15 DIY Products That Have Us Saying 'New Year, New Home'

It's a new year, and it's time to do something new with your home!

The new year is the perfect time to experiment, upgrade, and have fun with the space you're in. From replacing curtains to turning your home into a smart home, these are some of the best products to help you on your interior design journey.

A NONO bracket is a must for renters!

Yup, this is a renter game-changer. The NONO bracket clips onto your existing, landlord-chosen rod and allows you to put up your own rod — no drilling required!

Get it from Amazon for $18.95.

Some cheap under-cabinet lighting.

There's something so expensive-looking about under-cabinet lighting. You can pick up a pack of adhesive ones on Amazon for $34.99 — and they're battery powered! That's so handy for those of us who hate to see wires!

Upgrade your doorbell.

Nest's doorbell cameras are popular as hell, and it's for a good reason — they really help you feel safe. Nest makes wired and battery-powered doorbell cameras that come in different colors to meet your aesthetic needs!

A sink caddy.

Keeping sink essentials organized is a pain in the butt. We all know they'll end up in the sink more often than not, right? Well, not anymore. You can get this cute, weighted sink caddy on Amazon.

WAY cuter wall hooks.

Wall hooks do not have to be ugly, and they don't have to be from Ikea! You can get some super cute ones from places like Urban Outfitters, where you can find these heart wall hooks for $8.

Some bougie-looking appliances.

Ready to change the look of your kitchen? New countertop appliances are a great start. None other than Drew Barrymore designed a line of kitchen appliances that are as beautiful as they are functional. I love her.

Check them out at Walmart.

Turn your home into a smart home.

Having a smart home is so damn handy. Being able to control lights from your phone is a luxury I didn't know I wanted until I had it. Go with Google, Amazon, Apple, or a local company to set up your smart phone!

A LED strip connected to your TV.

This is so much more than a simple LED strip. This set uses a camera mounted to your TV to sync the lights to whatever you're watching, turning your walls the colours of your favorite movie. How cool is that?

Get some on Amazon for $100.

A kit to help you build your own gallery wall.

Gallery walls are hard to put together, and even harder to hang. Luckily, we can buy kits to help us put up our own without tearing our hair out! Get one here for $78.

This retro-looking wall storage system.

How cool are these? Not only do they stick to the wall with adhesive strips, they look so space-inspired. They also come in pink and mint, my two favorite colours!

Grab them from Amazon for $28.99.

A clip for your shower curtain.

So, this is genius. This clip is the perfect solution for shower curtains that like to gape open on either side. I would totally take these to a hotel, you know?

Get a four-pack on Amazon for $12.69.

A super handy dishwasher magnet.

There's nothing worse than opening a dishwasher mid-cycle. My dishwasher actually shoots water at me when I do that, so that's fun for me.

I'm definitely going to be buying some dishwasher status magnets, because wow that's a great invention!

A cookware organizer!

Stacking pots and pans is like trying to play a knock-off game of Tetris. Nothing fits properly and everything ends up messy. Grab a pan and pot lid organizer and save yourself the headache!

Get one on Amazon.

A wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser.

Not only do these look ADORABLE, they're handy as heck! You can stick a unit to your wall via adhesive tape (or a nail) and enjoy never losing the lid to your toothpaste again. Score.

Get it from Amazon for $27.20.

Change your sleep habits.

Time to get a sunrise lamp! These are especially helpful for those who live farther north. Waking up to total darkness is a big bummer, but a sunrise lamp will help you maintain a proper sleep cycle!

Get one on Amazon for $72.99.