20 Bizarre Sights People Couldn't Wait To Share Online

It's safe to say that the internet is probably the best place to find super bizarre things. That's because people love sharing the random things they find with the world.

And we all love looking at those random things, so it's a win for all. And really, the randomness of it all is what makes lists like these so much more enjoyable.

"I lit an oil lamp with real antique (ca. 1880) sperm whale oil. It really does burn brighter than kerosene."

It's so weird that antique oil lamps from nearly 150 years ago can still work so well. Sperm whale oil may not be the most ethical thing to burn, but it sure does burn bright.

"This library separates books with red covers for people who don't remember their names."

The only thing I know for certain is that there's at least one library worker in the world who's sick and tired of trying to find the "red book" for people who forgot what the title.

"I work in the building with the longest hallway in America."

That's such a random thing to brag about. But I guess some building somewhere had to claim the title of building with the longest hallway in America.

I'd hate to walk down it, though.

"Guy with sneakers and jeans shirt not wearing sneakers or jeans."

First of all, I'm totally jealous that this guy lives somewhere that's warm enough for shorts and sandals. But still, you have to wonder if he realized the irony of what he's wearing.

"Rock split by lightning in Sikkim, India."

Rocks are, well, rock hard. So knowing that lightning can just split a whole stone in two is absolutely terrifying. Good thing the chances of getting struck by lightning is so low, right?

"Lightning strike in my old neighborhood."

Meanwhile, this tree got completely destroyed by a lightning strike. It's way scarier when it happens so close to someone's house. Better the tree than somebody you know, of course.

"Hubcap after driving in a blizzard."

Snow and ice are so weird. All the shapes that can be made out of ice is astounding.

I bet, if that was clean ice and not dirty slush, it would look really pretty.

"I recently graduated college and was throwing things out. Here's what 4 years of work looks like."

This seems like a lot of paper for 4 years. But I guess this is what happens when you don't use a computer for everything. Plus, it makes the accomplishment of graduating all the better.

"The coins I found in a blocked second hand washing machine I bought."

It's weird enough to find one loose coin in your washing machine, but this one had 4! And none of them are even the same kind of coin. I guess the last person who owned this machine like to keep change in their pockets.

"This Bluetooth USB adapter with a fake antenna."

I love the way that antenna was totally put on there to make it look more powerful, or more important. And you know what? It kind of works.

"Nine turtles and bird."

This shouldn't be as weird as it is, to be honest. And yet, I can't help but feel like that bird is about to break into a Disney-esque song, explaining some concept to all the turtles.

"My cat has a striped tail with the two colors growing in layers, so his tail looks serrated!"

That tail looks so sharp, like it could really scratch you deep if you tried to touch it. As if cats needed another body part that could be used to hurt people.

"The frost on my window looks like peas in their pods."

Winter may be entirely too cold, but frost is cool, at least. So many different shapes and patterns on windows. At least they give you something fun to stare at while you wait for your car to warm up!

"These airport charging stations look like happy little chaps wearing top hats."

I want to believe that the person who designed these charging stations knew exactly what they were doing, but I also wouldn't be surprised if this happened completely by accident.

"My local drugstore locks the beef jerky In anti-theft boxes."

With the amount of random things drugstores keep in those anti-theft boxes, I'm surprised they still let people walk around the aisles. Next thing you know, all drugstores are going to have their entire stock behind the counter, and you have to ask to get stuff.

Actually, that probably wouldn't be so bad.

"A brand new dumpster was delivered to my workplace today."

Considering the whole point of a dumpster is to hold nasty garbage in large quantities, this just feels weird. Like, no one should complain about a clean dumpster, but still.

"An orange slice puffed up."

I don't know what you have to do to puff up an orange slice like this, but at least it looks kind of cool. It also looks like a fungus that you probably shouldn't eat, so there's that.

"This jacked up Mini on road yesterday. Looked pretty cool honestly."

You know what? It does look kind of cool. Even if it also looks pretty funny. I wonder if it makes it easier or harder to drive around in.

"Fresh snow records the moment a small mammal met their end."

To think, if that snow wasn't there, we'd have no idea that some squirrel or something fell (or got attacked) in that spot. Now it's just making me more curious about what really happened there.

"My father has a carpet for his big mouse and a little carpet for his little mouse."

I really enjoy the fact that, rather than use mouse pads, this guy decided to use little ornate rugs. I dunno, I think that just makes it so much cooler.