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19 Things People Should Probably Be Thinking More About

Between work, bills, and COVID-19, I think we can all agree that we have enough to worry about.

And yet, there's always room for one more!

Enter: global warming, teeth health, credit card debt, and more.

If those things weren't on your radar, they will be now! Along with these other big-ticket items shared in viral Reddit thread about the things people should probably be thinking (read: worrying) more about.


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It isn't called the "silent killer" for nothing.

This one Redditor had a major scare when they were getting their blood pressure taken at 29. Since it was so high, the person taking it said that they would've sent them to the ER if they weren't in their 20s.

Sun exposure

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"People don’t take sun exposure seriously. I know people that will buy 100 unnecessary skincare products and rarely ever put on some sunscreen. Like the stats are there, sun exposure will pretty much age your skin the most!" - u/ancheli

Posting their whereabouts

Thanks to social media, people are able to share so much about themselves online, including their location.

This is very dangerous since you're basically asking for someone to be able to stalk you or break into your home while you're on vacation.



"My husband just got hit a week and a half ago from someone that ran a red light. Hit my husband's car doing 55 MPH in a 40 MPH zone, totaled both of their cars and put my husband in the hospital. We have a 1.5 month old. That [expletive] almost took my husband's life and made our child fatherless." - u/Nishiwara

Teeth health

Without a parent nagging you to brush your teeth, far too many people are skipping this essential step.

This has tremendous damage on your teeth and your wallet, as expensive procedures are preventative.

Global warming

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"I mean, yeah, we kind of worry about it, but we don't really recognize that if we don't do something-like-yesterday, we're literally gonna be gone as a species!" - u/Hot_Sauce_2012. Well, that's unsettling.

Antibiotic resistance

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The amount of people who have skipped their antibiotics or drank while on this is pretty startling. One Redditor wrote that people need to take it more seriously since it's a pill that will treat infection and help build up your immune system.

Posting personal information on social media

"A really good identity fraud can easily use your identity. A skilled burglar can easily monitor your schedules to time their theft perfectly. So don't give out too much information in your social media." -u/Curious-Force5819. Just look at what happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris!

Brain aneurysm

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While no one wants to think of their death, a brain aneurysm is something that can happen out of nowhere and to someone healthy.

"One second ur sat there on your phone the next your vision goes and you're in agony twitching out on the floor dying a horrible death," this Redditor wrote.

Glitter on Christmas decorations and toys

"They are basically tiny pieces of plastic, rub off easily, stick to hands and clothing and eventually get into your lungs where they remain for eternity. Why these aren't banned worldwide escapes me, but it is getting increasingly difficult to buy non-glitter ornaments." - u/BaaaaL44

Driving while tired

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It can impair you as much a being drunk, one Redditor wrote. This makes it easier to make careless mistakes or — worse — fall asleep at the wheel and kill yourself or others.

Credit card debt

"I only use like 10-20% of my credit max, I don't understand how people get into massive credit card debt without realizing it'll screw them for nearly a decade or more." - u/Frubbs

Credit score

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On the same note as credit card debt, it's important to think about your credit score. While financial gurus like Dave Ramsay say not to worry, your score determines a lot of your future plans, such as whether you'll be approved for a car or a mortgage.

Sugar and salt intake

"As someone who picked up a heart issue this year, people need to take care of themselves. Eating junk or takeaway is fine in moderation but make sure to bulk up on veges and fruits and do exercise regularly. People take being healthy for granted but once that's gone, its extremely hard to get it back..." - u/Islandkid679


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"It will be here before you know it," one Redditor wrote. Ain't that the truth.

It's always best to start when you're young. If not, you'll be one of the people in their mid-forties who don't know what they will do in fifteen years.



Social and binge drinking is one of the most widely-accepted addictions in society. People don't bat an eye at a person drinking heavily every weekend because so many people all around the world are also doing it.

The kind of friends they make

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"Some people are really toxic and manipulative, and by the time you realize it, you've already adapted and want to stay friends forever." - u/ElectricalUse8700.

And if you get out, you're left starting from scratch and may feel lonelier than ever.

Advocating for seniors and having adequate care when you're a senior

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At the rate we're going, this Redditor believes that we won't have the care we need when we're seniors.

If we don't take action now, we may be neglected like many seniors are today.

Being overweight

"It’s not because of body image. It’s because it’s a giant red flag that you’re not taking care of yourself. You’re causing undue stress on your body and will likely die sooner. Society wants to normalize obesity. Eating healthy and exercising is the bare minimum you can do for yourself." - u/Dybbuk-Shmybbuk

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