20 Clever Designs That We're Happy Exist

When we're kids, we're always encouraged to dream big, that there is no limit to our imagination, and that we can set out to do or make whatever we want in life. Some kids really took those lessons to heart and brought that mentality with them all the way into adulthood.

And not, their imagination is benefitting all of us! They're bringing us some extremely clever designs that we're happy exist, like the ones in this list!

"My parents silverware is purple."

I don't understand why we don't lean into fun silverware more often. I've seen sleek black silverware, iridescent silverware, and now purple! It would add a nice bit of color to your kitchen and make eating every meal a little more exciting.

"The NICU at the hospital had masks with mouth windows so the baby can see your expressions."

These actually have even more uses than just allowing babies to see facial expressions! They're also made to help staff communicate with deaf and hard-of-hearing patients who may rely on lip-reading. Surely there are tons of other applications too, it's a great design!

"These water jugs have fun quotes on their handles."

That first one is a good point, why drink the water from it when you can just leave it full and have a convenient dumbbell with you at all times. Then you'll need to buy a second one to actually drink from, though. Wait, was that their plan all along?

"This pyramid themed shopping mall has a wall of pharaohs waiting in line to access an ATM."

I'm sorry, pyramid-themed shopping mall? That might be the strangest yet most intriguing set of words I've encountered all week. If it's like this pic, but all over the entire mall, then I think I simply have to go. I have to see it in person.

"This bike rack in front of my orthodontist."

The only thing that could make this better is if the teeth straightened out more over time, every week or so someone walks out and bangs them ever so slightly into place with a hammer until they have one perfect row.

"This toaster's cord has finger pull."

It's such a delightful, blissfully simple design that really has user ease and access in mind, yet it's so uncommon. At least, this is the first time I've ever seen something like this, but it's blowing my mind!

"This little hammer with a handle that turns into 4 increasingly smaller screw drivers."

This set is just a more practical version of Russian nesting dolls. Instead of a decoration or an art piece, you have a functioning set of tools all hidden inside one another, perfect for easy storage for those of us without garages or tool kits!

"These Band-aids designed to match different skin colors."

There were people in the comments just realizing then that Band-Aids are supposed to blend in with the wearer's skin, which makes the rarity of any shade darker than "beige" here all the more shocking.

Sure, there are clear ones, but it's just not the same!

"My toaster has a setting on the dial for Pop-tarts."

I wish I ate Pop-tarts enough that a whole setting for them on my toaster would be warranted and useful.

Wait, I'm an adult with my own money, I can eat Pop-tarts as much as I want. I have a toaster to buy.

"Amusing no smoking sign."

That really is a brutal no-smoking warning, both reminding the smoker of the inherent dangers while also threatening to kill them all in one go.

I'm also really curious about the durian thing, though. Are they not worth killing over like smoking is?

"My son's infant thermometer features a helpful diagram."

I understand the purpose and the three different methods of temperature taking, but I am still a bit worried at how much this feels like a target and the stars are where you're aiming for, with a thermometer or otherwise.

"My toilet paper has extra mini rolls in the center instead of cardboard tubes."

I'm all for any design that gives you more thing per thing. More toilet paper per toilet paper? Sign me up!

Not to mention the waste reduced thanks to this design is huge, from a thick cardboard roll down to a thin paper wrapper!

"Buffalo Rose logo, thought it was awesome [...]."

Now, this is just gorgeous. A smart, clean design with simple, attractive colors and a nice font to boot. I'm wishing there was one near me now just so I could take nice photos of the sign every time I go!

"A friend got some new glasses…with heels."

Have you ever been so fancy that even your clothes are dressed to the nines every day?

Really, these are very cute in the quirky, almost tacky kind of way, and I say that with love. They're unique and fun, I hope your friend loves them!

"Flowering kale."

Okay, so this isn't so much a purposeful design made by humans, but it's one of nature's designs! And I'm still happy it exists! The beauty involved in the process of growing and harvesting produce we eat every day is so often overlooked.

"Warning on a new hat."

I want to believe this is just a joke, a pat on the back for how good their hats are, but I am worried that someone really did try to eat one of their hats and now they have to include this warning.

"My daughter made this The Office themed Guess Who for my son as a DIY Christmas present a few years ago."

What a great gift! And a super smart idea, too, as this can be applied to any media you or someone you know is a fan of. Star Trek? Community? Game of Thrones? You can make a game of Guess Who out of all of them!

"The sheer size of this candle."

My goodness, what a unit of a candle! In case you're wondering, this bad boy will run you $215, but with a reported burn time of 200 hours, it'll last you quite some time before you run out and can turn the jar into a fancy laundry hamper.

"This old Scholastic book I bought at a garage sale came shrink-wrapped with Kleenex."

This feels like a warning. Like, "Don't underestimate this book now just because it's for kids, it will make you bawl your eyes out at a moment's notice. Keep these on hand while you read. You'll thank me later."

"This bike rack in front of my local art college."

This might be my favorite bike rack I've ever seen. Takes up way less space, protects the bikes from the elements, and seemingly has an intricate locking system to help prevent thievery. Can they make a few more of these and send them...everywhere?

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