20 People With Some Pretty Unique Problems

The struggles we face on a day-to-day basis can vary immensely. There are common annoyances like traffic, technology misbehaving, and food going bad, then there are some more...unexpected issues that some people encounter.

This list is full of those people and their rare, unique problems, here to remind us all that no matter what we're facing, at least it's not this.

"Came home after a long shift, went to get some food, a mouse was in it."

That's just Remy's little brother, he's there because he wants to help you learn to cook better! He's not setting a great example by walking all over the food, but he's got a few great tips that can make your pasta really shine.

"My sister left dirty dishes in the bathroom."

Oh, no. Absolutely not. This is the furthest thing from okay. Dirty dishes can be left in pretty much any room except the bathroom, that right there is crossing a line for sure. Who even eats in a bathroom to begin with!?

"Our landlord keeps saying there's nothing wrong with our shower."

Your landlord seriously doesn't think it's a problem that your shower is spewing printer ink? Not only can you not wash in that, but it's going to leave a nasty stain that'll only be his problem later. He'll probably just slap white paint on it and call it a day.

Request denied.

"The city using my whole yard for the demolition of the 2 neighboring houses next door. Asked them to use those properties, was told 'no, and [they’re] gonna bring dumpsters too'."

Dang, they really added insult to (property) injury and felt nothing, that's cold.

"Sorry to whoever's party Doordash messed up."

Notice how the uploader isn't upset, they're just upset on behalf of those whose food they're definitely about to eat? I don't blame them of course, I would do the exact same thing, especially when they revealed their original order was just one steak.

"I ordered 4 sliders, and received 270 bread rolls. Such a waste."

Hey, are delivery apps okay right now? I thought the last pic was a pretty bad mix up, but that doesn't even come close to this monumental disaster. To whoever got your four sliders, what in the world did you need 270 buns for?

"Massive tire dump in [New Orleans]."

A few people were able to identify this place immediately, noting that it's near an abandoned Six Flags, meaning the land around it is equally as destitute. Not that that makes this okay, but at least it's not a populated road.

"Vacant FedEx truck blocking the only exit."

I can only imagine the amount of rage building up inside as you sat and waited patiently for the driver to return. You start pondering ideas of revenge, but soon realize that none of your options are legal, so you go back to just waiting.

Nothing if not persistent.

"This Mustang keeps parking in the only working electric spot - we reported it and the complex said they reached out to tell them to move. We put two cones down in the spot, left for a few hours, and came back to see they moved the cones and parked right back in the spot..."

"Thanks for my custard thing Dominos Pizza."

Wow, yeah, "custard thing" really is the perfect to describe that isn't it? Even the cooked image is just custard in bread, it's not really a traditional dessert so much as it is a random pairing that can pass as something sweet.

"Hiked a mountain in hot weather. A monkey stole my water at the top then proceeded to drink it on front of me."

You think you hiked up that mountain on your own volition, but little did you know you were this monkey's Uber Eats delivery driver and this was your mission all along. He was kind of a rude customer, though, took his order right out of your hands and definitely didn't tip.

"How my mom cut (eat? scoop? I don't even know) my baguette."

No. What? No. Why? How could she do this? She didn't even use a knife to cut it and pretend like it was normal, she tore into it with her bare hands like an animal. And she left the end on. Jail time.

"Strong cheese was stronger than anticipated."

Every time I've ever seen a 'my knife lost to this piece of food' picture, the knives have either lost to pumpkins or cheese. Pumpkins I can kind of get, they're tough and large, but cheese? What types of rock-hard cheese are people making these days?

"Come on now!"

You have the perfect word right in front of you, aaaaa, the tonal screams into the abyss we all must release from time to time!

Or you can hang onto those A's and be ready when abracadabra becomes playable.

"Wife thought she ordered a cheese pizza for our son and was mad when we received a pepperoni pizza. She figured out the problem after looking at the menu again."

I almost feel like the blame can be split equally here. Yes, the restaurant mixed up the photos and that sucks, but we must all remember that we ought to actually read the menus we're ordering off of, too.

"Someone couldn't be bothered to find the bottle opener in the hotel... they used the edge of the table instead."

What I find funny is how you immediately recognized this as bottle damage as opposed to just some random chip, which is what I would have thought had I seen this. Takes one to know one, maybe?

"My wife likes to eat the outside of donut holes and then ask me if I want the 'carcasses'."

She...what? She does what? She calls them what? Does she only eat the crust on bread? Rather, does she buy whole, unsliced loaves and just eat the outer layer before handing it off to you to eat the core? I'm so baffled, and slightly scared.

"A loud group of about 17 high schoolers got up and left. Not one of them pushed their chair in."

The comments were mostly filled with people clowning on the uploader for being mad over chairs not being pushed in, especially since it seems these teens left next to no mess behind. Chairs are annoying, yes, but this could have been so much worse.

"The entire container for a single Vanilla Bean. Cost: $10.00."

We've known for a while now that vanilla beans are expensive, understandably so, so the price is whatever, but the packaging? That better be a real glass jar I can get miles of use out of, or else this is just ridiculous.

"This woman who thinks it's appropriate to use a seat on the T for her shopping bags."

How are there still some fully grown adult people who don't understand social conventions on public transit? How can they not tell how rude this is, especially with so many people standing right beside her? Is it ignorance, or are they just mean?

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