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15 Everyday Items With Hidden Purposes

There are tons of items that we use every day that we use for one thing in general. However, there are sometimes hidden purposes and uses for things that we use every day, without realizing they have double uses and purposes.

But, now we can see how there are multiple purposes for these items, and we can relish in the glory.

Chinese take out containers.

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Chinese takeout containers are usually paper containers that come with folds, put together like a nicely wrapped gift.

Many do not realize that you can flatten out the container and use it as a plate to eat whatever is inside.

The gas reader on a dashboard.

Unsplash | Marek Szturc

When checking to see how much gas you have, many think the dashboard is there to just showcase how much gas we have and when we need to fill up.

However, there is also an arrow on the gas tank dashboardhttps://6abc.com/gas-tank-indicator-prices-road-trip-tips-summer-trips/2145777/#:~:text=%22If%20you%20are%20driving%20a,gas%20gauge%20on%20your%20dashboard.&text=In%20fact%2C%20in%20some%20cars,cap%20is%2C%22%20AAA%20says. to show which side of the car the gas tank is on.

The tiny pocket on your jeans.

Unsplash | Patricia Zavala

Some people laugh at the small pocket that is included on most par of jeans, unaware that the pocket on jeans actually serves a purpose.

The small pocket on jeans is actually to put a pocket watch in.

Loops on the back of collared shirts.

Unsplash | Allef Vinicius

Many button-down shirts have a loop that is on the back of the shirt, although not many people realize what that loop is for.

Apparently, in the 1960s, many men used to use that to hang their shirts on hooks while they worked out at the gym.

The "F" and "J" key ridges.

Unsplash | Clay Banks

On keyboards, the "F" key and the "J" key have little ridges on them, and not many people understand why—or even notice them.

They are actually there so that when you are typing, your fingers can find the letter and know where they are, without having to look.

Holes in the pen cap.

Unsplash | Álvaro Serrano

If you buy a pen, many notice that the cap is made with holes in it. It seems rather strange to have a pen cap with holes in it because you wouldn't want your pen to dry out.

Turns out, the holes are in case anyone swallows a pen cap, you can still breathe.

Pom Poms on hats and beanies.

Unsplash | Chris Lorensson

Pom poms have become popular on hats and winter beanies, with many people wearing them in style and fashion.

However, they served a different purpose before they were fashion-forward. Sailors wore them to protect their heads from ceilings in tight places on their boats.

Tabs on the tinfoil box.

Unsplash | Oscar Söderlund

Using aluminum foil is important when cooking many things, but not everyone uses the tabs on the side.

The tabs are actually to help from the roll rolling too much when pulling your piece out.

The 57 on the Heinz ketchup bottle.

Ever notice the "57" on the Heinz ketchup bottle? If you have a glass ketchup bottle and the ketchup won't come out, you can hit the "57" to get it out.

The "57" is located right in the middle and helps loosen the ketchup inside.

The bottom of wine bottles.

Unsplash | Dan-Cristian Pădureț

Have you ever noticed that the bottom of wine bottles can be sometimes indented from the bottom and pushed in?

It's not to give you less wine. It's actually to prevent the wine from being disturbed by outside pressure and temperature.

Brass doorknobs.

Unsplash | Christian Lue

Doorknobs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. But, many places have brass doorknobs—like schools and some public places.

The reason behind this is that bacteria cannot stay on brass, so it's better for public places and busy spaces.

The tiny drawer under your stove.

Unsplash | Stefan C. Asafti

Many people use the drawer at the bottom of the stove/oven to store their kitchen gear and other pans and pots.

However, the drawer was made by designers so that you can keep food in there and have it stay warm until it was ready to serve.

The hole in a cooking pot handle.

Unsplash | Icons8 Team

Some skillets and pots have a hole in the handle of them. In reality, the creators and designers have put it there for a special reason.

While cooking, you can put your spoon or utensil in the hole and keep the counter clean.

Bristles on an escalator.

Unsplash | Teemu Laukkarinen

If you look down while on an escalator, there are bristles on the side of the stairs that almost look like brooms.

The reason they are there is so that you don't stand too close to the side and so your clothes won't get caught in them.

Boot loops.

Unsplash | Noah Buscher

Many boots today have a loop on the back of them. While it has become a style staple and a way to showcase fashion, it's also used for two other things, too.

One is to put your fingers in and help get them on. The other is to hang your boots to dry when wet.

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