30 Crappy Designs That Make Us Wonder If A Child Came Up With Them

Do you ever look at a design and wonder who in their right mind could've come up with it? It seems like there's an overabundance of bad designs out there in the world.

Too many to count, that's for sure. On the plus side, they make for a pretty entertaining list. Like this one that we've compiled just for you!

"I think I’ve found it, the worst expiration date ever."

This is really only helpful if you just so happen to be the person who packaged this thing. For the rest of us, it's just another random food item that'll stay at the back of the pantry for the rest of time.

"I wonder if she's pregnant."

Ah, strange game ads. They tend to have the most ridiculous things, don't you think?

In any case, I feel like you don't need to take a pregnancy test if you're this close to going into labor.

"Well at least you can eat your dinner while showering."

I have the funny feeling that this is the entire apartment. A kitchen, living room, and bathroom all in one. I bed the couch folds out into the bed, too.

All that's missing is a toilet...

"Pardon my French."

It's amazing how this kind of thing can get past inspection. Like, surely it isn't that hard to remember to actually put the French translation on a package before you print thousands of boxes like this.

"I thought the bread had mould. Wow. Great design."

I think it should go without saying that you shouldn't make your package look like it has mold on it. I bet someone somewhere thought this was cool, and decided designing bread packaging like this was an excellent idea.

"Don't drive safely?"

I get what they were trying to go for ("don't die, drive safely"), but they probably could've made it a bit clearer. As it is, it almost feels like they're warning you not to drive safely.

"Some t-shirt I saw in my Instagram recommendations today."

I'm actually genuinely convinced this shirt was designed by a toddler. Like, why would anyone actually think making a shirt that looks like it's covered in dirt and mold was a good idea? Who does this appeal to?

"'Reduce contact with cashless payment!' But the only way to select any item is the 'touch to shop' button… On a touchscreen…"

Yeah, someone out there clearly didn't think this all the way through. Might as well use the screen and then wash your hands later. It's probably less of a headache that way.

"My parents’ bathroom. You can see into the room from the neighbours' window and you could see in from the street before a tree grew too large to see over."

Reddit | Vesperia_Morningstar

It's pretty strange how the builders decided to stuck a floor-length window directly in front of where the toilet is. Instead of, like, a smaller window?

"This bicycle lane starting out of nowhere and covering 90% of the sidewalk."

New rule: no one's allowed to walk anywhere anymore. You have to bike now. Don't have a bicycle? Too bad! Get one, or never leave your house again (or drive places, I guess).

"As a front-end programmer I curse the one who decided the position of the < > keys."

There was no reason for this. You can't just change up key placements on one laptop when people are used to it being the other way around. That's so unfair!

"These raised dots on this chair's arm rest makes it difficult to rest your arms."

I'm sure those bumps were meant for something useful, but as it is they just look uncomfortable. Seriously, what's the point of making a chair like this? It probably would've been easier to not have arm rests to begin with!

"So... still $2.99 then."

You know, they could've just kept the "almost free" part off, and it would've been just fine. But fun fact: almost free is not, in fact, free. This is just weird and confusing.

"You have to reach over the propane stove to open the refrigerator."

Oh yeah, that's totally fine. There's no way this could go wrong. Hopefully people have a bit more common sense as to not reach for something while the stove is on, at least.

The placement of these skylights.

There's probably a reason why these skylights are positioned the way they are, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Good thing you live inside the home, and not outside, I guess.

More like forkfuls.

This probably would've been a nice, quaint little sign. You know, if they put a spoon on it instead of a fork. Somebody somewhere either forgot that forks and spoons are different kinds of cutlery, or they just didn't care.

"It says passion fruit but those are dragon fruit."

It's pretty clear that the person in charge of making the label for this candle has never seen a passionfruit before. Or a dragon fruit, for that matter.

Now I'm just wondering what the candle actually smells like.

"The benefits of cream: 5 fat, 0g fiber."

I guess we'll have to assume that "5 fat" means there's 5 grams of fat in a serving of cream. But what's even more confusing is the fact that they decided to put fiber on the ad at all...

"Saw this poster in a bass guitar group. Someone needs to have their copy of PS taken away."

This looks exactly like the kinds of random things I used to make in Photoshop when I was a preteen. Busy, illegible, and kind of uncomfortable to look at for too long.

"Gat her."

This pillow is totally supposed to say "gather," but I can't unsee it as two words. There's such a weird space in between the T and the H that didn't need to be there. I guess some people just can't let pillows with text on them look normal.

"It really feels like the Packers logo could have replaced a different letter here…"

Ah yes, because there's nothing that looks like the letter O quite like... the letter G? Is there some reason why they couldn't use the logo to replace the Gs instead of the Os, or is this some kind of attempt to be clever?

"My son's onesie"

If you look really closely, you can see other words in there. It's supposed to say, "changing the world one smile at a time," but someone thought it would be fun to put half the text in a color that matches the background.

"Completely flat sink. Doesn’t drain, only collects."

Now, why would anyone design a sink that doesn't actually drain? That kind of defeats the whole purpose of a sink basin. You might as well install a water fountain and wash your hands there.

"We are open, closed."

Okay, so they're open, except for when they're closed. Got it.

Stores probably shouldn't have signs that say "we're open!" that they keep up 24/7. That's more than a little bit confusing. Something's got to change.

"The buttons on this TV."

I'm really glad I don't own this TV, because this would bug me so much. Why would someone put the channel and volume buttons like that? Seriously, how does that make any sense!?

"Who would have thought the pole would get in the way."

I'm no city planner, but something tells me the post isn't supposed to cover the street sign like that. This may be less of a terrible design, and more like terribly executed road work.

"These stickers that get progressively worse the more you look at them."

All the different fonts, the weird phrases, and the overall feel of these stickers makes them completely unhinged. I think the best sticker is the one in the dead center that reads, "What eber Dbde."

"I think this is supposed to be someone holding their belly, but..."

I'm so surprised that somebody thought of this design, showed it to other people, put it on a storefront, and didn't accidentally offend anyone. Because, uh, well I don't think I have to tell you what that looks like.

"Be glad your coffee mug doesn’t poke you in your eyes."

I feel like you aren't supposed to drink out of mugs like these. Which sort of defeats the purpose of a mug, but oh well. Just stick it on a shelf and put some pens in it or something.

"The buttons on my in-law’s microwave."

This is one way you can keep people from trying to use your microwave. Just get one that's so confusing to read, they'll give up and go home to use their own microwaves! Genius!

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