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19 Things People Hate With A Passion

Even if you don't want to admit it, there are all things we hate with a passion.

And we ain't talking about the romantic kind.

Cancel culture, littering, discrimination — these were all named in a viral Reddit thread about the things people hate with a passion.

Come learn what else made the cut here.

The sound of the alarm clock waking you up in the middle of a sweet dream

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Sweet dreams aren't made of this!

How are you able to recover from being this close to kissing your celeb crush and then it all being taken away from you in the blink of an eye?

Cancel culture

"Completely pointless witch hunt to make SJWs feel good about themselves. Most of the time nothing meaningful actually happens. Especially when it comes to digging up people's tweets from a decade ago." - u/str4nger-d4nger


What's the point of them, anyway?! They hurt your stomach, make you embarrassed around other people, and always end with you trying to remember how to get rid of them. Tip: eat peanut butter!

Chewing loudly


"I know people like this and it's legit put me off my food because of how loud they chew. It's even got so bad that I took my dogs food away because he was chewing loud and I couldn't stand it." -u/Financial_Audience_2

Scam calls and texts

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Let's be real: calls in general are pretty annoying. But it's even worse when you know you're getting a scam call and, despite blocking these numbers, they're still able to call you.

Women’s sizing

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"It makes no sense whatsoever. I could write a dissertation on why it makes no sense. I have dresses in my closet ranging from a JUNIOR’S XL to a 3x in lettered sizing and a 14 to a 22 in numbered sizing. The lack of consistency in women’s sizing is absolutely absurd." - u/queenlesbian99

Headaches and migraines

There's literally no benefit to this! Some migraines are so bad, they completely debilitate you.

Instead of living a normal life one day, you're forced to sit in a dark room with no noise as you try not to puke.

People who litter, specifically in nature and national parks


"I've seen so many rivers, trails, park, etc. be turned into dumps because people refuse to throw away their trash. How [expletive] lazy do you have to be that you can't hold onto your trash until you find the right place to throw it away?" - u/nooter70

People who have zero awareness of their surroundings


As this Redditor pointed out, they're the ones who are always getting in your way, whether that's by standing in the middle of a walkway or in doorways.

Wet socks

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"I can live with any other wet piece of clothing on my body. But not socks. I hate it. It feels weird and cold. And walking in it makes me fume... I hate it when I step into drops of water on the floor and feel that tiny wet spot on my toes. I would rather die in flames than walk a few meters in wet socks." - u/FinalFantasy_Nerd

Incredibly confident stupid people who are certain they are correct about every little thing

The only thing worse than a stupid person is a CONFIDENT stupid person. This Redditor worked with a tech in the ER who would go around telling doctors that what they're doing is wrong...

Intrusive advertising and just advertising in general

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"You ever sleep with an ASMR on at night via YouTube? How can something so quiet and soothing to lullaby me to sleep be interrupted by the loudest ad?" - u/pouring_vale

Real estate listings with no images of the inside of the property

Like, gee, thanks, I can really picture what life inside that house will be like when I'm STARING AT THE LAWN.

If there are no pictures, one Redditor commented that they don't want you to see what's inside.

Apple Music

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"The reasoning: Spotify and other services at the very least keep themselves separate from anything you've imported locally, like ripped CDs and all that wonderful stuff. Apple Music...doesn't. Apple Music wants full control over everything, including that music library you've been painstakingly building over the last 20 years or so. It wants its fingers in ALL of the pies." - u/We1tfunk

Influencer culture

"I saw one that someone posted of their coworker, said his daughter just died, so thoughts and prayers are needed of course. And your instinct was to record this dude for tik tok during the worst moment of his life? [Expletive] you hard, dude...." - u/leazypeazyyy

Cheap shots and low blows in arguments

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"Haven't talked to my sister in over 5 years because she fought like that. Any criticism or fight turned into her going for the jugular and emotionally brow beating you with every low blow and cheap shot she could make no matter how silly the disagreement was. My life has been so much better since I cut her out." - u/ency

People who address only the last/some questions in an email

So frustrating! This Redditor shared that this causes them to write the email again, highlighting the unanswered questions.

People who miss important questions need to practice functional reading.

When you hold the door for someone and they don’t acknowledge it

"It’s the simplest gesture to make someone’s day slightly easier. And yet people will just walk on through as if it swung itself open just for them." -u/ShangryYoungMan

Hate and judgement in general

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"No one chooses their skin color, gender, sexual identity, economic status, country, etc that they’re born into. Why do people see these differences as barriers rather than a gateway to learn new things and meet new people?" - u/Astro_baddie

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