Remembering Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet: 15 Of Their Best Moments

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have called it quits after more than 16 years together. Their love story was nothing short of inspirational and the news of their separation has left fans reeling.

While we wish them the best, it's hard not to feel saddened by the news. So to honor their love and all they gave to the world, here are 15 of the best moments they shared together as a couple and as an ohana.

Got me feeling so blurry in love.

Jason and Lisa always knew how to make each other laugh. He wrote via Instagram, "Forever goofballs forever young forever in love My best friend. Partner in crime what an epic night. Aloha. Da Momoaz."

Jason and Lisa fawning over one another.

Jason posted this throwback picture on Lisa's birthday. He made sure to tell his wife just how much he loved her and that he was sad he couldn't be home to celebrate with her in person.

Even Aquaman gets star struck.

It's no secret that Jason has a strong passion for music. This photo was snapped on the day that Jason brought his family to meet one of his all-time favorite musicians — Anidi Franco.

Jason and Lisa strike a pose for Zoe Kravitz.

Jason is the stepfather of Zoe Kravitz; Lisa's daughter from her previous marriage to the iconic Rock n' Roller — Lenny Kravitz. In the caption, Jason made sure to say how much he and Lisa love her and that they're incredibly proud.

Celebrating Jason's birthday with the entire ohana.

"I have never been so surprised in my life," Jason proclaimed via Instagram. "38 is the greatest to date. I love u my loveee my babies my friends and OHANA to my cast and crew. Mahalo for caring. It was so beautiful. Mahalos to all the warriors It was an honor."

Jason and Lisa are Mauna Kea.

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano in Hawaii and is considered to be a sacred place by locals. The Mauna Kea Movement was aimed at stopping the construction of a $1.4 billion telescope on the mountain's summit.

A trip to the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

There are plenty of reasons that one might want to visit The Emerald Isle, but Lisa and Jason only needed one — Guinness. The two of them planned a family trip that included a lengthy tour of the famed brewery.

Only in Ireland.

For the record, the legal drinking age in Ireland is 18. But when you're parents happen to be Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa, people tend to bend the rules. This photo was snapped at a pub in Belfast after Jason and Lisa started tending bar.

A king and his two queens.

While in attendance at the 91st Academy Awards, Jason and Lisa ran into his TV bride — Emilia Clarke. All three looked positively stunning and simply elated, especially Jason in his dapper salmon-colored suit.

Sharing love and a pint of Guinness.

The only thing that could ever rival Jason's love for Lisa and his children is a tall Guinness stout. It's what the two of them drank on their first date, and according to Jason — it's what made him fall in love with her.

Always together, even when we're apart.

Jason just happened to be perusing through a local skate shop when he came across a skate deck with the image of his beautiful wife emblazoned on the underside. Naturally, he had to snap a photo for the Gram.

Lisa and Jason enjoying a family outing to see 'Abominable' in theaters.

Jason explained via Instagram that seeing a movie, in theaters, with his entire ohana (family) is a rarity indeed. The kids all loved the film and according to Jason — Lisa couldn't stop laughing.

Rocking out with the family at The Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.

Knowing that Jason is an avid bass player, it's not surprising to learn that one of his all-time favorite bands is none other than The Red Hot Chili Peppers. In fact, the first album that Jason ever bought with his own money was Uplift Mofo Party Plan.

A quick dip in a waterfall.

Jason never feels more alive than when he's outdoors, and he never felt more in love than when Lisa was with him at his side. No matter how busy their lives got, they always found time and ways to escape the noise and quiet their souls.

Life goals: accomplished.

As Jason so poetically stated, his life goals at the time were to find a beautiful woman who drinks Guinness and then make beautiful babies together. These two certainly managed to accomplish that, and then some.

We love you, Jason and Lisa, and wish you nothing but the best!