20 Pics Where The Perspective Makes Them Absolutely Befuddling

Every now and again, we end up taking weird pictures that kind of don't make sense. They usually do make sense, though, it's just that the perspective is all weird.

I'm sure the people who took these pics are as confused by them as we are. It might take you a second to figure out what's going on in them.

"It’s really no bigger than a normal huge alligator."

To be fair, a normal alligator is pretty big, but this is some prehistoric nonsense! Keep me as far away from those teeth as possible, please and thank you.

"These burnout marks."

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks the marks in the pavement here look like they're jumping out of the ground. Gotta love the way optical illusions play tricks on your mind, huh.

"Hell's Kitchen, It looked like his hand was chopped off."

Don't worry, he's perfectly fine (at least, physically). This dude is just holding a red handkerchief of sorts, and the angle is super weird. I wonder if the crew caught this when editing the episode.

"Saw this off of a rocky coast."

Is it a random bird leg in the middle of nowhere? A plant? Both? Okay, it isn't either of those things. It's actually a bird that's opening its mouth at a weird angle. Talk about a trippy picture.

"Just a tree casually crossing the street."

I bet the person carting this tree around didn't even notice the fact that they look like a tree with legs right now. At least from this angle they do.

"Dirt bike."

You have to look really closely, but there is a bike wheel where the wheel is supposed to be. It just so happens to be covered in so much dirt and mud that it blends in with the muddy ground.

"He has two full front legs normally."

At a glance, it looks like that cat has both its arms extended. But nope, just a mirror. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this one out.

A rare specimen at the zoo.

Not really. It's just two rhinos at a weird angle, making it look like one with a double head. But I didn't have to tell you that. Right?

Tell me I didn't have to tell you that.

"This bin with reflective sides."

Imagine if that was really a hollow trashcan, and every time someone put something in it, the thing just fell through the slats. That would be pretty wild.

It would also make for a gross amount of litter.

"Cursed creature."

It you were one of the people who saw a dog standing with its paws raised at first glance, you're lucky. If you saw a weird alien creature with eyes that are super far apart at first glance, I'm sorry.

"Conjoined canines."

Dog monster? Dog against mirror? No! It's two dogs. I guess they must've come from the same litter, because they have really similar faces.

I guess they also like to roughhouse, or else they wouldn't be twisted up like a pretzel.

Now that's one convincing hairline.

The whole point of lace front wigs is that the lace is meant to blend in with your skin, making the hairline look natural.

This one is so convincing, it looks like this person's got hair growing out of their hand!

"All the beers on this tasting flight are the same size."

I swear, they did this on purpose. All these different sized glasses are kind of making me mad, to be honest. It makes sense, and yet it doesn't make any sense at all!

"T-rex arms."

I'm not sure why they'd pick such an unflattering picture for a baseball card. Sure, it shows the guy in action. But they probably had better action shots than this. At least, I'd hope they would.

"This balcony with infinity pool."

The fact that this is a glass fence that just so happens to be the color of a pool is kind of disappointing. In fact there probably isn't a pool there at all!

"This camper's roof."

This would be one really cool camper that you could never drive under a bridge. But fortunately (or unfortunately?) it's just parked in front of a house with a cool roof. Maybe it's for the best.

"A giant dog roams over a freshly plowed street."

Winter is a pretty dangerous season. Temperatures can get so cold, you'll freeze your limbs off. Icy roads can cause car accidents. And of course, you have to worry about giant dogs stopping you, too.

"These two splinters looking like one that went right through my finger."

I don't know what's worse, the fact that this person looks like they got impaled by a tiny twig, or the fact that they have two splinters in the same finger. Like, both of those things really suck.

"Leash leg."

It looks like this dog loves walks so much, it fused with the leash. At least this way, the dog and the owner will always be ready when it's time to take a walk.

"Step right up, step right up."

I can only assume someone dropped a frameless mirror on that step, and it happened to be the exact length and width of the step. Either way, you probably shouldn't walk on it.

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