15 Items Everyone Used To Have In Their Homes That Are Basically Extinct Now

Let's take a trip back in time.

Let's head back to VCRs, tape players, and corded phones. Let's find games that didn't plug in, phone books, and old-school snacks. Let's remember what it was like before the internet, and then thank god we're not still in that age.

Let's revisit the early 2000s.

Let's start off with a classic: The computer room.

Unsplash | Nicholas Santoianni

Back in the day (the early 2000s) computers lived in one specific room. That was the computer room, and it's where the monitor, tower, speakers, mouse, and keyboard lived. They each had a billion cables and all of them got tangled.

TVs with big booties.

Remember when TVs used to, you know, bulge in the back end? Remember how heavy those things were?

These days, TVs are so thin that you can't tell the difference between them and art on the wall.

Corded phones.

I used to love trying to loop my fingers through a corded phone's wires. You couldn't walk too far with these things, unless you had one of those super long cords. Now those bad boys were great for trapping your siblings in.


RIP to a real one. I used to love tapes! I also used to love to shove sandwiches into the VCR slot. I was a weird baby.

Anyway, may the VCR rest in peace. She carried an entire generation.

CD towers.

I haven't seen one of these in years! These used to be THE thing to have in your house. You had to have your music taste out for a guest's perusal!


I haven't seen one of these bad boys in a few years! These were perfect for businesses cards, phone numbers, or recipes! They were alphabetized and full of yellowing pieces of paper.


Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

If you still have magazines in your house, that's wild. I know some people still subscribe to kitchen or home and living magazines because they prefer physical copies of things, which I get. I just can't relate. I lose EVERYTHING.


I will never get over the loss of Dunkaroos. I know they're lowkey back, but they do NOT taste the same. I tried some recently and was heartbroken at the difference. I miss you, OG Dunkaroos.

Alarm clocks.

Unsplash | Sean Robbins

Have y'all seen an alarm lock lately? Like a CLASSIC alarm clock that didn't do anything but play the radio and wake you up? I know there's newer ones today that also charge your phone, etc, but we're not talking about those. We're talking VINTAGE, baby.

Phone books.

Ah, the phone book — aka the Yellow Pages. We spent so much time looking up people and businesses in that damn thing. Now, all that information is a quick Google away. I do not miss phone books, not gonna lie.

Specific video channels.

Before we had to switch inputs to get a device to work on our TVs, we had designated "device channels." That meant that the VCR only worked if the TV was tuned to channel 3. Ah, memories.

CD players.

Having a fancy CD player with built-in, surround sound speakers was a BIG deal in the '90s and early 2000s. Those things were big, clunky, and fun as hell.

CD players are back these days, but in a MUCH smaller capacity.

This screen on your family computer.

The computer in the computer room wasn't cool unless it was running Windows XP. I used to use the soccer ball icon, since that was my sport of choice. Respect to the pink flower icon, though.

Stereo cabinets.

The dust that would collect on the top of these guys was legendary. If you had a stereo in a glass cabinet, that meant you had MONEY.

One of these.

Oh man, I loved these things for the five minutes that they were entertaining! We used to come up with some weird stuff to pass the time before the internet existed. I do not miss that era.