19 Mistakes From 'Miss Congeniality' Fans Probably Didn't See

If we could crown a romantic comedy as our fav, it would definitely be Miss Congeniality.

There's a reason Chandler Bing from Friends always wanted to watch it: it was that good!

But in Gracie's (Sandra Bullock) quest for world peace, mistakes were made along the way (both on her part and the film's).

This includes continuity errors, audio flubs, and the like! Come see for yourself.

The crowd

If you stumbled upon a moving being filmed, would you keep waking or stop and stare?

Well, if you look closely during the scene where Victor (Michael Caine) teaches Gracie (Sandra Bullock) how to walk gracefully, a crowd can be seen watching the filming.

The crowning scene

Warner Bros. Pictures

During the crowning scene, Cheryl (Heather Burns) beats Gracie with her bouquet of roses so hard that the petals fall off.

Yet, you can clearly see that the petals have returned in the very next scene.

The Miss Congeniality title scene

There was a continuity error when Gracie is given the title of Miss Congeniality.

Miss Texas and her broken nose go up to hug her, but the next shot shows a pan of the crowd. Sitting amongst Victor and Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt) is Miss Texas.

The ketchup stain

Gracie wasn't exactly big on etiquette.

During the scene where the agents were having fun with the Dress Up Sally website, she had a big ketchup stain on her shirt. Somehow, the ketchup stain on Gracie's blouse became much larger in other shots.

The top 10

Unsplash | Ashton Mullins

As far as we knew, a top 10 includes all 10 numbers. But when Stan (William Shatner) and Kathy (Kathy Morningside) call this out, they only call out seven names. This left out Miss Nebraska, Miss Vermont, and Miss Ohio.

The room 103

Unsplash | Tony Yakovlenko

It would be hella confusing to stay at a hotel with two of the same room numbers.

So it was a big mistake when Gracie's room is shown to be 103. Later, when Gracie goes to Victor's room later in the movie, it is also room 103.

The CGI baton

You probably didn't notice this on the first watch because you were so impressed with Cheryl's flaming batons, but they weren't real!

It's entirely CG, which is revealed when it's missing from the reflection off of the stage floor.

The unlit fit baton

There was another mistake involving Miss Rhode Island's fire baton. After she performed her act, the ends were black after the fire went out. But when she's backstage afterward, they are white again.

Miss Ohio

Changing which state you're from isn't an easy task. Yet, the blonde who boards the bus wearing the Miss Ohio sash later changes to Miss Arkansas for the rest of the film.

The longer hair

Movies are rarely filmed in chronological order, or in one take. This explained why Kathy Morningside's hair magically grew longer in the scene where she was showing Frank the fake terrorist letters.

Leslie Williams's last name

At the orientation breakfast, Miss California is introduced as Leslie Davis.

However, when the five finalists are announced, her last name is changed to Leslie Williams. Maybe she got married at some point?

The CG crown

It was a shocking moment when Gracie figured out that the bomb is in the crown and throws it up towards the Liberty prop. As it's in the air, it's clear to see that it's a CG crown.

The flag minicam

Unsplash | Bernard Hermant

One of the number one rules of being an undercover FBI agent is to always be recording! Gracie is wearing the flag minicam on her New Jersey sash before the swimsuit preliminary. But when she's on stage, the flag minicam is gone.

The extra

Similar to the crowd that was shown, a girl can be seen shading her eyes to get a better look at the movie's camera crew. This was shown during the first glimpse of the San Antonia venue entrance.

The clocks

Unsplash | insung yoon

After Matthews is put in charge at the beginning of the film, there's a wide shot that shows four clocks on the FBI building walls. But in the next shot that includes the clocks, there's a huge time difference.

The speech

Who could forget when Gracie says, "if anyone hurts one of my new friends' speech, I will take them out" in her final speech? It was iconic, to say the least, but not what she said! She says, "I will take them down," but it was dubbed over.

The shirt change

When Victor pulls off Gracie's towel for the swimsuit portion of the competition, viewers see a boat riding past the stage.

Initially, the operator is wearing a blue shirt, but the next close-up shows him in white. Blue and white stripes would've been more fitting for a boat.

The sash

After Gracie's stunning makeover, she arrives at the hotel with Victor. When she gets out of the taxi cab, she's not wearing her State name sash. But in the next shot, it's over her right shoulder.

The glass of water

When Grace and Eric are briefing Kathy on the plan, Eric takes a glass of water. But the next shot shows the glass still on the table, with more water in it than before.