kitty tat, huh? Even if I didn't have a birthmark, I would love to get a tattoo like that.

13. This Fun Idea

Some people opt for using their scar to make a tattoo stand out. In this case, I love how fun this concept is here. It worked out so much better this way. Do you agree with me?

14. This Rockin' Scar

Oh my goodness. I don't know about you, but I really do think this birthmark looks a lot like a rock. So it's pretty fitting that the tattoo artist incorporated it so neatly into the design. I love that.

15. This Zipper Tattoo

I bet this person wishes they could just zip up this scar here. However, even if they can't, at least now, they have something else to marvel at, huh? This scar tattoo idea is so cool. Don't you think so, too?

16. This Amazing Back Piece

Wow, I'm definitely in awe of this type of work. Not only did this gorgeous tattoo cover up such a scar, but it looks absolutely beautiful. I'm truly in love with this back piece here.

17. This Genius Work

Oh my! What do you think of this Star Wars-inspired tattoo that incorporates an existing scar, huh? I can't get over how fun it is, ha, ha! I think even Darth Vader would approve of this one.

18. This Belly Piece

Here's another take on that clever fishbone tattoo from before. It looks so awesome just hanging out here, huh?

I'm so blown away by all these tattoos here.

I love the fact that some of them got covered up masterfully while others got neatly incorporated into the tattoo design. Which way do you prefer? Have you ever had a scar or a birthmark you covered up with such a work of art?

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