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15 Times Kids Really Did The Most To Make Life Interesting

Kids sometimes don't realize how funny they truly are because they do things without even thinking about it.

Many kids do things that their intuition tells them to do, but as adults watching them, we see just how magically insane they are—in a good way. Kids definitely keep us on our toes and give us funny stories to tell.

This very scary wedding guest.

There is absolutely nothing better than this kid "enjoying" himself at a wedding he was invited to.

What's even better is being able to show him this photo when he is a full-grown adult and laugh about it.

Just taking a nap.

This Reddit user's daughter was tired and just wanted to stop to take a quick nap, but she of course needed a pillow.

So, she used her sidewalk chalk to draw herself a pillow and went to bed right there.

This kid just gets it.


Any kid who goes to school can see that the principal is never looking happy. It's very stressful to be in charge of an entire school and let's face it, they would rather quit and get a job they enjoy, too.

I can't decide which one is best.

First, this Reddit user said her daughter was convinced that she was the little girl in the photo frame. But, her son in the background having a self-love moment is truly something spectacular. Treasure this forever.

What a thoughtful gift.

One kid decided that he was going to give his sister a present by making her a bracelet. But, I'm not quite sure that she can carry around a bracelet of Jenga blocks around her wrist.

Someone got confused over here.

For their school's Christmas play, the kids were all supposed to dress up as elves. You know, Christmas and elves go together quite well. This kid accidentally thought he was supposed to dress up as Elvis and, here we are.

He gets it.

This kid 100% gets it because let's be honest, no one wants to have 100 friends. I don't want to have 10 friends—that's too many people to keep up with. He gets it, hanging up the phone and turning it off forever is key.

Their dog peed on the couch and their son made it art.

There's nothing quite like a child's rendition of something that has happened in their home. Like, when their dog pees on the couch and they draw the reaction of their mom losing her mind over it.

Isn't this a telling picture of motherhood?

This child looks like she is a mother contemplating all of her life choices while feeding her baby after a long day. Looking like a real disgruntled parent. Teach them young so they know for the future!

It's a mystery.

I'm really down for the idea where we all just agree to tell children that things with a child lock automatically know whether or not someone trying to open it is actually a child.

Maybe slow down on those treats.

While a dog is definitely a companion and can be a hero, maybe the dog is also a circle because they are a bit overweight and fat. Maybe slow down on giving them some treats!

This kid's Halloween costume is key.

Some kids want to be princesses and other kids want to be superheroes, but this kid wanted to be the clown from IT, and to be honest, it's a whole mood and an entire vibe for Pre-K.

I wonder if the teacher will laugh.

Thinking about feelings is important. But, sometimes when reflecting on feelings it can bring up feelings that aren't 100% what the teacher is looking for. Like, how angry your homework makes you.

A family portrait of people snorkeling.

Apparently, this is a family portrait of the entire family snorkeling and the daughter wanted to portray that, but it looked rather morbid because it's not what the picture truly looks like.

She hates the sun.

All kids learn to draw a picture of the sun, and apparently, her daughter "hates" the sun. So, in her sun picture, she drew herself screaming at it. Who else hates the sun?

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